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Wuc%20 karate%202012 bulletin_i_

  2. 2. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK Dear friends, You are all here in Bratislava today to attend or participate in the 8th World University Karate Championship. This event is part of FISU’s wonderful program featuring 28 World University Championships in 2012; already in 2010, 27 championships had been held, gathering 4431 student athletes. It is important to mention that over 300 University World Championships have been organized under the aegis ofFISU since 1962 in 51 countries over the 5 continents. They have featured 31disciplines and gathered nearly 55 000 student athletes in total. The 2012 World University Championships represent the 25 th edition of thesecompetitions, which take place every two years in even-numbered years. Theyalternate with Summer and Winter Universiades, which are organized in odd-numbered years. The championships provide a large number of students, teachers and sportsleaders from various backgrounds with a place, in addition to Universiades, to meetand share their experiences and ideas. The success of the championships has regularlyincreased with time. This shows how dynamic FISU member National UniversitySports Federations have been; more and more of them have put themselves forwardfor the organization of a championship. FISU actively supports those events and endeavors to satisfy students’ creativityand aspirations by regularly promoting innovative sports disciplines. The aim is toretain the spirit of play and encourage the development of an open and curious mindamong university athletes. As university events, these world championships aim at the highest technicallevel and Excellence, which are the basic requirements in university. In this sense,your presence here is already a sign of success. The International University Sports Federation, the Slovak University SportsAssociation and all the organizers wish to thank you for your participation and hopethat you will be warmly welcome here, where you will find favorable conditions forthe best practice of your sport. In the name of FISU, I wish you an excellent championship. Claude-Louis Gallien, FISU President
  3. 3. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKTECHNICAL ORGANIZATION - EVENTSKumite - Individual Events & Team EventsMen: -60kg, -67 kg, -75 kg, -84kg, +84 kgWomen: -50 kg, -55kg, -61 kg, -68kg, +68kgKata- Individual Events & Team EventsMen and WomenPARTICIPATIONEach country may enter in:Kata - Individual events: one (1) competitor – Kata Team events: three (3) competitorsKumite Individual events: one (1) competitor in each categoryKumite Team events:- Male team comprise seven members with five (5) competing in a round- Female team comprise five members with three (3) competing in a round- In order to compete Male team must present at last three (3) competitors and Femaleteam must present at last two (2) competitors.The countries participating in the Karate competitions with more than five (5)competitors must bring with their delegation and at their own cost one (1) World umpireWKF.DELEGATIONEach country is authorised to enter a maximum of eighteen (18) competitors (nine (9)men and nine (9) women) and five (5) officials.These countries must provide the Organising Committee three (3) months before thestart of the Championship, with the names of two (2) international referees (1 effective +1 non-travelling substitute). Any country failing to fulfil this obligation will pay a fee perreferee to the Organising Committee.AGE BRACKETSThe competitors must be born between January 1st, 1984 and December 31st, 1994.RULES: WKF RULES – http://www.wkf.net/ (KATA & KUMITE COMPETITION RULES [Version 7.1] (EFFECTIVE 01.01.2012) IMPORTANT!!! Each athlete must bring a valid WKF ID card and present this on by the technical committee.
