Spring 2010: Project Renewal Matters


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Spring 2010: Project Renewal Matters

  1. 1. matters Spring 2010 Health, Homes and Jobs for Homeless New Yorkers WHY WE BUILD: We’re building again! Grezel DeSantos Demand for housing fuels expansion finds a homeI had been homeless for seven or eightyears, living in the streets in Jersey, witha major drug problem. I took a shower Ed Geffner and architect Chris Benedict continue our trackover at my sister’s house one day. I saw record of transforming once-vacant lots into attractive residences appealing to tenants and neighbors alike.my ribs. That’s what made me realizeI was killing myself. I ended up in thehospital for a few months, because I washomeless and I was in bad condition.From the hospital, they recommended “O ur residences are full. Our treat- ment programs have waiting lists. The shortage of affordable housing The project provides two programs in one building by creating two residential wings around a shared courtyard. Oneme to New Providence Women’s Shel- is hurting our clients.” CEO Ed Geffner wing includes studio apartments forter, and that was the best thing they did. responds to this urgent refrain with a homeless men and women living with At New Providence, the staff help solution that delivers more services to mental illness. The other wing has ayou in a lot of ways. I had a roof, they homeless and formerly homeless New dormitory style layout and is a thera-gave me three meals, I had two counsel- Yorkers: more construction! Ed first peutic community for formerly home-ors, and a coordinator, Nina Rodriguez. took on the role of builder and develop- less men recovering from addiction orShe was my case manager too. Everyone er in 1990 with the Clinton Residence substance abuse. Combined, the projectthere is beautiful. We had group ses- on West 48th Street. Twenty years and offers the best of supportive housing tosions, art groups, Narcotics Anonymous four residences later, he begins his final 105 residents. On-site services includegroups, events for the holidays. I got building project on Washington Avenue psychiatric and medical care, substanceinvolved in everything. That made a in the Bronx. “We’re Building Again”... cont’d on 3big difference in my life; before I justwanted to go out there and use drugs.This was a whole new life. Affordable Housing Solution #2: I was at New Providence for a year Expand number of apartments under managementand a half. Everyone has their upsand downs there, but I kept on until I When LeonaBlanche House resident nity to help clients like Genova - for-moved into Holland House on May 1, Genova Rivera was ready to take the merly homeless men and women living2009. I liked it at New Providence, and next step in independent living, she with mental illness - by securing newnow I like it here better. I have my own faced a frustrating reality. Apartment funding from New York State’s Officebathroom in my room and I love that. rentals within her budget just didn’t of Mental Health. The grant providesI clean my room everyday. I also love to exist. With a modest social security rental subsidies to allow Project Renewalcook. I have a kitchen on my floor. A income, she couldn’t begin to afford the to lease 20 apartments for tenants wholot of people here like my cooking. apartments in the Bronx neighborhood have “graduated” from LeonaBlanche. My esteem is up. I have some medi- around LeonaBlanche where she had Tenants pay a third of their incomecal problems, but I still go on, I’m a started to set down roots. Program Di- for rent and also receive ongoing case “Why We Build”... continued on 4 rector Peter Bazeley seized the opportu- “Affordable Housing”... cont’d on 4
  2. 2. Professional Chefs Prepare GourmetDinner for 3rd Street Shelter ResidentsHow often do you hear shelter residents commenting “that appletart was amazing” and “by far the salmon was the best, handsdown.” They were treated to a specially prepared dinner by profes-sional chefs from some of the top private clubs in the city. The NewYork Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America pickedthe shelter as the beneficiary of a magnificent dinner which was alsoenjoyed by staff and local community board members. Our thanks to the chefs and club staff members who preparedand served the dinner: pictured left to right: John Dorman, University Club, Kevin O’Brien, Yale Club, Rita Evans, ExplorersClub, Martin Hale, Colony Club, Michael Hoskam, retired, Chef Florimond Smoor, Penn Club, Natalie Bobadilla, Linx Club,Gail Hochfeld, New York Yacht Club, Markus Sponring, sous chef, Penn Club, and Heba Elshinawy, Penn Club. Not picturedis Wesson Anderson, Penn Club Manager. ScanVan Offers Breast Health Screening on Staten Island with a boost from Richmond County Savings Foundation Low-income women with little or no insurance find