Exploit Disruptive Technology to Drive IT Efficiency and Business Opportunity


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New technology can hit like a meteor, putting your role as CIO at risk. Develop a simple exploitation process that prepares for impact.

Your Challenge
Technology advances rapidly, transforming IT, presenting new business opportunities, and negatively disrupting organizations that are hit unexpectedly by new advancements.
The CIO is expected to keep up with new technology and have a plan, but struggles to gain the time and resources required to do so.
Info-Tech has found that over two-thirds of organizations are not preparing at all for the disruptive technologies that are sure to affect them in the next few years.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

A process for exploiting disruptive technology does not need to be complex or time-consuming. Info-Tech has developed a method for setting up and executing a process for analyzing disruptive technology regularly.
Advances in technology are not unpredictable. Steady exponential growth has occurred throughout history. This can be used to predict future trends and prepare for them in advance. Train a team to keep up with disruptive technology over time and develop easy to communicate summaries, using Info-Tech’s tools and templates.
Info-Tech has identified five specific disruptive technologies that will affect most organizations in the next five years. Use Info-Tech’s analysis as a starting point to develop your own exploitation plan.

Impact and Result

Understand that when disruptive technologies are incoming, IT can analyze them and determine how to best exploit them for IT efficiency and business benefit.
Understand the top technologies that are affecting most organizations today.
Institutionalize the exploitation of disruptive technology with a simple annual process that solidifies the CIO as the leader of technological innovation.

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Exploit Disruptive Technology to Drive IT Efficiency and Business Opportunity

  1. 1. Set up the Disruptive Tech Cycle Exploiting disruptive tech is an iterative process. Set the cycle up once, so that it can be integrated into your yearly initiatives. This includes building support, reviewing the process, selecting the team, and developing a schedule. Select the Relevant Tech The first stage of the process is to determine which tech is relevant to your organization. Have your team conduct independent research, get together to create a long list of potential disruptions, then narrow it down. Analyze and Break Down the Short List Use Info-Tech’s tools to perform a SWOT analysis of the technologies you have shortlisted. Prioritize and categorize the technologies based on your analysis. Turn Your Analysis Into a Call for Action Develop a plan for moving forward with each technology, whether it be to learn, test, pilot, or begin using the technology immediately. Finalize the Exploitation Plan Finalize the disruptive tech exploitation plan in order to get signoff from key stakeholders. Each year, repeat this cycle to stay ahead of disruptive technology trends.