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Securing the Mobile Enterprise


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Published in: Technology
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Securing the Mobile Enterprise

  1. 1. © 2013 IBM CorporationIBM Endpoint Managerand Enterproid DivideJude J. LancasterProduct ManagerMay 28, 2013
  2. 2. 11ENTERPRISE MOBILITY EVOLUTIONMobile DeviceManagement (MDM)Mobile ApplicationManagement (MAM)NOC-reliantemail solutionsV1.0 V1.5 V2.0Secure Persona &Virtualization
  3. 3. 22NEXT GENERATION MOBILITYMobile meets Cloud• Securely enable andaccelerate BYODmobility• Mobilize everyemployee with secureconnectivity to appsand services• Scale without limits,without infrastructurecosts
  4. 4. 3
  5. 5. 4IBM ENDPOINT MANAGER + DIVIDEComplete MDM BYOD SolutionDual PersonaLeverages the sophisticated policies andfeatures of IBM MDM and EndpointManagementManagement of Divide as a “virtual device”including safe, secure distribution andmanagement of apps+ +Immediate solution for BYOD challengesand security concerns for Mobility OS’sSeamless delivery: same Divide App,binding to IBM MDM at time of enrollmentBusiness AppsIBM Endpoint Manager
  6. 6. 5DUAL PERSONA IS FOUNDATIONALSEPARATE & SECURE PERSONAS• Data security• Enterprise apps and services• Easy to manage and control• Native user experience• Choice of device, services• Freedom and privacy
  7. 7. 62 U.K.-based analyst firm GfkWHAT USERS WANTChoice of native user experiencePERSONAL WORKSPACEENTERPASSCODETap Divide app iconDouble tap Home buttonto access DivideWhen asked why users areloyal to their smartphones,72% cited ease of use andthe ability to quicklynavigate their phonesmenu.”
  8. 8. 77WHAT IT ORGANIZATIONS NEED FOR BYODDivide Container SecurityData Protection• Device PIN/passcode• Passcode history and complexity• Passcode failure actions• FIPS 140-2 validated encryption• Full and selective device wipe• Wipe on SIM removal/rooted• VPN support• S/MIME supportOTA Self-Service Provisioning• ActiveSync email• VPN configurationContainer Controls• Whitelisting – application push• Blacklisting• Location based services• Data leakage prevention• URL blockingCompliance Management and Reporting• Device hardware• Operating system• Policy compliance• Compromised device status• Voice, Data, and SMS usage reporting
  9. 9. 84 Mobilewalla Dec 2011 8• Professional-grade email, contacts,calendar and browser• Data-at-rest is protected with AES 256 bitencryption• Data-in-motion leverages existing VPNinvestments• Secure cloud based file storage (optional)• Separate voice and messaging(including future 2-number UC)• Internally developed apps uploaded andassigned via policy – in minutes and withno developer modifications• Divide App security automaticallyprovides data-at-rest AES-256 bitencryption• Divide Extensions provide extraordinaryintegration with 3rd party Apps and CloudservicesGEARED FOR INNOVATIONLeveraging the App EcosystemSTANDARD DIVIDE APPS THIRD PARTY APPS
  11. 11. 10THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR BYOD?A firstgenerationsolutionpurpose-builtfor email syncA nextgenerationsolutionpurpose-builtfor BYODDeviceManagementX✔Manages theDivideworkspaceand integrateswith IBMEndpointManager fordevice MDMDoes notintegrate withdeployedMDMsolutionsSecure“Workspace”✔XProvides asecureworkspacethat preservesthe native iOSand AndroiduserexperienceProvides anemail sandboxwith aproprietaryuser interfaceSecureVPN✔XProvides VPNconnectivitybetween theworkspaceand corporateappsNo VPNintegration -all datatraverses theGood NOCAppChoice✔XApp wrappertechnologyenables theuse of anythird partyapp within theworkspaceThird-partyapps must bemodified andrecompiledusing theGood SDK ($)Avg TCO/User$$$$$$$$$
  12. 12. 11Screenshots of Android applicationAndroid – Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-9505
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