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SPS Geneva - Agenda

This is the agenda of the SPS Geneva 2018 - 6th December 2018

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SPS Geneva - Agenda

  1. 1. #SPSGeneva Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 9.00-9.30 Registration 9.30-10.00 KeyNote 10.00-10.45 We are moving to the cloud, what about security Arjan Cornelissen Get Productive with Azure Search David Hollembaek Extend Dynamics 365 with CDS and PowerApps Giorgio Agreda - Marco Farina 10.45-11.15 Coffee Break 11.15-11.45 One Step Beyond Enforce traceability and customer engagement by integrating Blockchain and Smart Contract with your business app and collaboration tools Hugo Pain Dotx42 SharePoint and Document Automation Johannes Linder - Zlatan Zametica Barracuda Secure your journey to Office 365 Antoine Donze 11.45-12.30 Rocking the collaboration experience in Office365: The good, bad and ugly for your Digital Workplace Gokan Ozcifci Azure Information Protection Albert Hoitingh Building a real-time news feed and toast notifications on SharePoint with SPFx and webhooks Guliano De Luca 12.30-13.30 Lunch 13.30-14.15 Leverage your PnP SharePoint development wisely: build PnP Candy packages Rodrigo Pinto Modern site and Teams provisioning across a Bot, SharePoint Framework, Azure Function and Microsoft Flow Giuliano De Luca What's New in SharePoint 2019 Gokan Ozcifci 14.15-14.45 Evolusys Beezy - Your Intelligent Workplace Tiago Duarte Nintex IPA = Intelligent Present Automation: Powering Christmas with the Nintex Platform Cosima Von Kries AvePoint “Resistance is Futile” - GO TEAMS! Roberto Delgado 14.45-15.15 Coffee Break 15.15-16.00 Office 365 under siege: your attack vs. defense themed checklist for better security Albert Hoitingh - Ben Menesi Use the "PnP SharePoint Starter Kit" to create your Intranet in a box Fabio Franzini World 4.0: How Dynamics and Azure can help in Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0 Alessandro Graps 16.00-17.00 Closing, Q&A, and Raffle 17.00-18.00 SharePint AGENDA
  2. 2. #SPSGeneva BREAKOUT SESSIONS (10.00-10.45) ARJAN CORNELISSEN WE ARE MOVING TO THE CLOUD, WHAT ABOUT SECURITY You just got your Office 365 subscription, but how to get your employees known in Office 365. We will start with a brief overview of your options and then dive into Azure AD Connect. Here we go thru the options for setting up the SSO for your company. After the basic setup, we take a moment on the issues you can encounter during and after the setup. How to get ahead of these issues before they show up. We also go thru more complex scenarios like multiple AD forests and synchronizing back to On-premises. We are not only looking at the synchronization but also to the security aspects. After this session, you have in-depth knowledge of selecting the configuration for your organization and make your employees happy in Office 365. DAVID LOUIS HOLLEMBAEK GET PRODUCTIVE WITH AZURE SEARCH GIORGIO AGREDA/MARCO FARINA EXTEND DYNAMICS 365 WITH CDS AND POWERAPPS Dynamics 365 allows you to extend the functionality through Common Data Service and Power Apps, in this session we will see how it is possible to easily integrate/extend custom applications within Dynamics365 or create their own applications based on the Dynamics365 data model. We will explore next features and possibilities of this amazing tools. Get familiar with Azure Search and see it applied in a real- world geo-search app solution. Search functionality is must-have in any application and Azure Search provides a cost-effective way to deliver great functionality, fast. In this session we will review common Search patterns then walk through using Azure Search to provide geo- search service in a live consumer App and compare the costs to traditional deployments on-premises.