  4. 4. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKPAYMENTSParticipating fee is 60,00 EUR per person per day according FISU rules for FISU events.The deposit of 25 % of total cost per team (number of delegationx number of staying nights x 25% ) must be paid 3 month before (12.04.2012) togetherwith quantitative entry form. Rest of the total cost must be paid upon arrival in cash.FISU registration fee  20,00 EUR per person for the Member Associations / upon arrival  40,00 EUR per person for the Non – member Associations / upon arrivalFee for not providing a referee is 2.500,00 EUR. (The countries participating in theKarate competitions with more than five (5) competitors must bring with their delegationand at their own cost.)Damage deposit must be paid upon arrival .  delegation to 10 persons 50,00 EUR  delegation with more than 10 persons 100,00 EURPayment should be made to OC by mean of bank transfer from the account of theFederation (Company) to:BANK TRANSFER DATA :Bank : Tatra banka, a.s.Address of bank : Hodzovo nam. 3, 850 05 Bratislava 55, Slovak RepublicReceiver : Slovak University Sports AssociationAddress of receiver : Trnavska cesta 37, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovak RepublicAccount No : 2920872687/1100IBAN Code : SK2511000000002920872687Swift code : TATR SK BXInformation : name of the country, number of delegation , date of arrival and departure
  5. 5. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKDEADLINES FOR ENTRIESGeneral Entries: 12.01.2012Quantitative Entries: 12.04.2012Prepayment Deposit Date (25 %): 12.04.2012Judge Entries: 12.04.2012Delegation Travel Schedule : 12.06.2012Nominative Entries: 12.06.2012All entry forms you can find on www.saus.sk 8th WUC 2012 - SCHEDULE DATE ACTIVITY July 09-11 Arrival of delegations, trainings Mon - Wed July 12 Arrival of delegations Thursday Pre-competition activities July 13 8th WUC 2012 - Day 1 Friday July 14 8th WUC 2012 - Day 2 Saturday July 15 8th WUC 2012 - Day 3 Sunday July 15 Closing ceremony Sunday Farewell party July 16 Departure of delegations MondayTHURSDAY JULY 12TH - schedule of pre-competition activitiesACTIVITY SCHEDULE PLACECISCA meeting 09.00 – 11.00 Sport Hall “MLADOST”General technical meeting 10.00 – 11.00 Sport Hall “MLADOST”WKF technical commission meeting 12.00 – 14.00 Sport Hall “MLADOST”Referees and judges briefing 14.00 – 16.00 Sport Hall “MLADOST”OPENING CEREMONY 16.30 – “Kuchajda” lakeWeighting (all categories) 18.30 – 19.30 Sport Hall “MLADOST”Coaches meeting 18.30 – 19.30 Sport Hall “MLADOST”Drawing 19.30 - Sport Hall “MLADOST”
  6. 6. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK WEIGHTINGWeighting will take place in the sporthall “MLADOST” on Thursday, July 12th . TIME MEN WOMEN 18.30 – 18.40h +84 kg +68 kg 18.40 – 18.50h -84 kg -68 kg 18.50 – 19.00h -75 kg -61 kg 19.00 – 19.10h -67 kg -55 kg 19.10 – 19.20h -60 kg -50 kgIMPORTANT!!! According to the Committees Working Rules of World KarateFederation only exclusively WKF approved protective equipment must be used at theChampionships. COMPETITION PROGRAMThe competition will take place in the Sporthall “MLADOST”.Friday, July 13thElimination and repechages, individual Kata male and female.Elimination and repechages, male Kumite -84kg & +84kg.Elimination and repechages, female kumite -68kg & +68kg.Elimination and repechages, male Kumite -75kg.Finals, individual Kata; male & female - Medals presentationFinals, male Kumite -84kg & +84kg. - Medals presentationFinals, female Kumite -68kg & +68kg & Male -75 kg - Medals presentationSaturday, July 14thElimination and repechages, male Kumite -67kg & -60kg.Elimination and repechages, female kumite -61kg & -55 kgElimination and repechages, female -50 kgElimination and repechages, male and female Kata Teams.Finals, male Kumite -67kg & -60kg - Medals presentationFinals, female Kumite -61kg & -55 kg & -50 kg - Medals presentationFinals, male and female Kata Teams - Medals presentationSunday, July 15thElimination and repechages, Kumite Team, male.Elimination and repechages, Kumite Team, female.Final, Kumite Team, female - Medals presentationFinal, Kumite Team, male. - Medals presentation 15.55 – 16.10Closing Ceremony
  7. 7. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK SLOVAK KARATE UNION Event is officially supported by Slovak Karate Union. Referees and technical persons for this event will be nominated by Slovak Karate Union. WUC Karate 2012 is included in the 2012 national calendar.Slovak Karate UnionJunacka 6, 832 80 Bratislava , Slovak republicPhone: ++421 2 492 491 32 Fax: ++421 2 492 495 39E-mail: karate@karate.sk HOW TO GET TO BRATISLAVATransportation by TRAIN  Bratislava – Main Railway Station Predstanicne nam. 1, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia tel: +421 24 48 58 188 web site: www.slovakrail.sk, e-mail: info@slovakrail.skTransportation by BUS  Bratislava – Main Bus Station Mlynske Nivy 31, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovakia tel: (+421) 18 211, +421 2 55 422 734 web site: www.slovaklines.sk , e-mail: info@slovaklines.skTransportation by AIR  Bratislava - Airport M.R.Stefanika 823 11 Bratislava 21 tel: +421 2 33 03 33 53, fax: +421 2 43 42 58 29 web site: www.letiskobratislava.sk e-mail: information@airportbratislava.sk The M.R Stefanika Airport is the principal international airport of the Slovak Republic with day-and-night (24 hour) operation. The climatic conditions of the airport are particularly good and the location within Central European region is favourable. It serves scheduled and non-scheduled air services on domestic as well as international flights.
