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Alphabet organizer

  1. 1. Academy of Dance Arts I dance at Academy of Dance Arts. I just started going there last year butalready I feel like I have been there forever and am close to my instructors and otherdancers there . The type of dancing I do there is contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hiphop. Also I am on their competition team. For my competition team there we are likefamily. We all can act like ourselves and have fun together without beingembarrassed or ashamed. So pretty much at Academy of Dance Arts everyone islike family.
  2. 2. Boxing My dad and I have always enjoyed watching boxing together on TV.But one day when I went to visit him he had a surprise for me. He had boughttickets to a boxing game. There were 3 or 4 boxing matches but at the veryending was the most important one. The very last one was a man called LaBamba who had been undefeated and could possibly loose it to his opponent.This match didn’t even last to the 2nd round! In the first round La Bamba had hitthe other guy near his kidney and knocked him out to the floor and he could notcontinue on with the fight. So the fight ended, the other guy got sent to thehospital, and La Bamba still had his belt and was undefeated. I’m glad I wentcause there were some really good fights that night.
  3. 3. Chicago Cubs My dad, little brother Jose, and I were on vacation in Chicago causemy dad was born and raised there. All of us wanted to go to some kind ofsporting event and the only one available for the time we were there was aChicago Cubs baseball game. So we went to the game with my two uncles. Formy first Cubs game I was not impressed. They had lost by A LOT! It felt as ifthe game had been dragging on forever. I enjoyed watching the game andeating the peanuts but I was disappointed at the score of the game. My dad, bro ther Jose, an d I at Wrigley Field
  4. 4. Dance I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. Over the years I have gone to 3 different dance studio’s. My mom first put me in dance cause most young girls want to do ballet. Once I got a bit older my mom asked me “Do you still want to do dance”, and to her surprise I still did. I love dance because your acting a character or role threw movements. Also when you step on the stage and do the dance I forget about everything, am not embarrassed or ashamed, and don’t care who is watching. Also because dance really keeps me in shape. No matter how much pain it causes me and how tired it makes me I can never get tired of dance! Imagine.Hey NaNa. My Myjazz dance lyrical dance
  5. 5. Ecuador My mom’s, dad’s part of the Traditionalfamily is from Ecuador. In fact mygrandfather was born there. My mom Ecuadorianmoved from the U.S.A to Ecuador when food.she was about 16 for a few yearsbecause her father (my grandfather) livedthere. She eventually moved back. Butwith that side of the family we havetraditions and many cultural things fromEcuador. On New Years while the ball isdropping we eat a certain amount ofgrapes based on the number at the endof the year, for example if the year is2006 we eat 6 grapes and if the year is2013 we eat 13 grapes. Ecuadorian foodis like most other his-spanic foods, riceand beans and pork. But Ecuadorian foodhas a certain flavor and seasoning so ittastes a bit different.
  6. 6. Florida I have gone on vacation to Florida twice. The first time I went, I wentwith my mom, little brother Gabriel, Aunt Kelly, Nona, Mike, Jimmy, and Kyle.The second time I went with my Nona, Mike, Jimmy, and Kyle. Both times Ivacationed to Florida I went to the same place. When I visited Florida I went tothe beaches there, Disney World, and an airboat ride. We also playedvolleyball during our free time a lot.Nona, Jimmy, Kyle, and I atthe beach in Florida Mike, Jimmy, Kyle, and me playing volley ball
  7. 7. Georgia I visited Atlanta, Georgiawith my Nona, Mike, Jimmy, andKyle. When I was visiting Georgia Iwent to the world of Coca Cola,CNN headquarters, Zoo Atlanta,and the Georgia Aquarium. Myfavorite memory from that tripwas being able to specially makemy own Hershey chocolate bar.When I was at the CNNheadquarters they were recordinglive! Also they had a lot of shopthere such ass Cartoon Networkshop. In the World of Coca Cola Igot to try every single soda ownedby the Coke company throughoutthe whole world.
  8. 8. Hip-Hop One type of dancing I do is hip hop. I really enjoy hip hop dancing because Ifeel like you can have attitude, and be sassy, and show that serious hard-core part ofyou. Also another part of hip ho that I enjoy is the music. Usually for hip hop youdance to rap, hip hop, and pop, which are my favorite types of music. There aredifferent types of hip hop. But my favorite type is vogue.
