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Adapt Or Die On Social Platforms Young People Care About


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A quick tour through key youth-centric social "worlds" and their associated languages, cultures and traditions. Helpful youth marketing insights are sprinkled in along the way.

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Adapt Or Die On Social Platforms Young People Care About

  1. 1. ll ’ A 4 ‘ , 3 l i. '_ L. ‘ i Mi“ — a ; ,.- . a l . . . l “ Q. L, " ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS YOUNG PEOPLE CARE ABOUT
  2. 2. A quick tour through various youth-centric social “worlds" and their associated languages, traditions and other cultural elements distinct to each platform. Helpful insights are sprinkled in along the way.
  3. 3. Elements tor Success 1 ‘P , s. "‘4/‘i I just like humans change their tone based on social environment * " "/0: (dance club, job interview, family picnic), so too should brands . vary expression based on social environment. Folfexaiilple Twitter [3 is conducive to wittiness and Vine brings out our silly sides. ' Audiences have expectations for the tone of content they'll ~ discover in each distinct social environment. Strategically V defining your brand tone will help you focus on which personality ‘ traits to spotlight in each platform. T ‘ "K9 s TIIIIE
  4. 4. Each platform has its own dialect, complete with nuanced vocabularies and varying degrees of informality, including some language that bypass sentences in favor of a series of hashtags and emojis, collectively conveying sentiment. Strategically defining your brand language will assist you to create messaging that resonates with each platform's digital natives.
  5. 5. EITQEIQEIIIBIIT Travel the world and you'll encounter different rituals and customs for building community and connection. Strategically define your brand engagement to help you align with the shared content rituals that exist on the different social platforms. Your engagement strategy should be a guide on how to participate within the social community's culture, as well as creating your own unique subculture.
  7. 7. WHY THEY MATTER YouTube reaches more adults ages 18 to 34 than any single cable TV network. Nearly Y0“ half of people in this age group visited YouTube between December 2013 and February 2014, according to Nielsen. It was rated by millennials as the top place to watch content, ahead of digital and TV properties like Facebook and ESPN. lnstagram has edged out Facebook and Twitter in terms of prestige among young . users. U. S. teens now describe lnstagram as "most important, " while Facebook and Ly Twitter lost ground on this measure, according to Piper laffray's twice yearly teen survey. The survey also found that 83% of U. S. teens in wealthy households were on lnstagram. And from our experience, lnstagram is the number one place tweens socialize with friends. Snapchat is the youngest social network of all. More than six out of 10 Snapchat users ‘ are in the 18-to-24 age group, compared to 28% of lnstagram users, according to a survey by Informate. Twitter has begun to lean worryingly toward male users, whereas previously it was a more gender-balanced social network. Pew found that 22% of males use Twitter, while only 15% of females do. Twitter remains the king of real-time socializing. 23% of US teens (13-17) have posted a video to Vine from a mobile device. Number of Vine loops played daily as of 8/20/14 (over 1 billion). t Active user base in the last six months grew by 120%, while Facebook’s grew by only 2%. (As of fall 2014). Sources: DMR bytralg Smith January 2. 2015 l Business lnsid er by Thiago Guimaraes December 12. 2014 I Tecl'iCruncl1 by Ingrid Lunden Norernber 25. 2014
  8. 8. YIIIITIIBE DIIITIIIIE As you know, YouTube is among the top platforms for tweens, teens and young adults, and continues to be considered on par with television, providing equally entertaining content. YouTube celebrities are the first of this new digital fame, and have become established household names. Y0uTubers have risen to fame based on the following popular content concepts: make-up tutorials, game reviews & tips, haulvideos, how-to and DlYvideos, pranks, vlogs, short form entertainment series, and many more. TONE: Entertaining, Seemingly Unrehearsed, Driven. LANGUAGE: Descriptive, Intriguing, Optimized to be Discovered. ENGAGEMENT: YouTuber/ lnfluencer Partnerships; Cross-Platform Engagement, and Episodic Content.
