Fall 2010: Project Renewal Matters


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Fall 2010: Project Renewal Matters

  1. 1. matters Fall 2010 Health, Homes and Jobs for Homeless New Yorkers Welcome CEO Ed Geffner Mitchell Netburn Retires The Board of Trustees announces the selection of Mitchell Netburn as President & CEO of Project Renewal. A native New Yorker, Ed enjoys speeches in honor of his lifetime of service Mitchell has over 20 years of publicA interest experience, most recently as fter 33 years of leadership, Ed ative” that kept Ed at Project Renewal Senior Vice President at F•E•G•S Geffner retired as President & for more than three decades. What Proj- Health and Human Services System CEO of Project Renewal. ect Renewal does best, in Ed’s view, “is where he managed a performance- Trustees, government partners, and focus on taking care of clients, and a lot based welfare-to-work initiativefriends honored his remarkable leader- of that is figuring out what their needs serving 24,000 disabled clientsship at a Tribute Party and at the annual are and what kinds of services we should annually. Prior to joining F•E•G•S,Gala Benefit & Auction. be providing to help them achieve Mitchell served as the Executive Di- As a kid growing up in a four-room independence and self-sufficiency. We rector for the Los Angeles Homelessrent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn, created services with that in mind. We Services Authority.Ed never imagined a career tackling is- want the outcomes for clients to be the “I have the utmost respectsues related to home- best they possibly can be. For example, for Project Renewal’s unparalledlessness. After college let’s say we have someone come in for passion and reputation for provid-his involvement with detox or into a shelter, we can provide ing inventive, high quality, andthe civil rights and them with medical care, psychiatry, ad- comprehensive services focused onanti-war movements diction treatment, housing, job training ending homelessness for men andturned his interest in and placement, and so on. We meet a women,” says Mitchell. “I lookissues of social justice great many of the needs of people who forward to building on Project Re-into a passion, and Linda Gibbs, Deputy come to us for service.” newal’s great platform of housing,he decided to become Mayor for Health and Ed thanks the extended Project programs, and outreach.”a lawyer. By the time Human Services, shared a Renewal family for a successful 33 years.he finished law school, tribute to Ed and honored “As much as I enjoy hearing everyonehowever, litigation his vision for a city that give me the credit for our success, I can look after its mosthad lost its appeal; he vulnerable citizens. know very well that it’s not just me. It’stook a job at the Vera been my privilege to work with manyInstitute of Justice, a criminal justice caring people over the years who gavethink tank. In 1977, Vera assigned him of their time and resources to build ato one of its spin-off enterprises, Project support network for our clients – gov-Renewal (then, the Manhattan Bowery ernment partners, private funders,Corporation). “My driving passion was board members, and donors like you.social justice, and certainly, people who We have the same shared values – thatwere impoverished and on the streets are no one deserves to live on the streets,an extreme example of the lack of social everyone should have a safe place in the Board Chair Mary Lynn Putney with incoming CEOjustice in our society.” community and a chance to live a life of Mitchell Netburn. It’s “the ability and freedom to be cre- dignity.”
  2. 2. Friends and Donors Boost Gala Revenueby 25% Over Prior YearOur 20th Annual Gala Benefit and Auction was a tremendous success! Gener-ous support from Trustees, individuals, and business partners raised $825,000, anincrease of 25% over last year. Proceeds directly fund life-saving programs to helphomeless men and women leave the streets and return to health, homes, and jobs. Over 250 guests assembled on June 10 at the Waldorf=Astoria for a wonderfulevening with touching tributes honoring Ed Geffner, President & CEO retiringafter 33 years. Thunderous applause followed the exciting announcement that theTrustees will re-dedicate our supportive housing residence, Holland House, as Gef-fner House. Our Silent Auction was filled with over 55 fabulous prizes, and Sotheby’s Execu-tive VP Hugh Hildesley inspired lively bidding in our Live Auction. We thank ourauction donors and event supporters, and a special thanks to our corporate sponsor Gala Co-Chairs Shelly and Neil Mitchell. Neil is theCapital One Bank for its generous sponsorship of the Gala since 2007. incoming Board Chair.Joe Small (at podium) honors Ed’s influence on his life following tributes by Coun- Trustee Alan Belzer and Dr. Bradley Connor Trustee Colleen Cavanaugh (center) with Sue Waterbury (left)cil Member Robert Jackson and Vera Institute Director Herb Sturz (seated). and James Rose (right). Stay Informed with our E-Newsletter! To follow the impact of your finan- cial support of Project Renewal, sub- scribe to our monthly e-newsletter at www.projectrenewal.org. You’ll meet people like Joe Small (see story on the following page) whose lives are changed because of your support.Trustee Claudia Rosen (right) with Maria Cristina Ocampo Left to right, former Trustee Bob Davis with Ed Geffner and(center) and Michelle Adelman (left). Trustee Earl Monroe.2 Project Renewal matters | Fall 2010