  9. 9. Inspiration I have manypeople who inspire mein my life. My firstperson is my mombecause to me she isstrong mentally andcaring. She is a singlemom who has two kids.That’s take a lot out ofsomeone! My secondperson is Beyoncébecause she is fierceand confident. Alsobecause she has anamazing Talent, aChristian, and pretty.
  10. 10. Justin Bieber I have been a huge fanof Justin Bieber ever since he firstcame out and I heard his first eversong “One Time”. A lot of peopletrash talk him and call him names.I have boghten every CD that hehas made. I am a big fan of himbut not as big as some of theother girls that will cry over himand when they found out hesmoked weed starting cuttingthemselves. I think he is a couldinfluence even though he hasmade mistakes. My favorite songof his now is “As Long As You LoveMe”.
  11. 11. “Keep Calm And Keep An Open Mind” “Keep a openmind”. That is one of myfavorite sayings. I like thissaying so much because Ifeel like it helps me to trynew things. Also if I’mgoing threw a tough timeI have this saying in myhead and think of all thepositive outcomes. I feellike everyone should liveby this saying because itcan really help you andbenefit you in life.
  12. 12. Leominster I have been living in Leominster since 1st grade. So I have pretty much grownup here. In Leominster there isn’t much to do but go to the mall, go to the movies,walk around, and hang out with friends. You get use to it after a while and make thebest out of everything! My dad lives in a nice rich town called Franklin and alwaystrash talks Leominster. But personally I don’t mind Leominster. Last summer I movedinto my new and second house in Leominster. My house Whitney Field Mall
  13. 13. Monsters Inc. When I was a littlekid I would constantly bewatching Monster Inc. It wasone of my favorite Disneymovies as a kid and still is. Ican never get tired of thatmovie no matter how manytimes I watch it. My favoritecharacters are Sully and Boo.I remember my mom got mea doll of Boo because I lovedher and that movie so much.I saw Monsters Inc. recentlywhen it came out in 3-D andwant to see Monsters Inc. 2.
  14. 14. Nationals Hey This was my first NaNa.nationals and first year doing Mydance competition. We went to jazzDancers Inc. Nationals, which was danceheld in Maine. It only lastedabout a week. I was happy andsad about being there. I washappy because I was going onstage and doing what I love to do!But I was sad because this would my last time ever doing these Mydances. At the end of the lyricalcompetition we did pretty good dancefor awards and our mainchoreographer and teacherBrianna was proud of us.
  15. 15. October October is usually a very My littlebusy month for my family and I. In brotherthe month of October we have a lot Gabrielof birthdays. My little brotherGabriel’s birthday is that month,my Tia Margarita’s birthday, andalso a few more of my aunts ,uncles and cousins. It is also a busymonth for us due to Halloween. Somy mom has to spend a lot ofmoney that month on candy forHalloween, costumes forHalloween, presents for familybirthdays, and decorations andfood for my little brothers party.
  16. 16. Puerto Rico Traditional My whole dad’s family is Puertofrom the island of Puerto Rico. My Rican foodAbuela always tells me stories ofPuerto Rico and what it is like there. Ihave never visited Puerto Rico myselfbut I am planning on doing so thissummer with my Dad, little brother Beach inJose, Abuela, and Arsanio. My Abuela Puertoalways makes traditional food that is Riconormally made in Puerto Rico. Mydad also tells me stories about whenhe went o Puerto Rico. He has toldme about the crystal blue water, thefrogs that never stop croaking atnight, and his uncles farm in the rain Waterfall inforest that has a waterfall nearby that the rainforest,you could jump off and go swimming. in Puerto Rico
  17. 17. Quad Muscles To be a dancer youhave to have extremely strongquad muscles .At my dancestudio we do a lot of exercisesand moves that help build ourquad muscles. If I don’t go todance for a bit I still work themcause I know it is essential tokeep them strong for dance. Ifyou work on them for quite a bitthey will definitely grow. Mineshave grown so much that someof my jeans don’t fit me on mythighs anymore!
  18. 18. Rap One of my favoritetypes of music to listen to is rapmusic. My mom and Dad kindof influenced me listening to itsince they would listen to it alot when I was younger. Thereare a lot of good rappers in hebusiness today. Some of myfavorites are Drake, Lil Wayne,Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj,Big Sean, and Chris Brown. Alot of the older adults thinkthat rap is ridiculous andannoying but I see it as justanother type of music.
