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[GAMENEXT] 소규모로 효율적인 북미시장 공략 (픽셀아모)


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작은 규모로 효율적인 북미시장 마케팅 방법
: Andrew Park (CEO)

Published in: Technology

[GAMENEXT] 소규모로 효율적인 북미시장 공략 (픽셀아모)

  1. 1. Company IntroductionLaunched GamesCard GuardiansStand Alone vs. Network Games
  2. 2. Company IntroductionPIXEL AMMO PROVIDES TOP-NOTCH GAMES WITH A FLAIR FOR FUN ANDEXCITEMENT. OUR MEMBERS HAVE BEEN IN THE SMARTPHONE APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT SINCE ITS BIRTH.• GOALPixel Ammo will be one of the leading real-time network game developers for smartphones• STAFFCurrently 15 team members, 3 board of directors, and 3 board of advisors• HISTORYPixel Ammo has developed three well-known titles for the smartphone platform• PLANPlan to launch five games in 2013 all with online real-time network play. 03
  3. 3. Launched GamesFluOrama Crazy Waxing Keri RacingLaunch Date: January 2011 Launch Date: May 2011 Launch Date: August 2012Total Users: 125,000 Total Users: 1,155,000 Total Users: 42,000Average Ratings: 4.5 stars Average Ratings: 3.5 stars Average Ratings: 5 stars Publisher: Neowiz InternetDescription: Description:FluOrama is a simple puzzle game where Crazy Waxing is a quirky puzzle game for Description:you need to trap bacteria into a designated casual gamers and devoted puzzle-lovers Keri Racing merges tycoon game play, real-area. alike. time PvP, and RPG-inspired pet raising.
  4. 4. League of Heroes: Online SCHEDULE Alpha Version October 2012 Beta Version December 2012 Release First Quarter 2013Castle TowersObjective is to destroy your Towers are stationaryenemy’s Castle before he has buildings that attack offensivea chance to destroy your heroes and minions. TowersCastle. have high HP and can beEach Castle will be located on upgraded along the way tothe extreme ends of the side improve defense.scroll map. 05
  5. 5. Card Defense SCHEDULE Alpha Version October 2012 Beta Version January 2013 Release Second Quarter 2013Soldiers CardsUse soldiers to defend the Each soldier is represented byprincesses from dragon a trading card. To use aattacks. Soldiers range from soldier you must have the100 different types including: appropriate card to fight. YouRiflemen, Gunner, Band, and can also use the cards toNurse trade amongst your friends 06
  6. 6. VideosVideosVideos can be posted on forums to spark user interestIf the press decides to write articles on your game, they will often include the videoLeague of Heroes Card Guardians 07
  7. 7. Stand-Alone vs. Network Lifecycle Stand-Alone Stand-Alone games have Stand-Alone games have a much shorter short lifecycle lifecycle than social games because of a lack of competition and cooperation with other players. Most stand-alone games cannot last more than 3 months in the top ranks unless it is updated frequently. Social Network-base games have a SOCIAL NETWORK GAME longer lifecycle Social games are able to maintain a higher ranking because playing with friends motivates users to continue playing Keri Racing will have an even longer lifecycle than other SNGs because mini-games and pet raising will keep users addicted to the farm while multiplayer racing will keep users Ranking information has been collected via AppAnnie addict to competition with other players LINK 08
  8. 8. Country Breakdown U.S. AppStore is still leading the curve U.S. dominates the market The U.S. AppStore is by far the largest market with 1/3rd of all iOS revenue. U.S. Google Play has slowly been overtaken by Asian countries but it is still the second largest market. English-speaking countries Moreover, English-speaking countries follow the U.S. market and have similar tastes in games as the U.S. Success in U.S. normally entails success in most English-speaking countries, namely North America and Europe. Asian countries do not have the same transitive property. (ie. Korea, Japan, & China ranks are completely different) 09
  9. 9. U.S. MarketingPress & BannersCross PromotionCross Promotion
  10. 10. Beta TestingSUMMARYPrior to global launch we use OBT to increaseword of mouth and obtain VoCCANADA LAUNCHInitiated during Canada launchPROCESS1. Post on Forums (Target reviewers and power bloggers)2. Find 30~50 beta testers3. Create forum4. Download game for all users5. Developer’s Questions list6. Beta testing time: 1~2 week7. Request reviewsPRIZESWinner obtains iPad 3All testers get $10 iTunes Gift Card 11
  11. 11. Press MarketingSUMMARYGive press information about our game pre-launch and on launchPRESS KIT INCLUDES:Ad Hoc buildExtra screenshotsGameplay videoExtended marketing videoReview articleREVIEWRequest reviewsIf reasonable, purchase banners 12