  3. 3. #SPSGeneva SPONSOR SESSIONS (11.15-11.45) HUGO PAIN ENFORCE TRACEABILITY AND CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT BY INTEGRATING BLOCKCHAIN AND SMART CONTRACT WITH YOUR BUSINESS APP AND COLLABORATION TOOLS JOHANNES LINDER - ZLATAN ZAMETICA SHAREPOINT AND DOCUMENT AUTOMATION ANTOINE DONZÉ SECURE YOUR JOURNEY TO OFFICE 365 Moving to O365 means that you have to take extra care around security of your mail flow and protection of your data. Barracuda has a global vision on how to secure your O365 tenant. Barracuda Essentials helps you secure your O365 tenant by providing state-of-the-art protection of your mail communication, fulfills compliance and e-discovery aspects for your mails and in addition provides backup for all your data (Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Online) without storage challenges. To run real live business processes from SharePoint Online (or on Premise) you often need to create Microsoft Office or PDF documents automatically. In this session, you will get an overview of the technical options you have when it comes to document automation with SharePoint, including the pros and cons as well as best practices. From the factory to the customer, in this scenario, we will show how Azure Kubernetes and Hyperledger can be leverage to add a traceability & trust layer in the organization ecosystem by using blockchain technologies. We will also demonstrate how this platform can be integrated with Office 365 and Dynamics 365.
  4. 4. #SPSGeneva BREAKOUT SESSIONS (11.45-12.30) GOKAN OZCIFCI ROCKING THE COLLABORATION EXPERIENCE IN OFFICE365: THE GOOD, BAD AND UGLY FOR YOUR DIGITAL WORKPLACE Office 365 is becoming more and more indispensable for all kind of companies. Moving to Office 365 comes with multiple key benefits and key features like Groups, Microsoft Teams, Flow and/or PowerApps. Everybody’s focal points are on the benefits: Generate greater productivity with Office 365, Access from anywhere with Office 365, Robust security… But the drawbacks are being omitted. In this session you'll see advantages of all new stack like Flow, PowerApps, Teams but also the drawbacks and/or lack of "modern experiences" in Office365. This session focalizes on all interested parties who might be interested in the whole Office365 suit. Microsoft Office 365 provides a broad array of collaboration capabilities enabling you to cloud-accelerate your on-premises deployments. Learn more about the capabilities in Office 365 and how to best implement them in to your organization. ALBERT HOITINGH AZURE INFORMATION PROTECTION GIULIANO DE LUCA BUILDING A REAL-TIME NEWS FEED AND TOAST NOTIFICATIONS ON SHAREPOINT WITH SPFX AND WEBHOOKS Keep informed the end user with new communications by displaying toast notifications and news feed. In this session, we will explore the SharePoint webhooks and how to build the solution leveraging the capabilities of Node js We live in a world where information is readily available and can be shared with a simply press of a button. Protecting intellectual property in this modern world is getting harder and harder for organizations. There are stories abound of employees simply copying files to an USB-stick or storing them on a personal web storage platform (Dropbox, OneDrive, you name them) or attaching documents to an email and mailing it to a personal account. It shouldn’t be any surprise that data leakage prevention and dealing with sensitive information is very important to many enterprises. Microsoft is investing heavily in technologies to support prevention and protection. In this session Albert will talk about Azure Information Protection – the solution for classification and protection of (sensitive) content and enabling message encryption. I will show these platform in action, will share best-practises, including the AzureIP scanner and conditional access, and pitfalls to avoid when implementing this platform.
  5. 5. #SPSGeneva BREAKOUT SESSIONS (13.30-14.15) RODRIGO PINTO LEVERAGE YOUR PNP SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT WISELY: BUILD PNP CANDY PACKAGES If you’re developing in SharePoint, you probably heard about SharePoint PnP Libraries and all the awesomeness beneath this joint venture between Microsoft and the Community: there's well documented examples, cool provision extensible engines, PowerShell, Spfx and a bunch of other shiny assets we can use, customize, enhance to empower our solutions.It’s time to take a step back and look how can we leverage all of what we've built and start to industrializingproductizing your PnP assets.The result? Patterns and Practices packages: self-contained Candy PnP assets delivered as corporate packages to well know multinational companies GIULIANO DE LUCA MODERN SITE AND TEAMS PROVISIONING ACROSS A BOT, SHAREPOINT FRAMEWORK, AZURE FUNCTION AND MICROSOFT FLOW GOKAN OZCIFCI WHAT'S NEW IN SHAREPOINT 2019? The new version of SharePoint Server 2019 is here and has some major improvements and new assets for your organisation. Join me in this session that will cover the new features, functionalities and advantages coming with the new version. Patterns, deployments techniques and real-world experiences are also part of this session to understand how and when to implement SharePoint 2019 and/or leverage a robust hybrid scenario with Microsoft Office 365. Imagine the scenario where a user is able through a Team site, Communication site, Teams, Skype, Cortana and so on, requests to a Bot the creation of a SharePoint site or a new Microsoft Team. In this session will analyze how to build a Bot, Azure functions, and Microsoft Flow in order to create and automate the provisioning process and we'll go deeper in the solution architecture.
