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Industrial ppt

  1. 1. Introduction Owner- SUNIL BHARTI MITTAL Bharti airtel formerly known as bharti tele-venture limited is JV between SINGTEL AND BHARTI telecom India’s largest cellular service provider Known for its services First cellular operator to set up cellular show rooms ‘airtel connect’ First cellular company to install a second mobile switching center.
  2. 2. Earlier Brand logo The Airtel logo is a strong, contemporary and confident symbol for a brand that is always ahead of the rest. The Airtel image style- it incorporates two solids, red rectangular form creates an open doorway. The Airtel typographical style- the title case lettering with its letter ’A’ was deliberately chosen to reinforce the brands leadership position. The red dot on the letter form I cues Airtel focus on innovation. The word express yourself is very much part of the brand identity. The Airtel color palette- the lettering is grey so that the pure black of Airtel is purely unharmed.
  3. 3. New brand logo New logo is the letter a in lowercase, with ‘airtel written in lowercase under the logo. New identity underlines Airtels willingness to embrace everything that is new. The logo type is modern, vibrant and friendly and signals our resolution to be accessible to our customers and stakeholders. And the lowercase is our recognition for humility. The red colour, which is an integral part of the brand, continues to represent heritage, energy and passion. The new curved and the gentle highlight almost gives the impression of a living object; at the same time, it represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy, brings us closer to consumers and is a symbol which will help ensure instant recognition across diverse international markets."
  4. 4. Segmentation, targeting andpositioning Its comprises three stages processes;1. We first determine which kind of consumer exists.2. Select which ones we are best off trying to serve and finally3. Implementing our segmentation by optimizing our product/services for that segment and communicating that we have made the choice to distinguish ourselves that way.
  5. 5. segmentation On the basis of geography divide indian market into telecom services Subdivide stated into category of A, B and C.
  6. 6. Targeting Earlier elite class of above age group 25 yrs. Corporate people and business man Again targeted youth by introducing YOUTOPIA plan Targeted women and senior citizens by introducing post paid plan.
  7. 7. Positioning “We positioned Airtel as an inspirational and lifestyle brand, in a way that trivialized the price in the mind of the consumer. It was pitched not merely as a mobile service, but as something that gave him a badge value.” said by Henmant schdev, chief marketing officer(mobility) and director, bharti tele- venture.
  8. 8. positioning“power to keep in touch” year 1995-98SIGNIFICANCE- the tag line power to keep in touch used in brand promise was designed to make the user feel ‘ in control-powerful’. Positioned in the premium category aimed at elite class of society. Perception of aspirational and lifestyle brand.REASON FOR CHANGE- now, cellular service operator could drop their prices and target new customers segments. As the category developed with prices going down sharply, airtel began talking to a wider spectrum of potential user. This gives the birth to the new tagline.
  9. 9. Repositioning “Touch tomorrow”- yr 1998-2001SIGNIFICANCE- AIRTEL started talking to the new segments by positively positioning and establishing itself as a brand that improved the quality of life. New look and the feel of the brand tagline indicated the core values of brand i.e. leadership, performance and dynamism.REASON FOR CHANGE- Airtel started to look from a regional level to plan India position. Rediffusion DY&R, which is the ad agency that took charge of revamping Airtel’s brand image thought, to become an Indian leader, Airtel need to change its tagline.
  10. 10. Repositioning “Live every moment”- yr 2002-2003SIGNIFICANCE- this was the first time A.R. REHMAN has agreed to work for any brand, anywhere in the world. The music from the commercial became the most downloaded ringtone in the history of telecommunications. Tagline denotes that each and every person in India live every moment(emotions, feelings etc.) of the life with airtel.REASON FOR CHANGE- Rediffusion DY&R, which is the ad agency that took charge of revamping Airtel’s brand image again change the tagline to give better tagline to Airtel which catches some emotional appeal.
  11. 11. repositioning “EXPRESS YOURSELF” – yr. 2003-2008 SIGNIFICANCE- express yourself was successfully launched talking the ownership of the entire space of communication and strengthening the emotional bond Airtel enjoys with its customer. Airtel is the market leader in cellular network and they wanted a very fresh and contemporary idea to build a brand image which their customer could identify.
  12. 12. Signature tune(A.R.REHMAN)  This tune used for brand recall ability.  It was the most popular tune among the people.  People hear this tune and immediately associates with the brand.  It was the most downloaded ringtone in India.  Recently they came up with a campaign “ her ek friend jruri hota hai”.
  13. 13. Umbrella branding
  14. 14. Conclusion Most successful brand in India with largest market share. Success is based on three pillars- connectivity, affordability and innovation. The core is connectivity i.e. network. Doesn’t promote its product only by celebrities. Prepaid services are more expensive than postpaid services.