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Crouching Tumblr; Hidden Youth Culture. The Intro Guide to an Elusive Social Network


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With the never-ending list of social media platforms offered today you’re probably asking, "Why use Tumblr?" Many Tumblr users do consider it to be the epicenter of the Internet. Tumblr is a realm where individuality meets community, by giving users the freedom to express themselves along with their ideologies, trends and images with no restrictions.

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Crouching Tumblr; Hidden Youth Culture. The Intro Guide to an Elusive Social Network

  1. Crouching Tumblr Hidden Youth Culture
  2. Think of Tumblr as a social network and blogging platform combined into one. There are over 188 million blogs on Tumblr. Effectively reaching young consumers on Tumblr is worth consideration, especially for brands targeting the youth market. The Lesser Tapped Social Network
  3. Tumblr is among the top 20 most visited sites in the U.S. and 46% of its user base lies between the ages of 16-24. Tumblr’s 188 million blogs are dominated by youth, making Tumblr the perfect platform to interact with youth audiences if approached authentically. Young People Can’t Get Enough Tumblr
  4. If your Tumblr followers appreciate the content you’re posting, they’ll reblog it. Once a post is reblogged, other users may reblog Tumblr content for days, weeks, months or even years. Evidence of reblogging power can be seen from this post by American Apparel. Originally post- ed in 2012, the simple shot of their high-waisted cut-off denim shorts has over 30,000 notes (which include reblogs and likes) and is continuing to circulate on Tumblr. Your Content Won’t Insta-Die On Tumblr
  5. Part of Tumblr’s allure is there’s no “unspoken rule” for how many photos you can post from one event. On other photo sharing platforms like Instagram, posting 10 photos from the same event that day is a violation of etiquette. While, on Tumblr, that’s just part of the sharing experience. Where Unspoken Posting Rules Don’t Apply
  6. Unlike Facebook and other likely suspects, Tumblr allows for more freedom of expression. On Facebook, users feel vulnerable since their first name, last name, and tagged pictures are all tied to everything they post. With Tumblr, not only is it not required for users to give their first and last name, but users can create a completely made-up username. Creating a unique username on Tumblr is the first step in establishing your Tumblr identity. Anonymous Is In
  7. Sarcasm: A key component in any teens’ daily life. Sarcasm is the blood that pumps through Tumblr’s hypo- thetical veins, fueling conversation between complete strangers over any topic. Don’t You Just LOVE Sarcasm
  8. Gifs are a unique type of animated content that circulates on Tumblr. These repeating cycles of images add movement and variety to a page that catches the eye. Vans shows how much fun their event was by posting a gif. For The Love Of Gifs
  9. Enough with the business talk. Tumblr provides an online space to showcase creativity. If your brand has the ability to develop visual and artistic content, why not show it off to a new audience that you wouldn’t otherwise reach? For example, Coca-Cola appeals to Tumblr users by posting images and .gifs that use Coca-Cola products in artistic ways. Make Art Catch Attention!
  10. Show off the lifestyle and personality of your brand by posting photos from events your brand was involved with or photos that portray the lifestyle of your brand. Glamour posted a photo of the models backstage at a fashion show. Let The Lifestyle Talk
  11. Tumblr provides an outlet to connect with like-minded people. Users connect with others who share similar feelings about something as they do. For example, Fandoms on Tumblr aren’t necessarily based on the fact that people enjoy the same TV show, but rather that they share the same feelings about a TV show. Emotion Over Information
  13. Mix of original AA content + reblogs from other Tumblrs American Apparel
  14. Showcases brand personality through art Adidas Original
  15. Adidas Original New products
  16. Adidas Original And lifestyle!
  17. Sharpie DIY projects and original artwork made with Sharpie products.
  18. Sharpie Cool right?
  19. Features customer selfies, and makes hilarious gifs. Denny’s
  20. Seriously though, check out the best brand on Tumblr: Denny’s
  22. Minimal text Show more, tell less Striking visual aspect Authentic content Things You Need To Tumblr-Succeed
  23. Gifs Quotes Photography Art The Content That Makes It Happen
  24. Humor Sarcasm Inspiration Themes Your Brand Should Work With