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Musical films


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Musical films

  1. 1. Exploring genre Musical
  2. 2. What is a musical film? A musical film has been defined as... "A film genre in which songs sung by the characters are interwoven into the narrative, sometimes accompanied by dancing. The songs usually advance the plot or develop the film's characters, though in some cases they serve merely as breaks in the storyline, often as elaborate "production numbers."
  3. 3. Genre conventions in a trailer Video was not exported from SlideRocket
  4. 4. Hairspray Song begins immediately, this tells the audience that music has a key part in the film Dancing Bright colours Fast paced American Young people/teenagers are often main characters Story is told through the musical numbers Cheery/happy mood achieved through high key lighting/close ups of smiling faces Long shots so big cast of dancers
  5. 5. Could I produce a musical film trailer? Producing a musical film trailer would be a very fun task, however, with my film trailer not being able to use any form of copyrighted music I would have to compose it myself, this may prove a challenging task as I am not musically talented. Casting this trailer would be the most challenging task in production as I would need to find not only actors, but singers/dancers as well as musicians who are willing to have their music used in my trailer.