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Ghulam Farid cv


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Ghulam Farid cv

  1. 1. GHULAM FARID Mob (Qatar) # 0097430068699 Res (00974)44360073 Mob (Pakistan) 00923026978135 Senior Field Operator: +11YEARS EDUCATION: • Diploma of Associate Engineering in Petroleum Processing in 2003 • Bachelor of Arts (Graduation) From Bahuddin University Multan. WORK EXPERIENCES: 1. Ras Gas Qatar. (January-2011 to date) (LNG, Sales Gas, NGL, Propane and Butane Product) Mega trains. Ras Gas Company Limited (Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company III) a joint venture of Qatar Petroleum & Exxon Mobil is a world class biggest extraction, storage and exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world. The state-of-the-art processing facilities consist of condensate stabilization treatment (Merichem Process), acid gas removal and Sulfur recovery unit. Ras Laffan III is a combined plant consisting of two identical trains capable of producing 7.8 MT of LNG and 50,000 bpd of condensate. Units Handled:  Sulfur Recovery Unit(SRU)  Acid Gas Enrichment(AGE)  Tail Gas Treating(TGT)  Sulfur Solidification Unit(SSU)  Amine Treating Unit(ATU)  Sour Water Stripping  Acid Gas Removal(AGR)  Condensate Stabilization Unit Sulfur recovery Unit -668 MT/day Capacity (FOX BORO) Acid Enrichment Unit Sulfur recovery section include Reaction furnace--1307 0 C High pressure steam generation system for heat recovery Claus Reactors Sulfur condensers & seal leg system Sulfur pit for storage Sulfur, pit de-gassing system for removal of H2S Incinerator and sulfur solidification Machines Tail Gas Treatment (TGT-Section) for recovery of 5% H2S which includes, SCOT Line Heater Reactor (Co/Mo by criterion), Quencher for cooling of tail gases, SCOT absorber. Amine (MDEA) Regeneration and activated charcoal filtration system
  2. 2. Acid Gas Removal(AGR); 1763KNM3/HR(FOX BORO) The Acid Gas Removal Unit (Unit 162) is designed to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from the feed sour gas for Sales Gas production by means of chemical absorption. The process scheme selected is UOP Amine Guard TM formulated solvent system which utilizes a formulated MDEA-based solvent, UCARSOL AP-814. The treated gas is sent to Dehydration Unit The flash gas is sent to Fuel Gas System The acid gas is sent to Sulfur Recovery Unit . Condensate Stabilization Unit: 1568MMSCFD Inlet facilities is fed with sour gases, condensate and produced water separated in slug catcher. This unit separates sour gases, field condensate and sour water.Seperated gas is sent to acid gas removal unit, field condensate is stabilized by stripping out light hydrocarbons and then sent to storage unit while separated water is sent sour water tanks. 2. Pakistan. (March-2005 to Dec-2010) Pak-Arab Refinery (PARCO) is the largest Petroleum Refining complex in Pakistan which capacity is 100000 PBSD. PAK-ARAB REFINERY LTD PAKISTAN Sulfur recovery -115MT/Day containing sulfur recovery and TGT (Tail gas treating) section. Achieving 94% sulfur recovery in first section by burning 1/3 of H2S in reaction furnace. This section includes two clause reactor and three condensers and three seal legs. 6% recovery is carried out in TGT section by reducing stage via SCOT reactor. Purpose of this section is to protect environment from SOX and NOX by excess burning in INCINERATOR.Sulfur pit is provided for the liquid sulfur storage with the capacity of 350 Ton. Sulfur Solidification Unit: There are two SANDVIK ROTOFORM machines with the capacity of 06 m/hr. each. Based on steel belt technology, having a unique environment friendly process for cooling and solidification of molten sulfur. The basic principle consists of a continuously running steel belt which is cooled from the underside by spraying water through nozzles. A specially developed feeding system-the Rotoformer-deposits liquid sulfur in the form of droplets onto the steel belt. These are cooled as they run with the steel belt and discharged in the form of solid pastilles /semi spherical granules at the end of the system Amine Treating Unit- 8618 Nm3 /hr.: Sweetening of Fuel gas gathering from the refinery with DEA (di ethanol amine) and regeneration of rich amine coming from LPG & Diesel MAX unit and sending back. Sour Water SysteM-1000NM3/HR Capacity 1000 Nm3/hr of Foul Acid Gas stripping Refinery sour water rich in H2S, NH3 and CO2 are treated in sour water stripper. Foul acid gases are routed to sulfur
  3. 3. recovery section and treated water to Crude distillation unit and Effluent treatment plant Achievements: Attended Turn Around In RAS GAS March 2013 and Sept. 2012 Sulfur Recovery unit for inspection and catalyst skimming during Turn around( TA-2 )in April 18, 2007 at PARCO. Carried out Passivation and Sulfiding of SCOT Reactor Catalyst (Co/Mo by criterion), at TGT-Section of Sulfur Recovery unit for inspection and catalyst skimming. Carried out Shut down, Empty out of vessels, Steam out for Hydrocarbon freeing, Safe hand over of Equipment’s to Maintenance, Job safety analysis regarding critical jobs, Vessel entry, catalyst and packed bed material replacement, Catalystskimming,Inspection,boxup, Leak test , Pressure test, O2 freeing and safe Start-up of units as Field Operator . Dry out of furnaces (Reaction furnace, Incinerator and SCOT Line heater Furnaces Current job Responsibilities First priority is safety aspects Proposes solutions to problems on the plant & Optimizes production. Carries out daily, weekly Looks after safety aspect as a priority. Follows up shift activities, and ensures high level of safety on the plant. Permit at the site and ensure that the jobs are performed safely. Checks all running equipment, Logs Process parameters and operating procedures, and monthly routine jobs. Co-ordinates & reports to the shift reports abnormalities. Follows the standing instructions and supervisor & Unit In charge • PROFESSIONAL SAFETY COURSES  H2S / Breathing apparatus  Permit to Work System (Work Management System)  Authorized Gas Testing (AGT)  Safety Behavior Training  Gas testing  SCABA  Confined Space Entry
  4. 4.  Use of PPE’s.  Gas Mask.  Behavior Safety.  Job Safety Analysis.  Lock out and Tag out system(LOTO)  Safety Training from HSE (ERT member) PARCO Safety and Quality: ⇒ Actively participate emergency drills. ⇒ Good response in real emergency. ⇒ Practice of standards as per Process Safety Management system, etc. ⇒ Trained and authorized to issue Work Permits, including Confined Space and Hazardous chemicals release work permit. ⇒ Familiar with Fire Protections systems like Deluge systems, Fire water systems and foam systems, etc ⇒ Familiar with LOTO procedures and other safety policies ⇒ Awareness over MSDS, Mock drills, Emergency Preparedness plans, Hazardous Chemicals & fuels handling etc. PERSONAL DATA: Father’s Name: Hafiz Manzoor Hussain Pakistan ID 32303-6022835-3 Qatar ID 28558603055 Date of Birth: 03/02/1985 Nationality: Pakistani. Religion: Islam. Marital Status: Married. Passport# AN 8978352 Qatar driving license 28558603055