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  • {"27":"(iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry)\n","28":"(iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry)\n","29":"* Mobile gestures such as zoom in/out, pinch in/out, scroll left/right and orientation change\n** Requires integration with additional Tealeaf CX products\n","30":"(iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry)\n","26":"MAIN POINT: Today we are launching a new IBM Mobile offering portfolio\nSPEAKER NOTES:\nToday IBM we are re-launching our mobile offering portfolio to provide customers with an end to end set of offerings to help them embrace mobile first. We will approach the marketplace with a series of solutions led by GBS that are industry oriented. We have agreement with GBS on the three most important usecases in each industry, which we will discuss in greater detail on the next chart. GBS will lead the dialogue around the transformation and we will the offer a range of HW and SW mobile enabled solutions to support the transformation. Today on the app store there are over 200 IBM Software packages that have mobile enabled clients. We also have mobile enabled services that you can get from the smart cloud. \nAcross the bottom of the chart, you will see how we will broaden the concept around the IBM MobileFirst Platform. When we launch the new brand it will include the mobile application development platform. Today that is known as Worklight. We will have mobile analytics which is known as Tealeaf today. We have mobile security – which is managed today by app scan, ISAM and other products in the security portfolio. And we have mobile management – which today is mobile endpoint manager. These products will integrate to provide a seamless suit of capabilities.\nIn addition, on the left, bottom and right hand side you see a set of strategy & design services, cloud & managed services, and development &integration services. Our colleagues in GTS and GBS have a set of services around mobile management, mobile application development and lifecycle management among others. And all of this will run on the cloud operating environment which enables customer to consume the solutions either on premise or in the cloud. \n"}
  • Mobile, Philip Nyborg

    1. 1. Putting MobileFirst Philip Nyborg Sales Specialist, WebSphere Software
    2. 2. L a s t M o n th , IB M 's m o b ile p o in t o f v ie w w a s p u b lis h e d in T h e W a ll S tr e e t J o u r n a l in b o th th e U .S . a n d E u r o p e e d itio n s . " A s y o u w a lk d o w n t h e s t r e e t , t a k e n o t ic e o f t h e p e o p le a r o u n d y o u : w it h d e v ic e s in h a n d , t h e y ’r e r e s e a r c h in g , b u y in g , c o lla b o r a t in g . T h e y ’r e d o in g b u s in e s s . W ith th e la u n c h o f IB M M o b ile F ir s t, o r g a n iz a tio n s n o w h a v e th e to o ls to h e lp m a k e th e s e in te r a c tio n s m o r e p e r s o n a liz e d , m o r e e ffic ie n t a n d m o r e s e c u r e th a n e v e r b e fo r e . W h ic h m e a n s th e y c a n g e n e r a te m o r e v a lu e fo r th e c lie n ts m o r e v a lu e fo r c o m p a n ie s — a n d th e ir e m p lo y e e s , p a r tn e r s a n d c u s to m e r s — t h a n e v e r b e f o r e . I t ’s h a p p e n i n g a l l a r o u n d u s — b i l l i o n s o f tr a n s a c tio n s a d a y , m illio n s o f tim e s a s e c o n d — a n d th e g o o d n e w s i s , i t ’s j u s t g e t t i n g s t a r t e d . O n a S m a r t e r P l a n e t , t h e f u t u r e o f b u s in e s s is q u ite lite r a lly in o u r h a n d s ."
    3. 3. 1 billion 534 billion Dollars in mobile transactions by 2015 Increase in mobile transaction volume since 2011 1 trillion 85% 126 million Smartphone users by 2016 Devices connected to the internet by 2013 Of enterprises use external cloud services 69.1% Tablet users by 2016
    4. 4. Mobile Devices Eclipse PCs Mobile Infrastructure Growth Mobile Apps Growth WW Mobile Infrastructure Opportunity WW Mobile Applications Opportunity $5.0 $50.0 $4.0 66% CAGR $30.0 Billions Billions $40.0 $20.0 $2.0 $10.0 $1.0 $0.0 $0.0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Source: IDC 2010 Mobile Apps Surpass Web 20% CAGR $3.0 Mobile Commerce Growth US Mobile Commerce 2010 Source: IDC 2010 2011 Mobile Platf orm 2012 2013 Mobile Security 2014 2015 Device Management Mobile Payments Growth Mobile payment trans – in $B by 2015 China EU US Source: Juniper Research 2011
    5. 5. 1 2 3 4 5 Mobile is primary 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time Insights from mobile data provide new opportunities 75% of mobile shoppers take action after receiving a location based messages Mobile is about transacting 96% year to year increase in mobile cyber Monday sales between 2012 and 2011 Mobile must create a continuous brand experience 90% of users use multiple screens as channels come together to create integrated experiences Mobile enables the Internet of Things Global Machine-to-machine connections will increase from 2 billion in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022
    6. 6. Cross Platform development and test Rapid integration Push notifications Geo Fencing Off-line sync Direct update
    7. 7. Design & Develop Instrument Obtain Insight Integrate Industrialize Manage Deploy IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution Test Scan & Certify
    8. 8. 10 acquisitions to strengthen our position in mobile since 2006 … 200+ IBM Software apps available in App Stores; ~ 1M downloads … 125+ patents for wireless inventions in 2012, bringing the total to 270 … Doubling 2013 investment … Cited as a leader in app design and managed services by Forrester and Gartner …
