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Experience sharing on CIP-ICT-PSP

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  • Good afternoon, Ghislain Sillaume, European project coordinator of the CVCE CVCE is an interdisciplinary research and documentation centre working on the European integration process. Active in SSH (contemporary history, European law, political science and economics) and ICT calls (Digital humanities).
  • Fact sheet of the ASSETS project 2 years -> Alignment with Europeana needs Engineering -> Big IT Italian software company Main objectives of the project: Advanced services –> e.g. Search images by similarity, ranking algorithm Enriched metadata -> e.g. Automatic classification Multimedia document -> e.g. Audio-visual material (1/2 To)
  • Engineering – ensuring the general coordination of the project Austrian Institute of Technology - ensuring the coordination of the technical work CVCE – ensuring the coordination of the provision of content, metadata and more (e.g. logs, training sets) Europeana office as a central actor of the project both contributing and providing feedback on advancement.
  • 4 services are in operation at the Europeana portal: query log analysis, metadata-based ranking, query suggestion and image similarity search The project also organise a Hackathon just before the final review: reusing ASSETS services and external tools like the JEX Eurovoc indexer for automatic classification of documents.
  • The project did work on a replicated version of the Europeana portal where he did implement, test and evaluate all the services of the project. All the source code of the project is available online using traditional development tools (version control, bug tracking…).
  • Main deliverable for the CVCE (excepting provided content and metadata) is a report that compiles the experience of the ten content providers of the project.
  • The Europeana Network is an open forum for experts across Europe that works together and share their experience: Sample of the end-user research group who thinks about sharing web analytics to have a better understanding of users behaviours and needs.
  • Europeana could be an instrument for enriching metadata and getting them back in your system. NDA: need to get a document signed by the 24 partners.
  • A European project is above all a human adventure and a team of people from different countries and fields working together as a united group.
  • Feedback on participation to CIP-ICT-PSP - ASSETS4Europeana

    1. 1. Advanced Services + Enriched Metadata + Multimedia Contents 4 EuropeanaCIP ICT PSP Workshop, Luxembourg, 30th of January 2013 - Ghislain SILLAUME, CVCE
    2. 2. The ProjectAdvanced Search Services and Enhanced TechnologicalSolutions for the European Digital LibraryBirth Date April 1ST 2010 Duration 2 yearsCo-funded by CIP CoordinatorPartners 24, including institutions from 10 different European contries and Japan, active in the field of cultural heritage and digital librariesMain Goal Improve the accessibility and usability of
    3. 3. The ConsortiumCultural Heritage & Technology Experts together
    4. 4. THE SERVICES ENRICHMENT INDEXING RETRIEVAL & RANKING Inhomogeneities Algorithms for reduction and better search metadata results enrichmentBROWSING & CHARACTERISATION COMMUNITY Improved GUI & Supporting semantic browsing management of of multimedia user generated content content DIGITAL PRESERVATION HACKATHON Risk evaluation & Encouraging coders planning for long-term to make use of access & usability of ASSETS API contents
    5. 5. THE PORTALDesign ImprovementPresentation of Search Results & PreviewPlaying Multimedia ContentUser Interfaces for the ASSETS Services
    6. 6. Best practices for content provision A report dedicated to the cultural Heritage community for further comments and updates (on request)
    7. 7. Benefits for the CVCEUse of the CVCE content for testing the development of new functionalities forEuropeana (e.g. searching images by similarity, automatic summarisation of videos).Concrete and challenging experience in the management of a European project(WP lead and participation in the board of the project).Good connexion with the Europeana Office and Europeana Network (Co-leading ofthe UGC task force, invitation to participate to some experts meetings)Reputation of the CVCE within the partners of the consortium and representativesof European Commission (organisation of the final event in Luxembourg).
    8. 8. Results for the CVCEGood overview and know-how about ASSETS and Europeana services (API),opportunity to reuse them in the next future.Enhanced know-how about the way a European project works (participation to thenegotiation of the meeting, participation to the meetings of the board, administrativeand contractual work (e.g. NDA), follow-up of an amendment of the DoW,management of issues, organization of workshops, plenary meeting and disseminationevent…Contribution to the external funding.
    9. 9. Thanks for your kind attention Find also more about ASSETS by testing some of our services onEuropeana , Europeana Thoughlab or by watching them in this video. A video of ASSETS final event is available here.
    10. 10. Thanks for your kind attention Find also more about ASSETS by testing some of our services onEuropeana , Europeana Thoughlab or by watching them in this video. A video of ASSETS final event is available here.