  3. 3. Gala Keynote Speaker Joseph SmallProject Renewal employee Joe Small man who was dressed in a suit and tie,moved Gala guests in telling how Ed and accompanied by his family whenand Project Renewal helped him rebuild it slowly dawned on Joe – he knew thishis life. When Joe came to the 3rd Street guy! The last time Joe saw him was onShelter in 1993, he wasn’t ready to quit the streets when both were drug addicts.his drug habit. He had been in and out That’s when Joe said to himself – ifof jail so many times, his parole officer he can change, so can I. Joe took full Joe Smallsaid obviously jail wasn’t a deterrent. It advantage of the programs at 3rd Street,was the parole officer who dictated that working on recovery and planning his will never give up on you.” But he savesJoe enroll in a treatment program, and future. By the time he left, 11 months his highest praise for Ed. “This city owesso Joe found himself at our 3rd Street later, Joe had a job and a place to live. a lot to Ed. He brought down the crimeShelter at age 42 with no plans, no Joe is now Head Custodian at Project rate just by taking drug addicts off thegoals, and no direction. Renewals’ Fort Washington Shelter and street and out of jails.” Ed has always Soon after Joe arrived at 3rd Street, has been a valued employee for 17 years. impressed Joe as a caring person whohe attended a group meeting where He credits Project Renewal’s “full ser- embodies the Project Renewal philoso-a successful graduate came to speak vice” program for getting him back on phy that “there’s no situation you can’tabout his recovery. Joe listened to this his feet. “They provide everything and overcome.”Clinton Residence Celebrates 20 Years The successes of theTwenty years ago, no one knew what their community. The cost to taxpayerssupportive housing was. No one really - a small fraction of the typical public Clinton Residencethought the most seriously mentally illNew Yorkers, people who’d only lived expense of keeping someone homeless, or in a hospital or shelter bed, or jail over 20 years:on the streets or in institutions, could cell. And the local community has been ƒƒ 317 Residents have had a chance atlive independently. But Project Re- strengthened, with rising property val-newal’s Clinton Residence has proven ues and neighbors who only have good recovery.everyone wrong. On June 18th Clinton things to say about those that live and ƒƒ 74% have been successfullyResidence celebrated two decades of work at the residence. housed from the residence into lessservice with clients, staff, family, and Twenty years on, the Clinton Resi- supervised settings.friends. Guests assembled in the Com- dence continues to change lives for themunity Garden next door to the resi- better as so eloquently put by Marie, a ƒƒ Less than 3% have required a seconddence for tributes from staff, residents, resident for the past year: “In a sur- chance at the residence.and neighbors. rounding where staff sees about your ƒƒ 70% of Residents are working, The goal of the Clinton Residence is needs; a chef that prepares sumptuous against all predictions and odds.to link housing with services so residents meals; a family atmosphere that greetslearn to live more independent, healthy you walking in the door; a psychiatrist ƒƒ The cost per year remains steady atand fulfilling lives. Many have returned that was able to get me off four medi- $26,000 per Resident (that’s $15,000to work and are actively contributing to cations down to just one. That’s what less than the cost of living homeless Project Renewal Clinton Residence on the street). means to me.” Marie has successfully moved on to more independent living at ƒƒ 46% of staff has worked at the our LeonaBlanche house. Clinton Residence for ten years or more. This type of retention rate is remarkable for the social service Former Clinton resident Marie Taylor thanks Jim Mutton, field. Program Director, (on right), for the role that staff played in her recovery.Project Renewal matters | Fall 2010 3
  4. 4. Capital One Volunteers Plant Roof Top Garden Board of TrusteesIn addition to its financial support of volunteers broke out shovels, gloves, and Mary Lynn Putneythe Gala and of our workforce devel- pruning shears to bring life back to the Chairopment program, Capital One Bank roof garden at Clinton Residence. Clin- Neil S. Mitchellalso provided volunteer support. As ton residents joined in the spring gar- Vice Chairpart of a week of service to the com- dening as well. The result? A beautiful, Mitchell Netburnmunity, Capital One Bank employees flowering roof garden where residents President & CEOvolunteered at Clinton Residence. Six can relax in the summer sun. Alan Belzer Russell S. Berman Suzanne Henry Boies Colleen Cavanaugh James S. Davidson Michael Field Anthony S. Kendall David J. Koeppel The Hon. Richard B. Lowe, III Earl Monroe Mark H. Minter Nan Perell Capital One employees Chuck Pol put on the green gloves Geoffrey Proulx to help Jim Mutton Jules M. Ranz, MD (standing in back). Paul H. Rich Claudia Rosen Carl Rosoff Laura Rothschild Marc L. Silverman, Esq. NEW EDITION OF James W. Stevens Caverly (Lee) Stringer Grand Central Winter Antonio Tedesco in bookstores now! Junior Board Christopher Bellapianta Project Renewal Trustee Lee Nicole Bonica Vijay Desiraju Stringer shares his Stories from Scott Donohue the Street in an expanded 2nd Thomas Evrard John Flynn edition just published by Seven Brandl Frey Jeffrey Kirshenbaum Stories Press. Lee chronicles his Robin Lee years of homelessness and addiction as well as his Colin Meagher Keenan Reilly recovery at Project Renewal’s 3rd Street Shelter. This edition David Rowley Jenny Sharfstein features four new chapters and a “startling new ending.” Nicholas Sklar Christopher Smajdor Grand Central Winter is available for purchase in bookstores and on Amazon. Anna Valeo Frederick Volp Help homeless men and women leave the streets for health, homes and jobs… with your donation. It’s safe, fast and on-line at www.projectrenewal.org. 200 Varick Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10014 212-620-0340 Look for the “Donate Now” button on every page. www.projectrenewal.org4 Project Renewal matters | Fall 2010