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Test Cases - Benefits Derived


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Published in: Software
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Test Cases - Benefits Derived

  1. 1. Test Cases Benefits derived, may equal value added (depending on context)
  2. 2. WhatTest Cases Are Not • Testing (just by themselves) • Absolute (they are correct, right now, but) • A replacement for testing
  3. 3. WhatTest Cases Are (not all inclusive) • A scenario a person can use during exploratory testing • A Case for an actualTest • A verification of something that is known (true or false) • Representation of a specific system state (from which to start testing from)
  4. 4. Benefits Derived fromTest Cases? • Context dependent • Product Documentation • Requirements Gathering / Refinement • Training and on-boarding
  5. 5. Product Documentation • Test Cases mimic real world usage scenarios • Step by step for user manuals • Content for a level 2 support or customer knowledge base • Handbooks for training • Electronic format > easy to publish, edit, share, distribute
  6. 6. Requirements Refinement (clarification) • How well do we understand what we are building? • Expressed via detailed test cases can bring clarity • Gives opportunity for others to expand (explore) what is already there • Can influence design or implementation decisions when available early enough
  7. 7. • Benefits mostly from Product Documentation • All departments can benefit • Cross training opportunity • Electronic format > easy to arrange into volumes Training
  8. 8. Value fromTest Cases? Product Documentation • Time / money saved (no / less technical writer needed) • Improved customer satisfaction (accurate User Manuals stand out) • A knowledge base can bring improved efficiency in communication flows • More knowledgeable staff on the company’s product
  9. 9. Value fromTest Cases? Requirements Gathering / Refinement • Shift testing as far left as possible • Detail test cases can drive development towards building the right product • Improvement in collaboration towards building the right product • Saves money on re-work
  10. 10. Value fromTest Cases? Training and on-boarding • In todays competitive market (from the employer perspective) it is in the company’s best interest to properly on-board and subsequently train its new and current employees.
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