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Anne Frank Lesson Plan


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Lesson Plan

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Anne Frank Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Anne Frank Created by Jennifer Garland Flat Rock Middle School ID #: 14123 Subject Area: English and Literature Grade Level: 8 Lesson Summary The life and writings of Anne Frank. Students will read the diary of Anne Frank and complete a Internet scavenger hunt from the website. Learning Objectives and Computer Functions This lesson plan uses 5 objectives. Objective 1: Students will learn about life during Nazi ocuupation. Uses The Internet to To browse the webpage Uses Other to Use the smart board to browse with students Objective 2: Students will learn about being a young adult during World War II. Uses The Internet to Looking at vidoes and information Uses Other to Use the smart board to view videos and information Objective 3: Students will look through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website and complete a savenger hunt worksheet. Uses The Internet to Go to Uses Other to Use smart board to complete worksheet Uses Word Processing to fill out worksheet using smart board and word Objective 4: Through the reading of Anne Frank's diary students will gain an understanding of how Anne Frank lived. Uses Library Catalog to Locate the Diary of Anne Frank Objective 5: Students will complete an Accelerated Reader test on the Diary of a young Girl by: Anne Frank. Uses Other to Use online Accelerated Reader program to take test
  2. 2. Problem Problem Nature The Holocaust of World War II. Problem Data given Notes on Using Data The data is located on a specific internet sight and is useable by students. Students may not modify, delete or add data. Data can be divided amoung groups and then merged. Students will save data in their M:drives located on the computer. Problem Statement What was life like during Nazi occupation in World War II. Data Manipulation Instructions The learner used computers at intermediate level Integration Strategies Students can transform the information into a overall understanding of events and day to day life during World War II. Organization Strategies Elaboration Strategies Students may embellish the ideas presented by having different opinions on the events during the Holocaust. Students are given many opportunities to express there feelings and emotions about events during the Holocaust. Results Presentation Students will complete the scavenger hunt worksheet. Students will answer each question to the best of thier ability. Students need to include information that is understandable and related to the material being used. Students will complete an Accelerated Reader test on the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Students need to score and 80 or better. Students will use the Smart Board to fill out the scavenger hunt worksheet for the class to view, so students may see a varity of answers that where found. Activities Activities Before Using the Computer Before using the computer students will review Vocabulary words that are realted to the
  3. 3. topic. Students will also discuss any previous information they may know about the Holocaust. Strategies to develop students' attitudes towards the problem, motivation, and overall mindfulness: Before using the computers students will discuss with the class what information they have about the Holocaust and what questions they may have. Activities While Using the Computer Students will work at the computer groups Group Information: Students will be in groups of two. One students will be in charge of writting the information and one student will be in charge of presenting the infromation to the class. Both students will be equally responsible for locating the information. Activities After Using the Computer After using the computers students can discuss what new information they have learned. Students will share what new information with the class. Supporting Activities Students will be reading Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank. Assessment Students will be assessed by means of: • Performance • Presentation • Test Included in the assessment: The scavenger Worksheet, class presentation,Vocabulary test, Accelerated Reader test. NTeQ Home | Lesson Planner Home Questions or comments? Copyright ©2001 by
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