  8. 8. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK  Vienna International Airport PO Box 1, A-1300 Wien Flughafen, Austria tel: +43 (0)1 70070, fax: +43 (0)1 7007 23805, Information 24 hours: tel. 7007–222 31 web site: www.viennaairport.com, e-mail: m@viennaairport.com , Located at the heart of Europe and on the threshold to Eastern Europe, Vienna International Airport is the most easterly "western airport". A key feature of Vienna International Airport is simple and uncomplicated entry to markets in the East. For the best connection with most of the cities all around the world, the international Vienna Airport in Schwechat (only 65 km from Bratislava) is available in addition to Bratislava Airport.  Budapest International Airport BUD Nemzetkoszi Repuloter, 1675 Budapest Pf. 53., Hungary tel: +36 (1)1 296-9696, Information “call center”: tel. +36 (1)1 296-70000 web site: http://www.bud.hu/english BUD Zrt.’s mission is to make Budapest Airport the most successful airport in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger growth, service quality and operational efficiency up to 2015. Budpest Airport Zrt. is in charge of managing, operating and developing Hungary’s main international airport, which is at the same time the second largest airport in the new EU member states. Budapest International Airport is located 200 kilometers of the centre of Bratislava. TRANSFER TO BRATISLAVA The organization, when requested, will provide transfers from the airportsBratislava, Vienna or Budapest to the hotels to those delegations that contract this servicethrough the OC in accordance with the official regulations.Transfers prices: Bratislava Airport – Official Hotels - Bratislava Airport (10 min)Price per person for transfers from the Bratislava Airport to Official hotels and back, ifarranged throught the OC, is FREE OF CHARGE.Transfer prices: Vienna Airport – Official Hotels - Vienna Airport (50-60 min)Price per person for transfers from the Vienna Airport to Official hotels and back, ifarranged throught the OC, is 20 € per person.Transfer prices: Budapest Airport – Official Hotels - Budapest Airport (130 min)Price per person for transfers from the Budapest Airport to Official hotels and back, ifarranged throught the OC, is 40 € per person.
  9. 9. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK The participating countries have to book this service no later than 12th June 2012(Delegation Travel Schedule Form – see attached form or web address –http://saus.sk/saus_en-8th_world_university_karate_championship_2012.aspx).Reservation will take an effect after receiving of full payment. Payment should be madeby money transfer to OC to the account (Account info - page 12). CITY TRANSPORTATION Buses, trolleys and trams operate regularly from 4:20 to 23:00. Departure times and a list of destinations, with the journey time to each, are posted for each service at every stop it serves. To use any public transport service in the city, you must validate a pre-purchased ticket upon boarding by inserting your ticket into one of the red devices found on board each vehicle. Tickets can be bought from newspaper kiosks and shops, and from the yellow coin-operated machines located close to many stops. VISA REQUIREMENTSVisas are not required by most European and U.S. citizens. Canadian, British and Irishnationals can stay up to 180 days visa-free and US citizens can stay up to 30 days.Citizens of the following countries do not need a Slovak entry visa:Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway,Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, theVatican, Venezuela.!!!Citizens of other countries must apply for a Slovak visa!!!To obtain initial visa support documents (an official invitation for your delegation)please contact Organising Committee:OC of WORLD University Karate Championship 2012:Contact person: Mikulas Ortutay - Vice-president of Organising Committee 8th World University Karate Championship 2012Address : Slovak University Sports Association Trnavska cesta 37, 831 04 Bratislava, SlovakiaContacts: Tel, Fax: 00421249114506, E-mail: saus@saus.sk, www.saus.sk