    9. 9. Worklight Studio The most complete, extensible environment with maximum code reuse and per-device optimization Worklight Server Unified notifications, runtime skinning, version management, security, integration and delivery ← Worklight Runtime Components Extensive libraries and client APIs that expose and interface with native device functionality Worklight Console A web-based console for real-time analytics and control of your mobile apps and infrastructure Worklight Application Center A cross-platform private mobile application store focused on the needs of a development organization or a team
    10. 10. Web Apps Hybrid Apps - Web Hybrid Apps - Mixed Native Apps Written in HTML5 JavaScript and CSS3. Quick and cheap to develop, but less powerful than native. Source code consists of web code and included Worklight libraries and executed in a native shell. User augments web code with native language for unique needs and maximized user experience. Platform-specific. Requires unique expertise, pricey and long to develop. Can deliver higher user experience. Mobile Browser Worklight Runtime Worklight Runtime Web Code <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> <! - - created 2003-1212 - <head><title>XYZ</title > </head> <body> </p> </body> </html> Web Code <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> <! - - created 2003-12-1 <head><title>XYZ</title </head> </body> </html> Device APIs Web Native10010 <! DOCTY PE html PUBLIC create d 200312 </p> </body > </html > 10101 01110 10010 10101 01010 10010 01001 01111 00100 11001 0 Device APIs Native Application 100101010101110100101 001001010111010010011 010101010100100100101 111001001100101010100 101010101001010101010 101010101011111100000 101010101010100100101 010101010100011110101 000111101010011101010 111110010110111101000 1011001110 Device APIs
    11. 11. Worklight Studio HTML5, Hybrid, Native Coding Optimization Framework Integrated Device SDKs 3rd Party Library Integration 1 iOS Android 2 Worklight Application Center Development Team Provisioning Cross-Platform Compatibility Layer Enterprise App Provisioning and Governance Server Integration Framework App Feedback Management Blackberry Encrypted and Syncable Storage Windows Phone Windows 8 Java ME Runtime Skinning Reporting for Statistics and Diagnostics 4 Worklight Server Mashups and service composition JSON Translation Adapter Library for backend connectivity Stats Aggregation Enterprise Backend Systems & Cloud Services Mobile Web Desktop Web User authentication and mobile trust 3 Device Runtime Application Code SDKs Client-Side App Resources Direct Update Mobile Web Apps Unified Push Notifications 5 Worklight Console Reporting and Analytics Push /SMS Management App Version Management
    12. 12. Worklight Application Center Development Team Provisioning Enterprise App Provisioning and Governance App Feedback Management 2
    13. 13.  Comprehensive, complete, resilient functional testing • • Complete – Record, edit, and run on mobile devices • Resilient – Same test runs across multiple devices •  Comprehensive – Android and iOS, Native and hybrid Simple to use–Natural language scripts can be used by developers and non-developers alike Streamlined, four-step process 1. 2. 3. 4. Record Play your test first with the recording-ready app and generate a test script Author Edit and enhance the test script by adding verification points and others instructions Playback Run the test script on a real device, a simulator or an emulator Report Generate an HTML report Deliver consistently high quality across your mobile app portfolio.
    14. 14.  Challenges of geo-location  New toolkit makes geo-location practical  Efficiently collect geo-location data (GPS and Wifi)  Set policies for acquiring geo data and sending it in batch  Trigger business actions when user reaches a point of interest, or enters or exits a region (geo-fencing)  Server-side logic enables meaningful reaction to important geo events Automatic Check-In ............  Multiple geo modalities–Requires both GPS and Wifi sampling and interpolation  Resource intensive –Continuous polling strains network and battery resources  Enterprise integration – Meaningful action requires context from back-end systems SMS, Push Example: Geo-enriched hotel check-in experience
    15. 15. Skins provide support for multiple form factors in a single executable file for devices of the same OS family. • • • Different screen sizes Different screen densities Different input methods Skins are a sub-variant of an environment packaged in a single app Decision on which skin to use is done automatically at runtime Developer-controlled JavaScript file run at app startup determines which skin to load
    16. 16. iOS Dispatcher Notification State Database Polling Adapters UserDevice Database Android Dispatcher Android Push API BlackBerry Dispatcher (roadmap) Unified Push API Messagebased Adapters iOS Push API BlackBerry Push API Windows Phone Dispatcher Windows Push API Apple Push Servers (APN) Worklight Client-side Push Services Google Push Servers (GCM) Worklight Client-side Push Services RIM Push Servers Worklight Client-side Push Services Microsoft Push Servers Worklight Client-side Push Services SMS Dispatcher Broker API Administrative Console SMS/MMS Brokers
