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Tuna: Elect the Perfect Protein Catch [INFOGRAPHIC]


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To celebrate this campaign season, we're sharing campaign posters for some of our favorite nutrient-powered foods. Take a look at our second candidate- tuna fish - to check out its vitamins, protein, and Omega-3s!

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Tuna: Elect the Perfect Protein Catch [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Nutritious, delicious, 8 convenient, Tuna can be your solution. The candidate partners with all sides of aisle, from salads to sandwiches to casseroles. Get to know this plucky upstart on the campaign trail. . ... . ; The number of minutes r you have to prepare a I nutritious meal? Don't | i fret. Tuna is there. g I lffnj r: r fl _ 4 / l~; ;5lTZ. ‘.L‘frP’’1’; i'J§+l' 1 mi ‘“r’_r“. _r. .e-t ; "'l. :l_ri l r Versatile and easy as an Long s_helf—1ife without on—the—go healthful source of refrigeration, whether its in a protein pouch or a can! BLOOD ‘ _ _, TYPE I t W/1‘ _kFiF tiztiil lttfl Lin“? r to u y Air F{%f, l - -': ‘x FLJ/ rf. Y“lF ' ‘C H’: I V ‘- ‘ . dam, Vajw A ‘t. A dealt, ua/ we Selenium M Vitamin B12 An antioxidant that for your metabolism, protects against cell red blood cells, and damage nervous system A r-‘' A ‘ 5 ’ . ‘ icy ' ‘I : _. J. or _ W Protein pgitfiirie for strong for healthy skin. muscles 8 weight hair, 8 management cardiovascular functions ‘*‘per serving PERFECT RUNNING MATES ' How to pair this candidate for nutrition , . victory! PLATl: '—FREl: ' SALAD ('-, .TT. “_ Pour ready—made salad greens 8 dressing into a tuna pouch. Scoop with whole grain crackers for a portable, protein packed lunch FANTASTIC FAJTTAS Mix with salsa 8 brown rice, heat, 8 add to fajita—style veggies for a nutritious dinner option foodinsightorg