  10. 10. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKIn order to be granted one they have to submit:  A passport (not a copy) valid for at least next 8 months  A completed application form (original only). The forms in Slovak, English and several other foreign languages can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mzv.sk or http://www.minv.sk/uhcp/new/tlaciva.htm and are available at Slovak diplomatic and consular missions and at certain travel agencies  Two photos max. 3.5cm x 4 cm  Visa fee (check fee with local Embassy)  Either self-addressed prepaid envelope or * 5 cash. For courier service send prepaid courier envelope.Apply at Slovak Embassies and Consulates in your local country (or nearest geographiclocation). Allow 5 weekdays for processing visa by mail. REGISTRATION OF DELEGATIONS Registration will take place in Headquarter – Sport Hall “MLADOST” from Monday 9th of July to Wednesday 11th of July according FISU rules.Registration will be carried in the : SPORT HALL “MLADOST” Trnavska cesta 39, 831 01 BratislavaSECRETARIAT All delegations are kindly requested to fill in the attached Registration andCompetition Entry forms and return them to the Organizing Committee within the settime frames. The Secretariat will be located in Sport Hall “MLADOST”. During theregistration there is the possibility to accredit the representatives of official press/media.Contact person: Mikulas Ortutay - Vice-president of Organising Committee 8th World University Karate Championship 2012Address : Slovak University Sports Association Trnavska cesta 37, 831 04 Bratislava, SlovakiaContacts: Tel, Fax: 00421249114506, E-mail: saus@saus.sk, www.saus.sk
  11. 11. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKPRESS ACCREDITATION Press accreditation can only be given to persons who apply for such in advanceand who are able to prove they are journalists. The press center is adjacent to the stands and seats allocated to journalists.Accredited journalists will have access to working seats. A press conference will beorganized with the prizewinners. Photographers and TV or video cameraman will haveaccess to their allocated seats only upon presenting their special cards, given at theaccreditation. The journalists and photographers will not have access to the competitionarea. Permits for video recording will be issued by FISU against payment to be settled onspot at the accreditation. Details on public TV broadcasting should preferably be discussed in advancewith the official Public Relations Service of OC: E-mail: saus@saus.sk OFFICIAL HOTELS OFFICIAL HOTELS HOTEL STANDARD DOUBLE TREE HILTON (FISU DELEGATES) HOTEL DOM SPORTU HOTEL ECHO HOTEL JUNIOR HOTEL TURIST  All hotels are located very closely of the sport facilities (walking distance).  Catering for all participants will provide at the Hotel Dom Sportu. The meals will be served in buffet style with two mixed variety of meat and fish. The menu has been designed so as to meet the needs and nutritional values of top athletes. Meals for vegetarians and individuals with special food requests will also be available. The breakfast will be served at the Hotels. Rooms in hotels have been reserved for the Championships participants andguests. Please, complete the enclosed Delegation Travel Schedule Form or web address:http://saus.sk/saus_en-8th_world_university_karate_championship_2012.aspx Reservation will take an effect after receiving 25 % deposit of full payment.Payment should be made by money transfer to OC to the account.
  12. 12. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK RESERVATIONS: The reservations in the official hotels designated by the organizations must be done through the Organising Committee: no later than 12th June 2012. FOR INFORMATION DETAILS YOU CAN CONTACT OC: Contact person: Mikulas Ortutay - Vice-president of Organising Committee 8th World University Karate Championship 2012 Address : Slovak University Sports Association Trnavska cesta 37, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia Contacts: Tel, Fax: 00421249114506, E-mail: saus@saus.sk, www.saus.sk DETAILED MAP OF OFFICIAL HOTELS OPENING CEREMONY–„Kuchajda“ lake Hotel Dom Sportu Sport Hall „MLADOST“Hotel Double Tree Hilton Hotel Junior Hotel Turist Hotel Echo
  13. 13. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK SPORTSHALL – “MLADOST” The Sport Hall “Mladost” is a stage for many sports, cultural and social events,such vollyball, hand ball, basketball, judo, karate and and many others are cultural andsports seminars, which were presented in the sport hall complex. The “Mladosť” is an ideal place, where you can sport at a higher level in the niceenvironment. It offers additional nutrition, services of the Fitness Centre, regenerations,wellness services. Event centre will be located at the Sport Hall Mladost. Sports area ( Hall E) is 66m long and 22m wide with seating capacity of 600 seats.At the Sport Hall Mladost there will be also located LOC office, FISU office, Medical andDoping Control rooms, Meeting rooms, VIP facilities and Press facilities. Distance fromevent centre to the accommodation is from 10 to 15 minutes by walking. Sport Hall “Mladost”, Trnavska cesta 39, 831 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic tel. +421/2/492 00 310, fax. +421/2/492 00 300 mail: shmladost@shmladost.sk web: http://www.shmladost.sk/