  19. 19. Surgery I was in 6th grade and I kept on getting cramps.My friends would tell me it’s just your hormones andstuff. But eventually I became really ill and my mom tookme to Leominster hospital. When we went there theytold me it was just the flu. So we went back home andwaited another day. But the next day it had gotten worse.It was so bad that my temperature was dangerously high,and I could not move or walk. My mom had to carry meto the bathroom because I couldn’t move! So my mom The bracelet I woreknew this was worse than the flu. She brought me to the when I was in theWorcester hospital and they gave me a CAT scan and x- hospital for my 1stray. They saw something was wrong with my appendix so surgerythey brought me into immediate surgery. During thesurgery they were expecting a inflamed appendix but tothere surprise my appendix had burst. They removed myappendix and I had to stay in the hospital for a week an ahalf with a breathing tube. A few months later I had to goback to the hospital and get another surgery becausescared tissue was left from the first surgery
  20. 20. Turtle About 3 years ago me , my cousin Gabriella , and other cousin Melanie wereon a bike trail in Milford. The bike trail was right next to a pond. We were riding ourbikes and then decided that we wanted a break so we pulled over to the side into acircle. As I was pulling my bike in I saw something small and dark right in front of mybike. Luckily I turned my bike in time trying to avoid hitting it. I stopped my bike I gotoff and looked at the small dark thing that I thought was a rock. But as I looked closerat it I realized it wasn’t a rock at all. It was a baby turtle! I didn’t want to just leave himthere and have somebody else possibly hit him so I brought him home with me. To thisday I still own him and have named him “Sully”. My turtle Sully
  21. 21. Unusual It was my 2nd week living inmy new house and I still was notcomfortable there. I had no where togo and my mom had to work so I had tostay home alone for 6 hours withoutany source of internet or TV. I went intothe kitchen to get some food and thenall of a sudden the top of my trash canstarts swinging back and forth. Iscream, drop the food in my hands,grab my dog, and run outside. I satoutside with my dog until somebodycame home. I still don’t know whatcause d it to move. I think it wasparanormal though.
  22. 22. Virgo I was born on September 19, 1998.So that makes me a Virgo. In a article I readabout Virgos it says “They may dwell too muchon the past and over complicate things and thismay limit their ability to move forward andconfuse themselves.”. I find that true aboutmyself. The article also says “They will say thefeel okay or everything is alright even when itsnot. This is an easy way out, the one thing thatVirgo does not like to analyze is their feelingsso pretending everything is okay is a gooddefense mechanism for not having to take acloser look at their feelings. Virgo has anunpredictable and sometimes unstabletemperament”. I also fine this true aboutmyself. So my personality is very closely relatedthe horoscope of a Virgo.
  23. 23. Wish Every time that Imake a wish it is always thesame thing. “ I wish thateverything I want to happenwill happen”. I personally donot believe in wishes or thatthey come true . But I usuallyjust wish for the fun of it. Isometimes make wishes as11:11 if I remember. But Ialways make a wish on mybirthday if I am blowing outcandles.
  24. 24. X-Ray In my whole life I have had 4or 5 x-rays. My first x-ray was when Iwas about 4 years of age. I was jumpingon my moms bed and then fell off andlanded directly onto my arm. I went andgot an x-ray . The x-ray showed that Ihad broken my arm. The next time I hadan x-ray was when I went into thehospital for when my appendix burst.My next few times were when theychecked to see if I had scared tissue andwhen I had my second surgery.
  25. 25. You Tube I was You Tube a lot ofthe time. I like to watch my My cousinfavorite music videos and also Dennisjust funny video’s on there. Oneof my favorite videos is theGhetto Cranbook Deer video. Iusually watch Jenna Marbles.My cousin Dennis also has hisown channel on You Tube and Ioccasionally watch that channel.I really enjoy You Tube because Jennathey have videos on almost Marbleseverything! You Tube can beuseful to my life also becausethey can have tutorials on howto do hair and makeup.
  26. 26. Zebra Print I am obsessed withanimal print! But my favoriteanimal print would have to bezebra print. If you go into my roomand threw my drawers you will seea lot of things animal print. Mysheets, pillow case, blankets,tweezers, shoes, and even some ofmy undergarments and clothesare zebra print. I have always beena big fan of animals and now justrecently I’m getting into not justthem but there unique print theyhave. My bed