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Don’t let your childs like now!


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Published in: Education
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Don’t let your childs like now!

  1. 1. Don’t Let Your Childs like now !Don’t Let Your Childs like now !
  2. 2. Don’t Live Like An EducatedDon’t Live Like An Educated Earning ‘Animal’Earning ‘Animal’
  3. 3. Don’t Refuse The Chance To GetDon’t Refuse The Chance To Get All Kind Of Great KnowledgeAll Kind Of Great Knowledge
  4. 4. Don’t Run Behind the Persons orDon’t Run Behind the Persons or NamesNames …
  5. 5. Don’t Catch UnnecessaryDon’t Catch Unnecessary ThingsThings And Don’t Leave ImportantAnd Don’t Leave Important ThingsThings
  6. 6. Increase Your Life’s ‘Actual’Increase Your Life’s ‘Actual’ StandardStandard And Double-Up Your Life’sAnd Double-Up Your Life’s Efficiency !Efficiency !
  7. 7. Come With A Great ScholarCome With A Great Scholar  Find It !!!Find It !!!  ……
  8. 8. A Presentation ByA Presentation By Hamid FaisalHamid Faisal © 2008 Hamid Faisal© 2008 Hamid Faisal