  14. 14. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SK BRATISLAVA CITY Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in Europe and few people know that during the time it was called Pressburg or Pozsony it was one of the most important cities in the Austro- Hungarian Empire. It was a mixing pot of various nations and nationalities who lived together in peace and harmony. There is a saying that a true ‘Pressburgian’ speaks four languages: Slovak, German, Hungarian and Mishmash. Even as recently as the 1980s you might hear how older Pressburgians in the street would say two words in German, two in Hungarian and two in Slovak all in the space of one sentence. That is what we mean by “mishmash”. Bratislava’s location on the banks of the River Danube and at the crossroads of ancient trading routes right at the heart of Europe predestined it to become a meeting point of various cultures. It was the home of the Celts, the Romans, and the Slavs ... The reign of Maria Theresa is regarded as a golden era in the city’s history. She was crowned Queen of Hungary in St. Martin’s cathedral in Pressburg, just like the 10 other kings and 8 royal partners over the course of 300 years when Pressburg was in fact the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. The rich mix of cultures and nations not only left its mark in the language spoken here, but also in the customs, cuisine and lifestyle. Just like the Viennese, the people of Bratislava also enjoy promenading through the streets of the city centre, taking time out for a coffee in any of the many cafes. This part of the city is referred to as the Korzo and combines elegance with charm. Visitors say that the city has a relaxed Mediterranean type atmosphere. Bratislava is a seaside city without the sea. Nowadays Bratislava is experiencing a boom once more. Buildings are popping up, deals being made, people studying, and everything is on the move. Experts regard it as one of the most dynamically developing and most prospective regions in Europe. It welcomes tourists, business people, and investors, who are attracted to this bloom city and its lively atmosphere. There are many cities in Europe that can boast their own special unique charm, and Bratislava is definitely one of them.
  15. 15. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKGENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT SLOVAKIATHE CAPITALBratislava (451.616 inhabitants) http://www.bratislava.sk/enTIME ZONE1 hr ahead of GMT, the summer time which lasts from March to December is 2 hrs aheadof GMT.CLIMATESlovakia has a moderate climate, with cold and rigid winters, and with moderate andrainy summers. The average weather conditions for Bratislava in July (Time Period: 09.07 - 16.07)the average daily maximum temperature is between 14°C and 26°C (59 °F and 79°F).http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/daily/LOXX0001BANK HOLIDAYS IN JULYJuly 5th - St Cyril and Methodius DayCURRENCYAs of January 1, 2009 Slovakia became the 16th member of the Eurozone and Euro hasbecome the official national currency (http://www.slovakia.org/currency2.htm) 1 Euro (€) is The National Currency of Slovak RepublicCoins: € 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50, € 1, € 2Notes: € 5, € 10, € 20, € 50, € 100, € 200, € 500 Most banks are open from 9:00-18:00 on weekdays, and many are open onSaturday mornings. All banks offer currency exchange and cash advances on majorcredit cards. Exchange offices are also found in shopping centers and large hotels, as wellas in the airports and railway stations. Currency exchange is available in all exchangeoffices. Most hotels, shops and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, DinersClub and American Express. Traveler’s cheques can be exchanged in most banks, but arenot always accepted in shops. All major credit cards are accepted in the country.VOLTAGE & ADAPTORS220 volts / 50 Hz, Slovakia uses the standard continental European "europlug", with 2round pins, socket and plug system also found in Germany, France, etc.TRAFFIC REGULATION:On the main roads the speed limit is 90 km/h. On the highway the speed limit is 130km/h, in the cities and villages it is 60 km/h. Children until 12 years of age must not beseated on front seat. The safety belts have to be fastened on the front seat and back-seatalso in towns. To the requisite equipment of vehicle belong a medicine-chest, towing-rope, accident triangle, spare tire. The blood-alcohol level allowed in Slovakia is 0.0.
