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ISC media coverage

  1. 1. Belgrade, June 2012
  2. 2. Results• Organized 13 advocacy Issues and areas covered:campaigns and 3 networkingevents between January - • Voting rightsMay 2012 • Human rights protection • Worker rights• Supported more than 40 • Youth issues (youth violence,CSOs across the country first-time voters) • Ecology and waste management 40 CSO • Digital activism • Government accountability and transparency 13 3 campaings activities
  3. 3. ISC’s Communication Channels• Traditional media• New media- news portals,- social media,- ISC site,- YouTube, Facebook andTwitter• Street actions and publicevents
  4. 4. Traditional mediaBetween Jan-May 2012, 296 media references aboutISC-supported campaigns in traditional print and electronicmedia outlets. Media Number of media outputs Number of media from June 1, 2011 till January outputs from January 1, 2012 1, 2012 till May 31, 2012 Print 42 153 TV 25 73 Radio 10 70
  5. 5. New media• 5 times more online reports about ISC-supported CSO campaings than at the start of the year• 6 times greater number of Facebook “likes”• More than 23,000 Facebook “likes”• More than 7,000 Twitter followers
  6. 6. Mr. George Hamilton, ISC President, interviewed bynational-level media outlets
  7. 7. Promotion of ISC’s Mobile AdvocacySchool (MAS) Advocacy Academy
  8. 8. ISC Serbia Website StatsThe ISC Serbia Website isan important source ofinformation for newdevelopments and/oractivities in the civic sectorin Serbia. The number of visitors has grown by 2.5 times since the start of the year, with over 5,000 unique visitors in May 2012.
  9. 9. Articles & TopicsBetween Jan-May Topics covered include:2012: • Voting rights• 18 blogs and 11 • Human rights protectionsuccess stories • Worker rightspublished • Gender issues • Youth issues (youth violence,• Contributors to the first-time voters)site include • Ecology and wastejournalists, PR managementexperts, CSO • Digital activism and role ofactivists, citizens, new mediapublic institutions, • Decentralizationetc.
  10. 10. • Facebook statistics• Number of “likes”doubled• More than 3000 likes inMay• Number of positivereactions to FB posts 2.5times greater• Numer of times postswere shared by ISC’s FBfriends tripled
  11. 11. • Number of Twitter followersincreased by 50%• Over 1,300 Twitter followers Klout increase to 45• Number of “retweets” 2x more retweetsdoubled 50% more followers• Twitter influnce measured byKlout analytics jumped from 40to 45 (on a scale from 1-100)
  12. 12. ‘Citizens Await the ISC’s MAS AdvocacyPresident’ Event at the AcademyOzone Gallery in Belgrade The Mobile Advocacyon May 20• RTS & B92 reported live from School (MAS) training onthe event on the night of the social enterprises heldpresidential run-off; for 30 CSO• 5.4 million people watched; representatives to learn• Second largest online news how their organizationsportal (with 4,2 million can benefit frompageviews on May 20) posted establishing socialnews from the event; enterprises.• Numerous traditional andsocial media sites covered theevent. Regular support provided to members of PR teams in ISC- supported CSOs.