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Key Achievements

  1. 1. ISC SerbiaCivil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI) Key Achievements
  2. 2. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements The Civil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI) program is a seven-year, $27.5 million initiative funded by USAID that supports Serbian civil society in its ability to influence public policy, serve as government watchdogs, and conduct sustained advocacy campaigns on a wide variety of reform issues. CSAI promotes civil society CSAI strengthens the advocacy through grants, civic sector by helping training and tailored CSO coalitions to technical assistance to improve the legal and Serbian CSOs to develop regulatory framework institutional capacity and and operate with the ability to promote maximum leeway in the causes of relevance to current environment. Serbian citizens.
  3. 3. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements The CSAI program directly supported 230 CSOs throughout the country through 364 grants worth a total of $13.5 million dollars. The program has assisted 230 Vojvodina CSOs of all sizes, ranging in CSOs experience and capacity, and operating in a range of 364 West Central East different sectors. The program grants Serbia Serbia Serbia has also worked with CSOs in $13.5 all five regions of Serbia and milion South supported CSO-led initiatives Serbia in over one-third of all Serbian cities and municipalities.
  4. 4. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements 1430 civic activists CSAI trained more than 1430 civic activists and leaders, based in 50 communities across the country, from 250 CSOs in principles of effective advocacy initiatives and citizen engagement. In 50 communities From 250 CSO The program’s Mobile Advocacy School (MAS) Designed by ISC in 2008, MAS trainings help improve grantees and non-grantees’ advocacy skills, particularly individuals residing in ethnically mixed and economically underdeveloped municipalities, by providing year- round technical assistance to the civic sector. CSAI formed the Advocacy Resource Persons (ARP) team of consultants Under the guidance of CSAI’s ARP team, participating CSOs learned how to develop strategic action plans to maximize the impact of their issue-based advocacy campaigns.
  5. 5. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements The CSAI program improved the legal framework for CSO work and supported provision of legal and policy reforms. The program drafted legal provisions for: The program assisted with the establishment of the Office for o Law on Associations, CSO/Government Cooperation o Law on Volunteers, And the Local Gender, Roma o Law on Endowments and and Environmental Councils in Foundations, tens of Serbian municipalities o Law on Social Housing, and cities. o Law on Personal Data Protection, o Law on Data Confidentiality, o Unified Voter List, o Corporate Tax Law and Property Tax Law. Supported provision of legal and policy reforms (national and local) on election legislation, promotion of government transparency and accountability, socio- economic development, environment, youth, vulnerable populations and other issues. From the beginning of CSAI program authorities passed 30 national laws and statutes and 56 local decisions.
  6. 6. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements Supported numerous issue-based advocacy campaigns that helped to build a culture of democracy and stimulate effective citizen engagement in key reform areas. CSAI established three innovative CSO-led joint Supported numerous issue- initiatives bringing based advocacy campaigns to: together strategic coalitions of stakeholders o revitalize local school to tackle the most yards and playgrounds; pressing societal issues. o clean up of rivers and illegal dumps; o create employment for people with disabilities; o provide goods and services; o support human rights for all communities.
  7. 7. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements The CSAI program helped develop CSO-private sector partnerships and encourage corporate philanthropy and CSR CSAI helped launch the first CSAI organized five ever Business Leaders Forum consecutive VIRTUS in Serbia with members from Corporate 17 leading Serbian and Philanthropy international companies to Excellence Awards to encourage CSR and honor socially philanthropy within the private responsible businesses sector. operating in Serbia. CSAI successfully organized highly visible and important corporate volunteer events, such as “Our Belgrade” and “Our Gornji Milenovac,” which helped forge sustainable CSO-private sector partnerships.
  8. 8. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements CSAI took the lead in highlighting the role of social media in digital activism, galvanized CSOs to get engaged in new and innovative ways and showed citizens how significant change can be crated through social media and new technologies. CSAI’s New World program helped CSAI supported the establishments of the increase the capacity of CSOs to effectively use social media and new Share Conference technologies to advocate more effectively for their causes, recruit additional support, and become more efficient in their work.
  9. 9. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements CSAI supported various youth-related issues ranging from youth advocacy and activism to youth employment and entrepreneurship. grants youth focused 34 youth focused grants CSAI participated in: in total value o increasing youth participation in cultural life of $1.2 million through various activities; USD. o creating volunteering programs for youth to support the elderly; CSAI supported: o preventing youth violence; o developing models for working with at-risk o The establishment of the Ministry of youth; Youth and Sports and 70+ Youth o improving the socio-economic position of offices around the country; disabled and at-risk youth. o The adoption of the Government of Serbia’s National Youth Strategy; o Junior Achievement (JA) program; o Partnership@Work program to develop cross-boarder relations between Serbian and German high- school students.
  10. 10. ISC SerbiaCSAI Key Achievements CSAI undertook significant effort to improve the image and visibility of the civic sector and to cultivate an improved understanding, and appreciation, of CSO achievements. CSAI’s supported Visibly Better Campaign to highlight the important role that CSOs play in towns and communities across the country. This national-level campaign highlighted the impact of a cross- section of CSOs operating in the country. The campaign involved a series of high-profile events that significantly increased the presence of CSOs in both traditional media outlets and social media networks to show the important work that CSOs do throughout Serbia.