  16. 16. 8TH WORLD UNIVERSITY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, WWW.SAUS.SKSHOPPING HOURSSlovakia and Bratislava are really a shopping paradise. Stores have long opening hoursand shopping malls are also open over weekends on Saturdays and Sundays as well asover holidays. Most establishments are open between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but some takelunch breaks. Many banks close at 3:30 p.m. Bratislava’s top shopping destinations are itsshiny new malls – Polus City Centre, Eurovea, AuPark, Avion, Palace City centre.COMMUNICATIONSTo call Bratislava from abroad, dial your international access code (+421) for Slovakia,then the city code (2) for Bratislava and telephone number (seven-digit)Within Slovakia you can make local and international calls from card-operated publictelephones, located on streets, in hotels, restaurants and other public buildings. Cards aresold at newsstands, post offices or shopping centers.MOBILE OPERATORSGSM cellular mobile phones service is also available – check with your national cellularoperator for roaming.Orange – info line 905 T-Mobile – info line 12345 O2 – info line 949+421 905 905 905 +421 903 903 903 +421 949 949 949EMERGENCY CALLSFire Department: 150 Rescue Service-ambulance: 155 Police: 158City Police: 159 Emergency call – SOS: 112LOCAL HOSPITALS HOSPITAL Ruzinov (HQ) HOSPITAL L.Derera Ruzinovská 6, 826 06 Bratislava Tel.: +421-(0)2-48 234 111 Fax: +421-(0)2-43 336 433 Sport Hall „MLADOST“ E-mail: nsprriad@nspr.sk HOSPITAL L. Derera Limbova 5, KRAMARE 833 05 Bratislava, Tel.: +421-(0)2-59 541 111 HOSPITAL Ruzinov Fax: +421-(0)2-59 543 191 E-mail: fnderera@fnderera.sk HOSPITAL Stare Mesto HOSPITAL Stare Mesto Mickiewiczova 13, 813 69 Bratislava Tel.: +421-(0)2-52 923 480 Fax: +421-(0)2-52 963 126 E-mail: faneba@faneba.sk
  17. 17. 8th World University Karate Championship 2012 8ème Championnat du Monde Universitaire de Karaté 2012 Slovak University Sports Association Trnavska cesta 37, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia Tel, Fax: 00421249114506, E-mail: saus@saus.sk, www.saus.sk Received on: Delegation Travel Schedule Date de réception: Plan de Voyage de Délégation N-3 Country / Pays Country Code / Code du Pays Name of the FNSU / Nom de la FNSUHead of Delegation – NameChef de Délégation - NomContact / Contacte Phone Fax E-mailFunction / Fonction Deputy Head ofHead of Delegation Secretary Delegation Official Team LeaderChef de Délégation A Delegation B Secrétaire C Officiel de Délégation D Chef d’Equipe E Chef AdjointTeam Official Technician Coach Physician Medical PersonnelOfficiel d’Equipe F Technicien G Entraîneur H Médecin I Personnel Médical JReferee – Judge Other CompetitorArbitre – Juge K Autre L Concurrent MMode of Transportation / Mode de TransportPlane / Avion Boat /Bateau Bus / Autocar Car / AutoFunction Family Name / Sex Arrival / Arrivée Airport / Harbour Departure / DépartFonction Nom de Famille Sexe Date Time Num # Aéroport / Port Date Time Num # Please attach extra sheets, if needed. Veuillez afficher de pages additionnelle, si nécessaire. Entry to be sent back no later than 12th june 2012 Inscription à renvoyer au plus tard le …………….. Two (2) Copies must be sent to the Organising Committee. Deux (2) copies doivent être renvoyées au Comité d’Organisation. No copy to the FISU General Secretariat. Pas de copies au Secrétariat Général de la FISU. Please Keep a copy for your own records. Veuillez garder une copie pour votre propre administration. Next Entry: Individual Entry Form due ……………… Prochaine Inscription: Formulaire Individuelle pour le ……………… Name and Signature of the President or Secretary General of the FNSU Seal of the FNSU Nom et Signature du Président ou du Secrétaire Général de la FNSU Cachet de la FNSU Name / Nom Function / Fonction Seal Signature Date Cachet Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire - International University Sports Federation Château de la Solitude, 54 Avenue Charles Schaller, 1160 Brussels – Belgium, Tel:(32.2) 6406873, Fax: (32.2) 6401805, E-mail: fisu@fisu.net, Internet: http://www.fisu.net