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Types of music videos


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types and styles of music videos

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Types of music videos

  1. 1. Performance Music Videos Performance video focuses on the artist and his performance. Performance videos mainly target the “Rock” genre. The artist would be performing on the stage with his band in front of the audience. “Pop is also very commonly targeted in performance videos as it is also used as a marketing tactic where artist 'sell their identity' - self promote themselves, to their audience, Performance could also be a choreographed one. This not only creates interest but also give the artist a new identity. Performance videos are cheaper in cost, no setting is required, one only needs a suitable place for filming. Performance videos adds to another promotional scheme, they temp the fans into buying ticket for their shows. Moreover there is a chance that a lot of people would come to see their performance live. But apart from the advantages these music videos at one point could be boring and also they could lack creativity.
  2. 2. Performance Music Video Example: One example of performance based music videos could be a song (Doorie) by a Pakistani singer “Atif Aslam’’. The video however goes around with a narrative but it also has a performance going on. The video stars off with name of the main singer being announced. This was the first album by the band so it has a lot of shots of the band itself.
  3. 3. Narrative Music Videos Narrative videos are when there is a story playing in the music video. Within the narrative genre of music videos there are three different types of narratives: Illustration - this is where the narrative in the music video very closely reflects the lyrical content of the song. For example “Love Story” by Taylor Swift
  4. 4. Amplification - The narrative may be slightly influenced by the lyrical content however it uses different themes to compliment the songs 'feeling'. For Example “Don’t Kill The Magic” by Magic Disjuncture - this is where the narrative holds very little relationship to the song and it quite arbitrary meaning random. For Example“Somebody that I used to know” by Gotya
  5. 5. One of the biggest disadvantage of narrative could be that it could cost a lot to the record label to produce it. But on the other hand it could engage the audience more easily. One good example of narrative is “Love the way you lie”- Eminem The video tells a superficial narrative of an abusive relationship. The video features Dominic Monaghan, a well-known actor in the TV series Lost. Megan Fox an actress and model. Though Eminem appears time and again in this video but the narrative revolves around the couple caught in the throes of a chaotic exchange of physical and verbal abuse.
  6. 6. Concept Music Videos Concept music videos usually have no storyline and have no relation with the lyrical content of the song. The video usually has no concept, no plot to follow. It is interpretive and could have polysomic ending therefore leaving up to the audience to decide. It is usually the most remembered by the audience due to its uniqueness and creativity. Concept music videos are often Symbolic - there is often lots of symbols to build up a meaning, lots of montage of clips and images, lighten is often used to suggest a mood, pace to represent emotions and meanings, pictures often support and contradict lyrical meanings. However the biggest disadvantage of such music videos could be that sometimes as by being too random they could not simply be understood by the audience moreover by not featuring the artist in it, however the artist wouldn’t be able to promote his identity.
  7. 7. Example of Concept based music videos: “Take Care” by Drake and Rihanna is a conceptual video. In the music video we get the image of a dancer, a fish, a bird flying, a bull dodging arrows, Drake‘s body disintegrating, trees on fire, and Drake and Rihanna holding each other Though it seems abstract but it portrays what seems to be the abstract ,that every living thing is connected, and will eventually come to an end.
  8. 8. Other Types Of Music Videos Surrealistic Interpretative/ Impressionist Animation Parody/Homages Surrealistic: These music videos are very abstract, and may or may not have a relation to the music itself, the music videos are usually a blend of live footage and animation. They appear as rather a dream or a vision. Example: Lady Gaga- Bad Romance
  9. 9. Interpretative/ Impressionist: Similar to surrealistic music videos, Interpretative music videos can be abstract and may or may not have a direct relation to the music. The difference between both of them is Interpretative videos don't usually contain distorted, or un real imagery, they aren't intended to be surrealistic but rather focuses on adding a creative visual experience to the music in which viewers can interpret differently. Example: Na Re Na- Ali Azmat
  10. 10. Animation: Animation based music videos are simply partially or entirely animated music videos. This the most cheapest style music video to produce since it is entirely digital, and props, venues, cameras and other equipment aren't needed. Example: Rude Boy- Rihanna
  11. 11. Parody/Homages: Parodies are usually fan made, comedic versions of well known music videos. The lyrics are usually changed but the style and the rhythm is the same. Example: Hello Kitty- Avril Lavigne Parody parody_videogames Whereas Homages are more of a tribute, they do not change the lyrics or the style, but rather get inspiration from them and include certain elements from it.