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201306 The Enterprise of the Future. IT perspective


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201306 The Enterprise of the Future. IT perspective

  1. 1. *HCL ConfidentialVenu Lambu, Vice President and Head of Continental EuropeHCL Technologies Ltd
  2. 2. *HCL ConfidentialSIX Forces Disrupting IT Consumption and Delivery Models2  Laissez Faire Adoption- “Let Do” Approach  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to Work  End-users are demanding greater choice and flexibility to access informationanytime, any where, and from any-device.Consumerization of IT2 Mobile devices & Micro apps Surge in Business Use (both employee & enterprise liable) of smart-phone. Micro app explosion will increasingly make mobile devices the new work-platform of choice 88 of the companies on the Fortune 100 list are either testing or deploying applications on theiPhoneVirtualization & Cloud3 Increased adoption of virtualization technologies to implement Anytime, Anywhere access. Virtualization market to reach 50 million users by 2013 and generate $65.7 billion in revenueGreen IT Green initiatives gain momentum across the globe Caring about carbon footprint and cost Power/Cost optimization especially in data center4
  3. 3. *HCL ConfidentialSIX Forces Disrupting IT Consumption and Delivery Models35 Rise of Open Source Surge in Business Use (both employee & enterprise liable) of smart-phone. Micro app explosion will increasingly make mobile devices the new work-platform of choice 88 of the companies on the Fortune 100 list are either testing or deploying applications on theiPhoneSocial Networking Trends6 New models to reach IT/ Creation of IT communities of interests by connecting with the rightpeople through Micro sites. Evolution of Self Help into End User Portal (Enterprise Application Store) for automatedprovisioning of applications/other servicesNew Generation workforce Driving the Way Technology is being used at workplacesWhat Organizational cultures, structures, leadership styles and technology enablement are needed to get the bestfrom this workforce?Young at heart, Technology Savvy, Confident & Goal orientedGlobally Distributed, Cross-cultural, CollaborativeHealthy disregard for traditional lines of command and hierarchies
  4. 4. *HCL ConfidentialEnterprise of the Future : The Shift to the New WorldComponentsCollaborationSupportDesktopAppsDataNetworkComputeTraditionalPhysicalOnsiteDeviceInstalledDistributedCorporateDatacenterFutureVirtualOn-LineServiceOn-DemandFollow-MePublicHybrid (Cloud + Datacenter)4
  5. 5. *HCL ConfidentialVirtual Desktop Infra or Server Based ComputingCommon ServicesDirectory Services, File Storage, Print, Data Backup, Identity & Access Mgmt, Virtual Desktop and Profile VirtualizationEnd Point ManagementAsset Mgmt, Patching, Audit/Compliance, SW Packg, Distrbn, Publishing, Streaming and OS Imaging & deploymentEnd Point ProtectionAnti-virus/malware, Personal FW, HDD Encryption, Email Encryption/Spam Filter and Access Control/Privilege MgmtProductivity ApplicationsEmail, Office, Doc sharing, Workflows, IM, Web-conf, Unified Messaging, Self-help KB, Password Reset, ServiceRequest/Support portal & App storeLOB ApplicationsCompatibility , Remediation for Physical or Virtual Applications including Client, Office and Web AppsWindows 7 OS Windows 7 OSHosted PC Internet Browser, Server Based Computing / VDI ClientWindows XP/7 Embedded OSWindows XP/7 orMacAndroid/IOSDesktop PCHWLaptop PC HardwareThin Client PCHWEmployee owneddevicesSmart Phone/TabletsCurrent HCL EUC ServicePortfolioTraditional Model•  Emerging Model to support mobileusers•  Connected thro’ Corp LAN/WANand Internet•  Local device to support highercapacity and client hypervisor•  Devices typically used to support taskbased worker•  Connected thro’ corporate LAN/WAN•  Apps published & presented thro’SBC/Citrix or VDICorporate End User Devices•  Emerging Models to support mobile,remote and home users•  Connected thro’ Internet Broad Band or3G•  Apps published & presented thro’ SBC/Citrix or VDIBring Your Own DevicesPoint of View : Enterprise of the Future•  Currently, servicesare deployed locallyat customernetwork & managedremotely by HCL•  Potentially theseservices can beconsumed overinternet or thro’SAAS•  One size does notfit all users•  Currently, servicescan be deployedlocally at customernetwork and/orconsumed overinternet•  SAAS Players areemerging•  Traditionally allLOBapplications arelocally installedon the devices•  Current Trend:Most of theproductivityapplicationsbecomingSAAS/CloudenabledDriving factors such as security, availability, flexibility & agility introduces new delivery methods. Example: Office 365, Google AppsCompatibility On-DemandVDI and SBC used to protect data moving outside Corp networkTask UserOffice UserMobile User
  6. 6. *HCL ConfidentialFrom Service Provider to Service Aggregator6PhysicalServersMulti Tenant Virtualized Network and Security3- Tier Virtualized Storage and BackupApplicationSpecificArchitectureVirtualFarmEnterprise Apps like IU4SAPPrivateCloudHCL IaaS+HCL MyDashboard (Visibility & Reporting)HCL MyCloud (Next Gen Data Center Lifecycle Management)Orchestration, Identity Management, Governance Risk & Compliance, Service Management, Metering/chargeback,ApprovalsHCL MTaaS (Monitoring & Management)Public CloudsIaaSEnt Grade Whole SaleGradePaaSSaaS
  7. 7. *HCL ConfidentialAre we managing the expectations well? – the “Reincarnate” CIO7Technology LeaderCURRENTSTATERTBTheme COSTBUSINESS RELEVANCEFUTURE STATEAGILITY REVENUEBACK OFFICE FRONT OFFICEBUSINESSMODELCOMPETITVEADVANTAGELOW HIGH7Revenue InfluenceInnovation OHeterogeneousRisk OfficerCost Takeout AgentRevenue InfluencerHuman Resource OfficerData Analytics OfficerInnovation OfficerM&A InfluencerBusiness Strategy LeaderVast Conflicting
  9. 9. *HCL Confidential9Thank youFor more information, please