Evaluation question 1 mise en scene


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Evaluation question 1 mise en scene

  1. 1. Evaluation question 1 Mise En Scene Georgi Honnor
  2. 2. Props The fact that the protagonist is eating an apple makes it stereotypical of the fantasy genre with poison apples appearing in other well known fairytales. Bubbles are stereotypically magical and therefore match the fantasy genre. By conforming to the conventions of fantasy it is conforming to the conventions of trailers of its type. Amelie can be seen to be holding a teddy bear, not only is that stereotypical of a young child but it could show that she requires comfort or is scared. The fact that the prop acts as a signifier for a deeper message makes it conventional as this is a technique used in many other trailers.
  3. 3. Costume The first image shows our protagonist wearing school uniform corresponding with the narrative and hence conventions as the costume should match what was going on. Conventionally there are several ‘princess’ and ‘fairy’ costumes which are expected of the genre but it must be noticed that in other films costumes can act as a signifier for a deeper message. This could be recognised in our trailer also where the red ribbon in Alice’s hair could represent danger whilst the grey shawl could show that she is lost as it is dark in colour and it isn’t something that a child would usually wear. The lack of costume in the last image where the child is barefoot could show that she is neglected. This is a message intended by the director as she is meant to be like Cinderella in this shot.
  4. 4. Lighting The blue-coloured filter used throughout the beginning half of the trailer makes the ‘normal’ at home shots appear less ordinary suggesting that there is an aspect of fantasy from the start. This avoids the whole piece feeling disjointed. It is typical of the fantasy genre. The dark lighting at night time tells the audience that it is the evening. This is a technique used in many other films so that the audience has an indication of time. The bright light at the end of the tunnel suggests a journey into a fantasy world. This is typical of the fantasy genre as well as in other trailers where they are trying to show a journey taking place.
  5. 5. Positioning of characters Many films use high angle shots to show that a character is in danger; this can be evidenced in our trailer where at the beginning we get a high angle shot of our protagonist. Film’s also use low angle shots to show that somebody is dominating or dangerous this can also be recognised in my trailer with the high angle shot of Charli used. The fact that Amelie takes up just a tiny part of the screen again makes her appear vulnerable whilst Charli takes up all of the screen making her appear more intimidating. The positioning of Alice throughout the trailer is typical of other films as she is often in the foreground of shots which establishes her importance as the protagonist.