  6. 6. #SPSGeneva SPONSOR SESSIONS (14.15-14.45) TIAGO DUARTE BEEZY - YOUR INTELLIGENT WORKPLACE COSIMA VON KRIES IPA = INTELLIGENT PRESENT AUTOMATION: POWERING CHRISTMAS WITH THE NINTEX PLATFORM ROBERTO DELGADO “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE” - GO TEAMS! There is no doubt that Microsoft has made Skype for Business slightly redundant with the launch of Microsoft Teams. Which is right for you? When should you make the transition? How much risk is associated with it? Timing and execution can play a critical role in launching Microsoft Teams. Learn how to implement and configure Microsoft Teams as part of a cohesive digital strategy appropriate for your organization while avoiding the most frequent pitfalls. From Elf-driven Purchase Orders, to QR Code Reindeer Checks, to Mobile Festive Forms fueled by Santa’s Workshop Workflows, join Cosima von Kries at SPS Geneva and discover how even the most sophisticated of processes can be managed, automated and optimised with the Nintex Platform. Digital transformation is driving a massive shift in enterprise applications where employees demand the same digital experience in their workplace, as the one they have in their home. Improving productivity and supporting engagement are not just empty concepts, but key strategic goals for the modern digital workplace. The problem is that most enterprise intranets fail to deliver what people want and need to get their work done. Beezy is an enterprise solution that combines collaboration, communication, knowledge and processes, all in a single product that fits right on top of your Office 365 platform. It delivers corporate information to the right audiences while keeping them engaged, it can capture knowledge as people get their work done then re- surfaces it at the right time and in the right place.
  7. 7. #SPSGeneva BREAKOUT SESSIONS (15.15-16.00) ALBERT HOITINGH - BEN MENESI OFFICE 365 UNDER SIEGE: YOUR ATTACK VS. DEFENSE THEMED CHECKLIST FOR BETTER SECURITY This is not a game: your Office 365 tenant is being targeted by malicious attackers every day. Learn about hardening your security posture from these two industry experts—an ethical hacker, and a security solutions architect—through practical attack & defense scenarios from the field. You'll learn about sophisticated spear-phishing attacks, modern methods used by attackers to gather intel, brute- force passwords, and potential ways threat actors gain footholds in cloud IT environments. We'll cover the defensive measures and security capabilities available to your organization to prevent, monitor, and thwart these attacks. Through a number of best (and worst) practices from customers, you'll walk away with a solid understanding of how to configure and best utilize the latest & greatest in Office 365 security and thereby stay ahead of the security game. FABIO FRANZINI USE THE "PNP SHAREPOINT STARTER KIT" TO CREATE YOUR INTRANET IN A BOX ALESSANDRO GRAPS WORLD 4.0: HOW DYNAMICS AND AZURE CAN HELP IN INDUSTRY 4.0 AND FARMING 4.0 In this session I would like to talk how to use Dynamics and Azure in Industry 4.0 and Farming 4.0. How can we manage and check our machinery in real time and our Farm. Every intranet project has things in common with all other projects and custom functionalities to be implemented for that single project. In this session we will explore the "PnP SharePoint Starter Kit" and we'll see what it offers and how to use it in creating an intranet project, taking advantage of the work already done by the PnP team in terms of architecture and the components that have already been made. We will also see some real world examples of customization compared to the original Starter Kit.
  8. 8. #SPSGeneva A Huge “Thank You!” To Our Sponsors …