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ishtiaq ahmad-cv


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ishtiaq ahmad-cv

  1. 1. ISHTIAQ AHMAD ADDRESS: House No. 138-A, Satluj Block Shadman Town District Sahiwal Punjab (Pakistan). Email: Skype: Ishtiaq_mala CONTACTS: +92-300-6908148, +92-313-4556721 Res#+92-40-4556721 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objective: Self-actualization as an enthusiastic professional motivated to work in the challenging environment, with an organization, which nurtures the competencies of its members. Professional Strength: More than Eight years professional experience on land Rigs. WORK EXPERIANCE:  Working with “Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (Pakistan) and SINOPEC Kingdome of Saudi Arabia” as a “DRILLER” RIG DETAILS OGDCL RIG N-5, N-6 Type: ZJ70/4500DB IV 2000 HP VFD DRILLING RIG Manufacturer= RG Petro-machinery Group Co, Ltd China. Nominal Drilling Depth: 1. 4 ½” DP, 28m Setback 4500m - 7000m. 2. 5” DP, 28m Setback 2800m – 4500m. Draw works: Type= JC70DB II, Rating= 1470 KW (2000HP), Brake system= Hydraulic disc brake, Drilling Wire line= 1 ½”. Mast: ‘K’ Type 48m (157 ft). Substructure: Swing up type, 10.5m (34 ft) height, Area= 40’ X 44’. TDS: Type= TDS -11SA 400 HP X 2, Crown Block: TC450 Traveling Block: YC450 B Continental Emsco Rig N-1, Rig N2, Rig N4 Type= Continental Emsco diesel Electric, Depth Rating=5000 Meters with 5” D.P, Mast & Substructure= Pyramid open face cantilever type 156-6” clear height, 600 Tons Gross, 450 Tons static hook load with 12 lines, 262 Applying for: Driller
  2. 2. stands of 5” D.P racking capacity, Draw Works=C-2, type-ii 2000 H.P c/w 6032 Elmagco Brake, 1-3/8 Wire line size. Lifting capacity 40 tons with Dia 1-3/8” “single line” (Low-Low Gear). Rotary Table=Opening 27-1/2”, Rating 500 Tons. Traveling Equipment=Traveling Block RA-60-6, rating 500 Tons 6-Sheaves Dia 60”, Crown Block rating 650 Tons, 7-Sheaves Dia 60”, Swivel Model LB-650, rating 650 Tons. Mud Pumps=Tow FA-1600 Triples pumps each c/w 2 GE752R D.C Motors and 6 x 8 charging pump. One mechanical 3NB 1300C with CAT 3516.Engine & Generators=three CAT D-398- 912 H.P at 1299rpm each c/w GE752R, 600 K.W DC Generator, Two CAT model D-398, 762 H.P at 1000 rpm c/w GE752U- 600 K.W DC generator and 350 K.W AC Generator. Romanian F-125 Rig Detail Type=Romanian Mechanical Rig, Depth Rating=2800Meters using 4-1/2” D.P, Mast & Substructure=Mast ‘A’ shaped-MA-125, Height 44 Meters, Capacity 250 Tons, Floor height 4.4 Meters – Free height under Rotary Beam 3.5 Meters, Draw works=TF-20-900 H.P with 28mm Drill line and 46” Hydraulic brake, Rotary Table=Romanian MRS-205 capacity 250 Tons- Maximum rpm 300, Opening 20-1/2”. Traveling Equipment=Traveling Block MC-200-200 Tons, Crown Block Romanian GF-200- 200 Tons, Swivel Russian YB250-250 Tons, Courses:  Over view of Oil & Gas.  Introduction to petroleum industry.  Rigs & its components.  Production operations.  Introduction to MS excel.  Introduction to drilling.  H2S alive & rescue (for petroleum & process professional).  Basic surface facilities.  Basic well head instrumentation.  Introduction to pumps & valves.  Causes of corrosion and control.  Introduction to artificial lift system.  Bottom hole assembly & drill string design.  Ultra-sonic testing.  Flowing well performance.  Computer aided production engineering. Safety Courses:  IADC Well Cap from KSA Supervisor level. ( Valid Till August 2016, ID#W1043729)  First Aid  Fire fighting  H2S Presence and Rescue Driller job Perform Drilling operations, Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in drilling oil and gas wells in area consisting of one or more well sites: Directs workers to erect, dismantle, and move drilling rigs, and drilling crews in setting up different types of drilling equipments while using in drilling operations. Directs workers in mixing drilling mud and circulating mud in borehole, and in use of special drilling fluid to prevent blowout. Orders installation of control heads (Valve Devices) to control flow when well begins to produce gas or oil. As Assistant Driller  Good relation with Crew/Driller/Tool Pusher.
  3. 3.  I had been involved in drilling and work-over of different types of wells – Exploratory Deviated, Horizontal & Re-entry wells etc.  Have come across many types of well problems – Stuck pipe, Bit failure, String wash out, fishing, losses etc.  Worked in HSE sensitive situations – Oil base mud, H2S environment and heavily H2S carrying formations.  Co-ordinates with service company personals and third party equipments.  Carry out routine / and none routines safety inspections of drilling operations and rig equipments. (Pre Work safety meeting, Make Possible to every ones adopt safety, stop the job if some thing going wrong/against safe practice).  Performed operations in a safe manner and follows the company’s policies and procedures etc.  Promote use of STOP for the employees to the personnel supervision. Safety Concerns  Always work with full safety, follow & apply all HSE rules and participate in HSE program.  Plays an active part in QHSE meeting, Toolbox meetings.  Take care of preventive maintenance of all major drilling equipments.  Have good relations with all of my supervisors and work with good team spirit.  Always ready to learn new things like new tools, new methods, new safety policies etc.  Plan and keep everything ready for job with assistance provided by Tool Pusher.  Observe proper rig operating procedure and highlighting unsafe practices if some thing goes wrong during any operation on Rig. PERSONALS:  Father’s Name: Mushtaq Ahmad  Date of Birth: 15th May 1984  C.N.I.C: 36502-2701660-5  Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi.  Nationality: Pakistani  Religion: Islam  Marital Status: Married  Passport No: PC1156602 Educational: • Master in Education from Federal Urdu University Karachi. • Graduation with Arts from Bahaudin University Multan. • Diploma of Associate Engineer (Mechanical) from PBTE. Qualification: • One year training in Advance Mechanical Technologies from National fertilizer corporation institute of engineering and technologies Multan. • One year training in oil & gas from petro research and training institute Islamabad. COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE:  Short courses of Oracle & Red Hat Linux from Comsats University Pakistan sahiwal Campus.  Computer course (MS word, excel, access, auto cad) from NFCIET Multan (Pakistan) 10th March 2005 to 14th June 2005.  Auto cad from Govt. College of Technology Sahiwal. Nov, 2003. REFERENCES: Mr.Muhammad Amin Operation Manager Drilling OGDCL Pakistan.
  4. 4. +923006900631