a warm welcome on the ScanVan thanks to a renewed grant from Richmond County Savings Foundation. Project Renewal’s healthcare program includes both primary care and specialty care like radiology and dental services. Mobile clinics deliver services directly to patients at community centers, shelters, and other easily accessible locations. We are grate- ful for Richmond County Savings and other generous supporters of the ScanVan! Cold weather doesn’t deter the ScanVan from its rounds on Staten Island. Pictured left to right: Debra Thomas, Radiologic Tech- nician; Barbara Smith, Richmond County Savings Bank; Nancy Moravec, Nurse; and Gina Cintron, Scan Van Driver/Receptionist. Stay Informed with Junior Board Fall Ball Draws a Crowd! our E-Newsletter! The Junior Board hosted its third annual Fall Ball on Jr. Board Member To follow the impact of your finan- November 6th, 2009 at Studio 450. A great turnout Brandl Frey with cial support of Project Renewal, sub- of young professionals enjoyed drinks, dancing, and Emanuel Moosbrugger scribe to our monthly e-newsletter spectacular city views. Thanks to the Junior Board for at www.projectrenewal.org. You’ll spreading awareness about our mission. And a very meet some of the people like Venice special thank you to our liquor sponsor, Diageo! For more information about the Junior Board, call Herina Crafton (see story on the follow- Ayot at 212-620-0340 x. 396. ing page) whose lives are changed because of your support. Jr. Board Member Vijay Desiraju with Jen Nelson, and Jr. Board Members Jeffrey Kirshenbaum and Robin Lee Scott Botsford with Herina Ayot2 Project Renewal matters | Spring 2010
  3. 3. Your Dollars Project Renewal’s programs are designed to break the cycle of homelessness and to meet the needs of men and women suffering from mental illness and/or addiction. At Work Our programs offer a range of solutions, under one organizational roof, to help clients overcome the issues that have prevented them from leaving the streets. Impact in 2009 Healthcare healthcare with substance abuse and mental health ƒWe achieved 346 job placements with an average ƒ ƒLast year, mobile health clinics MedVan, and ƒ treatment. starting wage of $9.71 and 62% still employed StreetSmart saw 2,500 patients in 6,500 visits. Re- ƒOur detox programs saw 2,359 men seeking ƒ after 6 months, significant for most of our clients turn visits indicate good follow-up and relationship- withdrawal help from alcohol and drugs. This is the who have never held a job. building. first step in recovery with 55% accepting referrals Housing ƒThe Mobile Psychiatric Outreach Program (MPOP) ƒ for long-term treatment. ƒTransitional housing prepares men and women ƒ engaged 670 men and women at drop-in centers ƒOur four shelters admitted 1,900 men and women ƒ with the life skills and stability needed to succeed for psychiatric assessments and follow-up care. last year with the goal of preparing them to live on their own. Our four transitional residences, Recovery successfully in permanent housing. Social workers serving 234 men and women each night, helped ƒPrimary care clinics, HIV Support Services, and the ƒ placed 546 residents into housing with 92% still 93 clients to reach their goal of moving to their own dental clinic saw 2,450 patients last year. Improved housed after six months. apartment. health includes basic primary care, managing Jobs ƒOur permanent supportive housing programs ƒ chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and ƒWe enrolled 1,261 clients in our education program ƒ provide studio apartments with support services to obesity, treating communicable diseases like HIV/ covering literacy, GED prep, computer skills, effective 568 formerly homeless and low-income tenants. AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis, and integrating communications, and English as a Second Language. Help homeless men and women leave the streets for health, homes and jobs…with your donation. It’s safe, fast and on-line at www.projectrenewal.org. Look for the “Donate Now” button on every page.“We’re Building Again”....cont’d from 1 From Detox to Shelter to Homeabuse treatment, job training and place- By Venice Craftonment assistance, individual case man-agement, and social activities to foster I was homeless, living in the shelter, gave me an apartment. I live in a nice,community-building. and in Project Renewal’s Third Street quiet, building with good tenants. I Ed Geffner and architect Chris Bene- detox program when I found out about work for the Parks Department now. Idict, RA are especially proud of incor- Renewal Farm. I needed to be stable, never thought I’d be able to work there,porating energy efficient, green building and I knew that was the best place for because I still had a record. But that justdesign into the project. The two wings me: 25 men from different parts of goes to show