The past simple


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English for adults, level 1

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The past simple

  1. 1. Who are they?The Jackson 5
  2. 2. The Jackson 5 The family played together from 1965 until 1989. They lived in Indiana, a town near Chicago.State of Indiana Their father worked in a steel mill.
  3. 3. The Jackson 5 1968: their first single to record a single In 1968: to California
  4. 4. The Jackson 5 Who became very famous? Michael Jackson Thriller (1982)
  5. 5. What is the rule to form the past simple (regular verbs)?Stem of the verb + -(e)dwork -> workedlove -> lovedIf verb has 1 syllable with 1 vowel and 1 consonant=> double consonantstop -> stoppedIf verb ends in consonant + -y ->iedstudy -> studied
  6. 6. How do you pronounce -ed in the past simple?1. After voiceless sounds => /t//p, /k/, /s/, / f/, voiceless /th/soundstopped, cooked, missed, coughed, washed, watched,...2. After voiced sounds => /d/b, g, v, z, m, n, l, r, voiced /th/sound and all vowelsbuzzed, moved, listened, called, played,...3. After /d/ and /t/ => /id/decided, started, waited, ...
  7. 7. /t/ /d/ /id/watched listened waitedcooked cleaned wantedwashed playedwalked useddanced studied /i:d/talked climbed
  8. 8. 1. Where did the family live?2. When did the brothers start singing together?3. Where did the father work?4. When did they record their first single?5. What sort of music did they play?6. When did they move to California?7. What did Michael love (doing)?8. When did he record thriller?~ present simple: Where do you work?Wh-word + do/does + subject + infinitiveHow do we form a question in the past simple?Wh-word + did + subject + infinitive
  9. 9. 1. The family didn’t live in New York.2. Joe didn’t work in a coal mine.3. The Jackson 5 didn’t play country and western music.4. They didn’t move to Europe in 1968.5. They didn’t record together in the 1990s6. The brothers didn’t record the album Thriller, just Michael.How do we form a negative in the past simple?Subject + didn’t + infinitive (didn’t=did not)
  10. 10. wh-questions: talking about youSPEAKING EXERCISE: pairwork:When did you learn to read? I...Where did you live 10 years ago? I...When did you retire? I...Where did you work 5 years ago? I...
  11. 11. Yes/no-questions & short answersDid you enjoy the party?-Yes, I did.-No, I didn’t.How do we form a yes/no-question in the past simple?Did + subject + infinitiveHow do we form a short answer in the past simple?Yes, subject + didNo, subject + didn’t(Grammar Reference p. 73)
  12. 12. Yes/no-questions & short answersSPEAKING EXERCISE: pairwork:Ask each other yes/no-questions about the past.Use these words to formulate your question.Example:‘enjoy, sun, last weekend’ Did you enjoy the sun last weekend?Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.‘work, a lot, yesterday’‘travel, during the Easter holidays’‘play football, last week’
  13. 13. Yes/no-questions & short answersSPEAKING EXERCISE: ‘chain conversation’Now we’ll do the same exercise in a chain.Choose a line and use the words to formulate your question.‘cook, great meal, yesterday’‘read, a newspaper, last weekend’‘do, aerobics, last week’‘go out for dinner, last Friday’‘drink a coffee, this afternoon’‘play basketball, last Wednesday’‘go to the lesson, last Tuesday’
  14. 14. LESSON 2
  15. 15. How was your weekend?‘listen to the radio, this weekend’‘watch, a good film, at home’‘shop, in Ghent, this weekend’‘cook dinner, for your friends/family’‘study English, for a few hours’‘play football, with your friends’
  16. 16. ‘relax, in your chair, all afternoon’‘clean the house, for a few hours’‘play the piano, last Saturday’‘watch your (grand)children, this weekend’‘work, in the garden, for a couple of hours’‘play cards, with your family/friends’‘dance, at a party, all night long’
  17. 17. Do you remember... THE PAST SIMPLE ?Did you enjoy your holiday?-Yes, I did!-No, I didn’t.Yes/no-question & short answersI didn’t go to the cinema.NegativeWhat did you do yesterday evening?Wh-question
  18. 18. Oprah, TV Star and BillionaireGRAMMAR SPOTFind a question with did and a negative with didn’t in the text.-What did I do?-We didn’t have much money.-The children she didn’t have in real life.Where does Oprah work?Where did her father work?Did is the past of do and does.We didn’t have much money.We use didn’t to form the negative (=did not)
  19. 19. Complete the questions about Oprah1. Where did her father work? In a coal mine.2. What did her mother do? She cleaned houses.3. Who did Oprah live with? With her grandmother.4. What did she study? Drama.5. When did she interview Michael Jackson? In 1993.6. How much did she earn last year? 260 million dollars.7. When did she open the girls’ school? In 2007.8. Did her parents earn much money? No, they didn’t.+ Complete each answer with the correct verb.
  20. 20. How do you pronounce -ed in the past simple?1. After voiceless sounds => /t/p, k, s, f, voiceless /th/soundstopped, cooked, missed, coughed, washed, watched,...2. After voiced sounds => /d/b, g, v, z, m, n, l, r, voiced /th/sound and all vowelsbuzzed, moved, listened, called, played,...3. After /d/ and /t/ => /id/decided, started, waited, ...
  21. 21. Listen and repeatMake sure you pronounce /t/, /d/ or /Id/SPEAKING EXERCISE: Walk around in the classroom. Choose one questionabout Oprah to ask 3 classmates. You can modify a question. Write youranswers down.EXAMPLE:Where did your father work?What did your father do?Where did your mother work?What did your mother do?Who did you live with?Where did you live 20 years ago?What did you study?Where did you study?....