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DOOH Presentation by OMD for DOOH and DA Webinar


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Following their participation in the IAB Europe webinar on DOOH and Digital Audio, OMD have put together a brief presentation taking a deeper look into their DOOH campaign for HP.

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DOOH Presentation by OMD for DOOH and DA Webinar

  1. 1. OMD TURKEY FOR HEWLETT PACKARD DOOH to grow by 12.6% until 2023 The future of DOOH Europe has highest market share Global revenues in 2017 was $13.4 billion Smart cities, autonomous cars: new channels Every signal actionable Bought fully programmatically
  2. 2. Programmatic OHH Each System will be need to develop their own AI to connect with Programmatic OHH, digital environments with audio, and web. As newly evolved digital environments needs special footfall and detail report we need to create a precise areas to focus on provide on target To boost programmatic OOH, one-to-one push notifications can send to members of this target audience Through a beacon inside our Target area, so we have footfall data to stores
  3. 3. HP Sprocket Strategy and Execution HP’s Sprocket printer product has a niche set of target audiences: travel enthusiasts and students. By running programmatic digital out-of-home campaigns through Platform 161 DSP and data on these audiences coming in from a proximity marketing company, Blesh, OMD Turkey left the campaign on auto-pilot to run in two specific niche malls during Christmas period when the target audiences were highly concentrated. The real-time targeting was possible through Blesh’s integration with Awarion’s out-of-home exchange, enabling immediate activation of a campaign based on such criteria. By executing a campaign this way, OMD was able to create significant media efficiency for their client and show different creatives for each target group, whenever one was higher than the other. Since the campaign was run from a DSP, lat-long targeted line items for the digital realm ran in-sync to the programmatic OOH campaign, targeting these audiences through multiple channels and creating a unified point of media buying and reporting.
  4. 4. The Flow of Campaign Data in Programmatic OOH
  5. 5. Executions
  6. 6. IAB MIXX AWARDS in Turkey for the HP Sprocket campaign