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  1. 1. It is very strange to get start up errors in a new PC running the latest operating system. A same issue called the Windows 7 boot black screen problem isdisturbing a lot of people these days. Apparently there seems to be no easy fix. However, after a number oftests it is found that a few system tweaks can help youget rid of the black screen during Windows 7 boot. This article contains some of the important tasks which would surely help you fix this problem.boot disk for windows 7
  2. 2. Let us, first of all, try to understand what causes boot delays and theblack screen during Windows 7 boot There could be severalreasons about this problem like: - Windows 7 updates have not beenproperly installed
  3. 3. - There are issues with the installation of the operating system -There are softwares/running in your Windows 7 which are causing aconflict situation in your computer - There are errors in the Windowsregistry
  4. 4. - Presence of some malware/boot sector virus Normally peopleboot disk for windows 7 prefer to restore to the factory settings tosolve such problems
  5. 5. But, if data is not backed up restoring to the factory settings may notbe the easy decision to take Therefore, a lot of people try to fix theproblem at first hand
  6. 6. Here are given few concrete things which are found really helpful tosolve Windows 7 boot black screen problem: - Put on your computer- Press F8 when the boot process starts - Log into the Windows 7through safe mode and then connect to internet
  7. 7. - Through Internet download some top PC optimizer and RegistryCleaner software - Repair and clean your Windows 7 registry tocorrect the internal settings of the registry potentially causing theWindows 7 boot black screen problem in your computer
  8. 8. Remember to defrag your Windows 7 registry as well Thedefragmentation overhauls your computer and reorganizes theregistry data which is of supreme importance in the Windows 7
  9. 9. By doing so, it is highly likely that the conflicts and issues causingthe black screen at Windows 7 boot will be fixed
  10. 10. boot disk for windows 7