  9. 9. ll‘ iii Fl l M i ll l l . l: lnstagram is the visual platform for blending reality with fantasy. It's all about presenting an idyllic life: look at my awesome food; look at my view of this beautiful sunset; look at my fun BFF and all the cool people I know. lnstagram is perfect for sharing authentic brand stories and celebrating fans by making them look good amongtheirfriends. TONE: Aspirational, Style-Based, Sentimental LANGUAGE: “Captioning” Life and Hashtag- Driven 4. , . ENGAGEMENT: Showcasing Beauty, lnsiderviews, UGC Hashtag ji Campaigns
  10. 10. TWITTER GIILTIIRE Twitter is the online social networking service that provides young people a simple and fast way to share content in real-time with friends and create closer connections with brands and personalities they love (Or at least feel like they are. ) TONE: Informative, Conversational, Witty LANGUAGE: Brief And To The Point (Even When lt’s Pointless! ) ENAGEMENT: Shout Outs To Fans, Real-Time Chat, Hashtag Giveaway Contests, Q&A, Customer Service
  11. 11. ’ l l “l: ill l l l l l l pi: Vine’s looping six-second videos allow for capturing short bursts of activity or a series of start-and-stop micro-clips with a beginning, middle and end or before-and-after effect. Vine lends itself well to parody, sketch comedy, enactment of both shared universal experiences and the novel. Creativity and humor rule, and young people go to Vine primarily to laugh and or be otherwise entertained. Believe it or not, tremendous opportunities still exist for videos to "go viral". TONE: Goofy/ Silly, Punchy, Fast-paced LANGUAGE: Brief, Informal, Anything Goes ENAGEMENT: Explore Popular Hastags And Popular Culture Trends, Then Work Youth Brand Angle
  12. 12. TIIMRLR GIILTIIRE Tumblr is a social network and blogging platform combined into one, allowing young people to post multimedia and other content to it's short-form biog. Part of Tumblr’s allure is the no “unspoken ruie” for how many photos you can post from one event. On other photo sharing platforms like lnstagram, posting 10 photos from the same event that day is a violation of etiquette. While, on Tumblr, that's just part of the sharing experience. If your Tumblr followers appreciate the content you're posting, they'll repost it. Once a post is reposted, other users may repost Tumblr content for days, weeks, months or even years. TONE: Culturally-Centric LANGUAGE: Anything Goes ENGAGEMENT: The Multi-Media Hub, Meme's and GIF’s That Rock, Long-winded Stories Or Quick Captioned Images, It's All Fair Game
  13. 13. The voice is your brand’s personality. *5 , . ’ . Healthy personalities in humans and brands " I T remain stable (avoid multiple-personality 4-, . disorder! ). It is important to maintain a E “i . consistent youth-relevantvoice that A accurately represents your brand ethos and ' target audience segments, yet adapts to each social platform. Effective 1l_‘outh brands humanize their social voice, and find ways they can talk ‘, ‘neer-to-peer”
  14. 14. BRANDS TIIAT GET IT BRAND VOICE + TONE SOCIAL + DIGITAL STRATEGY FANTA Offers their community the opportunity to be in on joke, smack in the middle of the fun, through irreverent, humor driven experiences. VINE: This digital campaign was primarily geared towards young adults, so thisvine was chosen for its humor driven content which resonates with this segment. IIITTEI: The @FantaFun campaign is used to create a tone and voice for the campaign that is fun, light and memorable. The Fanta persona not only shares content and links, but also speaks *with* their followers, soliciting opinions on everything from Fanta flavors, to school and sports. IISIITAG: The Fanta Fun campaign utilized the #FantaForTheFun hashtag across Twitter and Vine as a way to track fan generated content, create buzz and relay to their community that Fanta was all about fun. The hashtag is also strategically chosen so that it makes their community look good when they use it. WHY IT WORKS AUTHENTIC: Coca-Cola/ Fanta partnered with popular and Viner influencers to create humorous digital campaign, geared towards the young adult segment. Since humor is the main driver on Vine, the videos were also shared on CollegeHumor. com which aligned with the ‘fun’ voice of the Fanta brand. These Viner influencer-d riven ‘Fanta for the Fun‘ Vines have generated more than 385,000 loops and 1,400 likes, which is 24 times the engagement of any other Fanta branded Vine videos. All AIJUT ME: The content in the Vines revolve around things that matter and resonate with young adult life (school, dating, sports, music, humor). Fanta also used Twitter to have a conversation with their community. COLLABORATION: Fanta invited their community to participate and share theirvideos using a distributed hashtag on Twitter and Vine (#FantaForTheFunrry) that made it easier for Fanta to find, re-share and celebrate the contributions of their community. IITII11DI“GIID
  15. 15. BIIAIIIIS THAT GET IT FUIIIIYORDIE TWITTER ~02 '1 Mn: -tn. -A: u. ~.. 7.. .. '. ..m A ’Ip&I 'II& Now that s an apple wovth warm»; an lure tor, IITII11DI“GIID
