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Ci 350 unit plan


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John Winthrop's A Model of Christian Charity.

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Ci 350 unit plan

  1. 1. John Winthrop’s, A Model of Christian Charity Gabrielle Maynard Unit Lesson Plan
  2. 2. Analyzing the Learner  Students are in the eleventh grade in a traditional High School English classroom. They range from the age of 16 to 17. There is one inclusion student who is co-taught by the special education instructor. One student is also blind, who is co-instructed by the braille specialist. Most of my students are visual learners and learn best by writing and seeing.
  3. 3. Learning Objective  Students will identify, describe, and compose the three main points of John Winthrop’s, A Model of Christian Charity with 100% percent accuracy by the end of the unit. They will complete the task by reading the text, using multi-media formats to summarize the sermon, and through the use of technology they will research a main idea in the sermon to compose a 3 to 5 page analysis of A Model of Christian Charity.
  4. 4. Day by Day 1. Introduction to early American Literature. Author’s during this time period as well as a brief overview of the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 2. Begin reading and annotating A Model of Christian Charity. 3. Break down of the first part of the sermon: Charity 4. Continue to Winthrop’s idea of Unity 5. End the break down of the sermon with Communalism 6. Begin exploring research to construct essay 7. Finish essays in the library 8. Wrap up unit with questions and turning in analysis of A Model of Christian Charity
  5. 5. Use of Technology  Use of smart board and overhead projector to display notes on Early American Literature  Use of Smart Board to project online videos and other forms of media to emphasize and expand ideas of A Model of Christian Charity.  Use of iPad mobile lab in the classroom for research for analytical paper  Use of library computers and Microsoft Word to compose analytical paper
  6. 6. Work Cited  Winthrop, John. A Model of Christian Charity. “The Norton Anthology for American Literature: Beginnings to 1820.” New York, New York 1999. Print.