  12. 12. Website BannersSUMMARYPay for banners on review websitesTOUCH ARCADEHighest amount iOS usersHighest CPM rateDownside - Most likely full during time of launchPOCKETGAMER/148APPSSecond tier review websites but still well-known within the communityLOW-USER WEBSITESUsed more as a marketing gimmick to appear as popularPROS CONSIncrease press awareness Cost to download ratio is VERYUser recognition lowIncrease relationship with press High-traffic sites fully bookedMore press reviews 13
  13. 13. Cost Per InstallSUMMARYIncentivized downloadsAdvertisement revenueINCENTIVIZED DOWNLOADSOnly when our game is downloaded will we need to payGuarantees user usage of gameADVERTISEMENTSIf a user downloads another app via TapJoy on our game, then we get cashFEATURED SPOTSTapJoy featuring our game will lead to more downloadsPROS CONSDiscoverability Need initial cashReal usersOver 70% conversion rate 14
  14. 14. Cross PromotionSUMMARYPublishers with a lot of users can usecross-promotion to drive downloadsTIMELINEAfter launchTHIRD PARTYChartboost offers 3rd partycross-promotion for higheruser acquisition. 15
  15. 15. Forum MarketingSUMMARYUtilize threads to increase word of mouthUPCOMING GAMES THREADScreenshots (Slightly edited)Preview videoPreview articleNEW RELEASE THREADFully edited screenshotsRelease videoRelease articleEVENT THREADAfter Global LaunchFirst to win XXX racesFirst to add XXX friends 16
  16. 16. SNS MarketingSUMMARYUtilize Facebook/Twitter/other SNS to increase word of mouthSimilar to Forum MarketingFUNCTIONALITYTarget Facebook Fan Page (Consolidate to one channel)Twitter tweetsACTIVITY LEVELFacebook will be often updatedTwitter activity will be limited to events and updatesCUSTOMER SERVICETry and centralize customer service to Facebook and TwitterRemove personalized emailsSNS will serve as dual-purpose: (Customer service and viral marketing) 17
  17. 17. EventsSUMMARYNotify users of eventsUses e-mail from databaseTIMELINEAfter first launchPOSSIBLE EVENTSFirst to Win 100 RacesFirst to invite 50 FriendsFirst to reach level 50First to unlock all buildingsETC…PRIZESFree FeathersFree GoldFree $10 iTunes Gift Card (Only for large events) 18
  18. 18. Marketing Timeline 1 Month Prior Within 3 Months ContinuousCanada Launch Global Launch Post LaunchBETA TESTING CPI POSSIBLE EVENTSObtain Voice of Customer Shortly after launch First to Win 100 RacesSet global launch schedule If Featured, then once First to race 1,000 timesHire power-bloggers more ETC..PRESS PRESS UPDATESShow preview of the Game Full Press Kit launch Updates according to user Gameplay/Marketing Video feedbackFORUM ReleaseUpcoming Games Thread FORUM / SNSWEBSITE New Release ThreadSneak Peak BANNER All banners revealed 19
  19. 19. To DevelopersU.S. EventsAnalytics
  20. 20. Board of Directors & Advisors STEVE BYUN Board of Directors Steve J. Byun is currently a corporate transactional lawyer at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer specializing in cross-border M&A and private equity5 Roles of BoD investments. He holds a J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law and an M.B.A. from Kellogg School of Management with concentration in finance and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Freshfields, he has1) Effective leadership experience advising various clients as a foreign legal counsel at Kim & Chang and as a business consultant at KPMG Financial Advisory Services2) Strategy group. He has served as a director of Pixel Ammo since April 2011 and YOUNGMIN KIM has been instrumental in theBoard of Directors finance efforts. companys corporate3) Risk vs. initiative Youngmin is currently a lead member at GEON Investment specializing in startup incubation. He was formerly a strategic planning manager at4) Succession Neowiz Internet and has been in the Gaming/Portal/Platform industry for over 15 years. He graduated from KAIST with a Masters in Computer5) Sustainability Science and from Yonsei University with a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. JUNGSOO PARK Advisor Jungsoo Park is a Director at Madsmart, initiating and executing all aspects of M&A between SK Planet and Madsmart. He holds an M.B.A. from Kellogg School of Management specializing in IT Management, Strategy, and Finance with a Bachelor’s degree from Seoul National University. Prior to Madsmart, Jungsoo worked as a Project Manager for NHN Corp., spearheading business development to increase ARPU and total in-game revenue. 21
  21. 21. U.S. Events 22
  22. 22. PublisherWhy USER ACQUISITION DownloadsPublishers?- Large user base- Cross Promotion Revenue- Analytics- Improve ARPU- Raw data- Apple/Google ties *Anyone can use CPIs, using it wisely is from know-how 23
  23. 23. Analytics 24
  24. 24. Thank You Contact m