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Evaluation question 1- magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation question 1 Magazine cover Georgi Honnor
  2. 2. Layout Emulates conventional Sight and Sound Magazine with logo and barcode/date boxes in the same place. Main image occupies right side of cover; typical not only of Sight and Sound but other magazines too Cover lines on left of cover; again typical of the genre The title relating to the main image is larger this is seen in other examples of the publication This ‘plus’ box can be recognised on other Sight and Sound magazines.
  3. 3. Evaluation of layout The layout of my magazine cover can be recognised to conform to the conventions of the Sight and Sound Magazine as well as other magazines. When compared to my research findings it can be seen that my magazine cover conforms to the folowing: • Main image occupying right side of cover • Cover lines on the left • Main line in a bolder/larger font over the image to show a link/connection • Use of Sight and Sound logos in traditional place • The ‘plus’ box appears at the bottom of the cover to portray its perhaps lower importance. This is seen in other examples of the Sight and Sound publication.
  4. 4. Font Sans-serif font is bold and easily read; typical of other titles Text underneath the title is less bold and of a different colour which can be seen in other publications when compared to my research Main title is bold and red; typical of the Sight and Sound publication I emulated the colour choices of the Sight and Sound magazine using yellow, black and red font. The yellow didn’t show up over this particular image so I created a partially transparent box.
  5. 5. Evaluation of font Again, my magazine appears to conform to conventions rather than challenge them in terms of the font used. This can be evidenced by the following points: • I use a sans-serif font • I follow the red/yellow/black colour theme • The main title is bold and red, and again sans- serif
  6. 6. Main image White horse typical of the genre Occupies the right side of the cover; conforming to conventions Woodland background again conforming to the genre; therefore conforming to conventions by being well linked to the film Girl is riding horse, with blonde hair, wearing a dress making it typical of the fantasy genre
  7. 7. Lexical choices Linking it back to my research I discovered that many film magazines use phrases such as “talks about”, speak of “the making” and frequently use names. I considered this when creating my own magazine cover and this can be evidenced where I have mentioned the “making of” as well as the phrases “talks about” and “the return of”. I have also used a lot of names, obviously they are not recognisable names due to the independent nature of my trailer.
  8. 8. Does my magazine cover conform or challenge conventions? From the features that I have analysed it would appear that my magazine cover conforms to the conventions of real media products. Although the main image is somewhat pixelated it still occupies the right side of the cover and meets genre conventions also. I follow the colour theme of the Sight and Sound publication as well as using bold sans-serif fonts. My lexical choices are typical of the lexis evidenced on the covers of other magazines whilst the overall layout again conforms to the conventions of the Sight and Sound Magazine as well as other publications.