you that things do change.form a central, multi-level courtyard New York City trying to get their lives I’m a good-hearted person, I always was,that is landscaped and brightly lit by the together. We all help one another; it’s a but I wasn’t good-hearted when I wassun for a good part of the day. Windows real community. I learned how to drive drinking. Now I feel like myself again.for the residents’ rooms face into this a tractor when I was up there! They haveday-lit courtyard, creating a light-filled a market where we sell and interact withinterior environment. The courtyard the public. I got a kick out of that, es-features indigenous plantings, and rain- pecially when I know all my plants andwater on the site is managed to keep the people ask me questions and I can giveplants watered. The building is designed them the answers. It gives you a sense offor maximum energy efficiency and pride when you look back at the end ofwith an eye toward durability and low- the day, and you say you know what, Imaintenance. Non-toxic, natural, and helped make this, or I helped plant that;recycled materials are used in the design I was a part of making that grow.and construction. Projected opening Project Renewal has helped me outdate is spring 2011. a lot. Seeing how well I was doing, theyProject Renewal matters | Spring 2010 3
  4. 4. “Why We Build”....cont’d from 1 tal, because I like working with peoplefighter. My case manager here helps me that cannot do for themselves. Every- Board of Trusteesso much. Sometimes when I feel down thing in steps. Just like at New Provi- Mary Lynn Putneyand out, I run towards him and receive dence, everything is by steps. Chaira lot of support. The nurse here helps I have been clean for three years now. Neil S. Mitchellme a lot too. I still go to New Providence on Thurs- Vice Chair I still get involved in everything. If days. I talk to the women who are there, Edward I. GeffnerI don’t find time to do things, I’m just and I tell them to give it a chance. Some President & CEOgoing to go back, and I don’t want that. of them don’t have any family or any- Bradley AbelowThey have arts and crafts here; they have thing. I introduce myself and say I was Alan Belzerbingo. They even take you on trips. here for a year and a half, but I made it. Russell S. BermanSo, I love it. I go to the NA groups. It Now that you’re here, do something for Suzanne Henry Boieshelps me to know how many years clean yourself. Don’t just come here because Colleen Cavanaughpeople have. It’s inspiration. you need a bed. James S. Davidson Michael Field Eventually I want to move and get And I feel happy, because I know it Anthony S. Kendallmy own place. After that, maybe I worked for me. If it worked for me, it David J. Koeppelcould volunteer here, if not in a hospi- can work for anyone. The Hon. Richard B. Lowe, III Joseph P. Mack Earl Monroe“Affordable Housing”....cont’d from 1 Mark H. Minter Nan Perellmanagement, psychiatric and nursing Chuck Polcare with LeonaBlanche staff as the Jules M. Ranz, MD“service hub.” This solution not only Paul H. Richhelps success stories like Genova, it also Claudia Rosencreates vacancies for LeonaBlanche. Carl RosoffPeter Bazeley can turn to his waiting list Marc L. Silverman, Esq. James W. Stevensand accept men and women who have Caverly (Lee) Stringerbeen staying for a year or more at Bronx After five years at LeonaBlanche, Genova moved out on her Antonio TedescoPsychiatric, Manhattan Psychiatric and own. “I’m good now; it has been seven years since I have beenRockland State Psychiatric Centers hospitalized. I am on medication, and I take it as prescribed. I Junior Board-— men and women ready for a chance have wonderful doctors. I go to the gym now, something that Christopher Bellapianta I didn’t think I would ever do!... And I still use the supportive Nicole Bonicato achieve their goals for independent networks. I give Project Renewal all the credit for how happy I Vijay Desirajuliving. am today.” Thomas Evrard John Flynn Brandl Frey 20th Annual Gala Jeffrey Kirshenbaum Robin Lee Benefit & Auction David Rowley Jenny Sharfstein Honoring President & CEO Edward Geffner Nicholas Sklar on his retirement from Project Renewal Christopher Smajdor Anna Valeo Frederick Volp Thursday, June 10, 2010 at The Waldorf=Astoria Save the date and join us as we celebrate the achievements of Ed Geffner after 33 years of leadership at Project Renewal. Live and silent auctions, cocktails and light buffet, tribute journal. Proceeds benefit Project Renewal programs to help end homelessness. 200 Varick Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10014 For information on tickets, sponsorships, tribute ads, or auction prize donations, contact Laura Gilman, 212-620-0340 Special Events Director, at 212-620-0340 ext 323 or Laura.Gilman@projectrenewal.org www.projectrenewal.org4 Project Renewal matters | Spring 2010