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TCFD Demo Webinar March 10 Asia, Europe & North America



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TCFD Demo Webinar March 10 Asia, Europe & North America

  1. 1. GRESB TCFD Alignment Report March 10, 2022
  2. 2. GRESB TCFD Alignment Report TCFD Recap 2
  3. 3. Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures 3 TCFD Recap
  4. 4. Recommendations and Supporting Recommended Disclosures 4 TCFD Recap Source: GRESB, based on TCFD, 2017.
  5. 5. GRESB TCFD Alignment Report Overview 5
  6. 6. What is it? The GRESB TCFD Alignment Report helps GRESB participants tackle their TCFD challenges by using information from GRESB Assessments to assess and build their climate-related processes and disclosures in line with TCFD recommendations. 1. Gap analysis: Identify areas of potential improvement related to TCFD 2. Benchmarking: See how your TCFD alignment compares to peers 3. Investor engagement: Easily show how aligned you are with TCFD expectations, the coverage of your climate-related risk processes, and year-over-year progress 6 Alignment Report
  7. 7. Relationship to the GRESB Assessments The report pulls existing information from GRESB Assessments to show how aligned an entity is with TCFD requirements, providing a clear foundation for TCFD reporting efforts. GRESB TCFD Alignment Methodology GRESB Assessments 7 Alignment Report
  8. 8. Where TCFD reporting is becoming a requirement 8 Alignment Report Source: TCFD, 2022.
  9. 9. GRESB TCFD Alignment Report Insights 9
  10. 10. The TCFD Alignment Level is primarily composed of the reported existence and coverage of persons, risks and processes relating to the four TCFD core elements. Alignment Level 10 Report Insights
  11. 11. See a top-level overview of your progress against TCFD expectations. Scorecard and Breakdowns • TCFD Alignment Level • Core Element Alignment • Recommended Disclosure Alignment • Climate-related Risk Process Focus 11 Report Insights
  12. 12. Infrastructure Guidance per Recommended Disclosure and underlying Considerations Guidance for All Sectors From the TCFD Annex: Implementing the Recommendations of the TCFD GRESB Guidance How specific Assessment responses can (or should not) be used to address the “Guidance for All Sectors” 12 Report Insights
  13. 13. Alignment Methodology Document 13 Report Insights
  14. 14. GRESB TCFD Alignment Report Logistics 14
  15. 15. Pricing If you subscribe before October 2022, you will receive BOTH: ● the 2021 TCFD Alignment Report and ● the 2022 TCFD Alignment Report 2022 2023+ 1500 EUR 2500 EUR (expected) Annual Subscription per entity 15 Logistics
  16. 16. Launch ● Launch planned for Q2 ● Potential for earlier accessibility ● Register your interest for early access at 16 Logistics
  17. 17. Low on Burden - High on Insight The TCFD Alignment Report: ● Uses asset-level data drawn from the GRESB Assessments ○ No additional reporting needed ● Assesses your alignment of climate-risk processes, covering all 11 disclosures recommended by the TCFD ○ Get actionable insights for improvement ● Provides a benchmark of how you are managing climate-related issues ○ Learn from what your peers are doing ● Offers a stakeholder reporting and engagement tool ○ Promote your alignment to investors and other stakeholders 17 Conclusions
  18. 18. Thank you For more information, please contact us at 18