  16. 16. BRANDS THAT GET IT BRAND VOICE + TONE SOCIAL + DIGITAL STRATEGY TACO BELL Offers their community the opportunity to align themselves with a brand that is forever young, adventurous and cool and they reflect this persona across all their social channels. SIAPCIIT: As one of the first brands to embrace Snapchat, Taco Bell uses the platform to test new ideas, connecting with their community through humour and storytelling. A call for Snapbacks, provides co-creation avenues for fans and an opportunity to engage directly in a conversation with their community. VIIE: Taco Bell is selling the persona that they are fun, hip and cool. Vine allows them to create videos that are short, shareable and funny. Vines also allow them to highlight specific food items in a fun and creative way that drives intent to visit Taco Bell and purchase. INSTAGMM: Taco Bell uses lnstagram as a visual medium to showcase the “lifestyle” of their brand and the community---Califomia cool, surf, sun, friends and oh yeah--burritos. Highly visual, stunning photos that tell a story in one shot. WHY IT WORKS DON'T MAIKLTTO ME. BRO: The Taco Bell Snapchat campaign is all about treating teens like personal friends and not consumers. Till I A STORY: Taco Bell uses Snapchat to weave together a narrative that is often funny, ineverent and re-shareable. Whether it's Snapchat, Vine or lnstagram. the content is a like a mini-TV show---it tells a story. RELEVANCE: Taco Bell knows that if you want people to talk about your brand, you have to stay relevant. Taco Bell has leveraged youth culture events like MTV Music Awards, Kid Choice Awards and other events to show that they are ‘one of the cool kids. ‘ II1‘II11DI“GIID
  18. 18. BRANDS THAT GET IT BRAND VOICE + TONE DOSOMETHING DOTORG succeeds with young adults by using social platforms to create fun, wacky, irreverent and interactive story driven experiences IITII11DI“GIID SOCIAL + DIGITAL STRATEGY TIMER: The Obosomething Twitter voice is focused on authenticity and engagement. They also RT tweets from their community, celebrities and influencers. The end result is a Twitter feed that is fun, informatwe and not focused solely on Dosomethlng. SIS: Dosomething uses textingas a way to converse with their community and raise awareness of social causes. As an organization, they reporta 97% engagement rate using SMS. Illfliiiittilis: As an organization that urges teens to “Do Something Good” in the world, Dosornething frequently hamesses celebrity--both traditional and from the maker communities---to use their influence to get teens involved with a cause or social good campaign. SIIAKHAT: Dosomething uses Snapchat to tell stories and narratives that drive their community to interact with them. As a brand, they also issue a direct call to action via Snapbacks or cross- platform interaction on Twitter or SMS. WHY IT WORKS ll THIS TOGETHER: Dosomethingalso uses social media tell a story that drive young adults with an explicit call to action to contribute to a shared experience. Dosomething also succeeds by using social media to help young adults do good things in the world. Go WHERE Tit! ARE: DoSomething. org takes a look at the demographics at a particular social platform to see ifthere's a match. There's no point trying to engage with a young adult on Facebook, it they are all hanging out on Snapchat, lnstagram orVine. These platforms are popularwith young adults because their meddling parents arentt there--young adults rule these platforms! TALK TO ME Dosornething pushes out tons of content via Snapchat, SMS and lnstagram, but they also take time to interact and converse with their community and responds to positive/ negative feedback. Dosomething also succeeds through creative partnerships and site takeovers ASK ME. no REALU: Co-creation and feedback from youth is a key part of the Dosomething social strategy. Before they blast out content, launch a new campaign, or approve messaging they run it by their youth advisory groups to see if it feels authentic and will resonate.
  19. 19. 0- C Iworvuun BRANDS THAT GET IT DOSOMETH| NG. ORG - SITE TAKEOVER TWITTER -_-an anon. .. guy». .. A ‘ii. ’ I I K’ ’ -' . fig aihyw ere, we : - Tonight 8/7 CT RAW SEASON PREMIERE WITH IERN I’ SPRINGER
  20. 20. TAKE AWAYS TD DIE FDR Define an authentic voice that is "part of" your target audiences‘ culture — then actually speak that way Spend time immersing social and digital teams in the targeted cultures — give them more time than you anticipate When your voice and strategy is established, experiment and let your team have fun within parameters Adapt your content to each social platform and engage audiences in relevant ways — or die trying (Harsh, I know. But true. )
  22. 22. Qsttttrcttttr ttrrtruttt Snapchat is the messaging application driven by youth culture, taking the world by storm. Snapchat story tellers take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos known as "Snaps" with a set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps, after which they will be hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from Snapchat's servers. Snapchat is perfect for cultivating relationships with consumers through ridiculous, real-time storytelling in the no-adult zone. . ( TONE: 0ne-to-One/ Personable, Fun LANGUAGE: Exclusive, Limited Only To The Creativity Of Your Story ENGAGEMENT: Taking Fans Behind-the-Scenes, Celebrating Had-To-Be-There Moments, Ephemeral, Co-Creation, Content Testing