    17. 17.  IBM and partner apps available in app stores (new or updated in 2012) 80+ 164+ 172+ 23+ iPad apps iPhone apps Google Play Android apps Blackberry App World apps  IBM Social Apps user downloads (excluding email) 500,000 from Apple App Store 100,000 from Google Play 20,000 from Blackberry App World Does not include additional Android and Blackberry applications and downloads from customers’ internal servers and other sites/stores              IBM bCase IBM BGS 2012 IBM Business Agility IBM Business Process Manager IBM Canada - Maximo Mobile Resources IBM Cloud for Midsize Businesses IBM Cognos Mobile IBM Connections IBM Content Navigator IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile Client IBM Follow z IBM Forum IBM IBV              IBM Integrated Expertise IBM Itinsight IBM Notes Traveler Companion IBM Symphony Viewer IBM Mobile Systems Remote IBM Performance 2012 + ECM Anwendertagung IBM Rio IBM Sametime IBM Sametime Meetings Viewer for iPad IBM SCGS 12 IBM SmartCloud Meetings for iPad IBM SmartCloud Meetings for iPhone IBM Software Guide             IBM Software Partner Marketing App IBM Sterling Control Center Mobile IBM Sterling Document Tracking Mobile IBM Sterling Field Sales Mobile IBM Sterling InFlight Data Management Mobile IBM Sterling Integrator Mobile IBM Sterling Order Management Administration Mobile IBM Sterling Store Associate Mobile IBM Sterling TMS Carrier Mobile IBM Tivoli Storage Manager IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard for iPhone
    18. 18. Wanna play? – play today! Se videoen Gratis download af Worklight Developer Edition:
    19. 19. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms!
    20. 20. HTML5 vs. Native? ->
    21. 21. Tak for i dag
    22. 22. MobileFirst
    23. 23. Banking Insurance Retail Transport Telecom Government Healthcare IBM & Partner Applications Application & Data Data Services Application Platform andPlatform Management Devices Security Network Cloud & Managed Services Analytics Servers Automotive Development & Integration Services Strategy & Design Services Industry Solutions
    24. 24. IBM MobileFirst Platform Available Today! For clients that need to:  Quickly develop and deploy high quality mobile apps across multiple platforms • Automated testing for high quality mobile apps (planned beta in 1Q)  Seamlessly connect rich mobile applications to enterprise data and services • Streamlined deployment for private clouds on PureApplication System IBM MobileFirst Platform offers: • Single sign-on across multiple apps on a device • Latest versions of all major mobile OS’s (iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry)  Native, web, or hybrid app development  Tools to build & test high quality apps for many devices  Management, security, continuous delivery & distribution of apps  Easy connectivity to existing data & services for mobile usage  On-premises or managed service delivery IBM Worklight IBM Rational Test Workbench IBM Mobile Application Platform Management
    25. 25. IBM MobileFirst Management Available Today! For Clients That Need To:  Implement BYOD with confidence  Manage secure sensitive data, regardless of the device  Handle multi-platform complexities with ease • Latest versions of all major mobile OS’s (iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry) • Defense-grade encryption thru FIPS 140-2 compliance* IBM MobileFirst Management Offers:  Unified management across devices  Option to wipe corporate data  Configuration & enforcement of password policies, encryption, VPN access & camera use • Automatically grant or deny email access based on device compliance • Ease admin by setting and reporting IBM Notes Traveler security policies  Streamlined workflow between development & operations with an integrated Enterprise App Store IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices  On-premises or managed service delivery IBM Enterprise Services Managed Mobility IBM Mobile and Wireless Network Management
    26. 26. IBM MobileFirst Analytics For Clients That Need To:  Optimize digital & mobile experiences to drive online conversion  Analyze mobile behaviors and quantify business impact of user struggles  Improve customer service resolution and drive loyalty IBM MobileFirst Analytics Offers:  Automatic detection of customer issues through user and mobile device data  User behavior drill down with high fidelity replay & reporting of the user experience Available Today! • Capture and high-fidelity replay of mobile gestures* for mobile web sessions on iOS and Android-based devices • Add-on Heatmap, Link Analytics, Form Analytics, and Attention Maps for better understanding of users’ intent through highly visual analytics**  Correlated customer behavior with network and application data  High conversion and retention rates with quantifiable business impact analysis Tealeaf CX Mobile
    27. 27. IBM MobileFirst Security Available Today! For Clients That Need To:  Protect devices and data  Defend the network  Ensure secure access  Safeguard mobile apps  Preserve user experience without compromising security • State-of-the-art high-quality vulnerability analysis for mobile apps • • IBM MobileFirst Security Offers: Native support extended for iOS to accelerate enterprise usage* Enhanced support for JavaScript analysis in hybrid mobile apps*  Context aware risk-based access control  Mobile threat protection  Strong session management & Single Sign-on • Out-of-the-box support for IBM Worklight built apps to incorporate context aware risk-based access  Vulnerability analysis for mobile apps  Visibility and analysis of security events from the device, network, user and app behavior IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile and Cloud IBM AppScan