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Brand management Aircel


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A brief report on the brand Aircel

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Brand management Aircel

  1. 1. Aircel IndiaLaunchAircel commenced operations in 1999 and became the leading mobile operator in Tamil Naduwithin 18 months. In December 2003, it launched commercially in Chennai and quicklyestablished itself as a market leader.Aircel began outward expansion in 2005 and met with unprecedented success in the Easternfrontier circles. It emerged as a major telecom service provider in Assam and in the NorthEastern provinces within 18 months of operations. Now, the company is providing services inall the 23 telecom circles in India including Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam, North East, Orissa,Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), Maharashtra & Goa , Mumbai, Haryana , MadhyaPradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan.Product Offerings:Aircel, a late entrant into the extremely competitive Indian telecom sector, adopted innovationas its key branding strategy. The company focused on multi-functionality of a mobile phone andoffered fresh networks, simplified tariff plans and good Value Added Services (VAS) to thesubscribers. It offers services which are trendy and are fancied by the youth. Aircel has movedbeyond voice services and dived into the VAS space.The product and services of Aircel in India may be primarily divided into following categories: Voice Messaging Data Devices Aircel Mobile ConnectNow these services can again be categorized into two segments on the basis of realization ofthe price from the customer. Pre-paid Post-paidThe mobile operator tried to increase its market share by offering competitive tariff plans andVAS offerings like location-based services & phone banking to attract subscribers in metros.Prateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  2. 2. Competition:The major telecom players in India are: Airtel Vodafone Aircel BSNL Reliance Idea Tata Indicom MTNL Virgin Mobile UninorAircel was a late entrant in the Indian market in the telecom sector and it had to offer a goodproduct with substantial differentiation from the products offered by the competitors in themarket to thrive and succeed.Understanding the customer:Aircel has always targeted the youth of India. India is the largest youth market in the world withhalf the population falling in the youth category. That offered a vast growth potential as India isalso one of the world’s fastest growing consumer and advertising market.Aircel has always engaged with the youth in innovative ways offering them a variety ofproducts and services, be it pocket internet, the Aircel pocket applications, INQ – the first socialPrateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  3. 3. mobile, Aircel Unlimited Dialler Tunes etc. Over half of the total population of India comprisesof youth a large percentage of them are using mobile networks. Therefore, targeting the youthis a strategic move and a profitable way to interact, connect and entertain the youth.Understanding the environment:Indias telecommunication network is the third largest in the world on the basis of its customerbase and it has one of the lowest tariffs in the world enabled by the hyper-competition in itsmarket. Major sectors of the Indian telecommunication industry are telephony, internet andbroadcasting. Indian government has always been liberal when it came to the Telecomindustry. Telecom is one of the most developed industries in India. The Telecom business isregulated by the independent regulatory body called Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI). TRAI was established in 1997 by the government of India. The new Telecom Policy, 1999makes sure of availability of affordable and effective communications for the citizens.Branding Positioning:Position is a process in which a company tries to create an image or an identity of the companyin the minds of the customers. Aircel has positioned itself on the future of telephony - data play. The services offered by Aircel are loaded with value-added applications. It offers services that the youth craves for. Aircel is now working with a lot of content aggregators such as Yahoo and Makemytrip. They are looking to rope in more partners to help them position better in the VAS space. Aircel wants to offer a platform for innovation, so, are encouraging new and out-of-the-box ideas. The core values of the Aircel brand were Simplicity and Creativity. In 2009, Aircel came up with innovative advertising and marketing campaigns. The brand communicated with customers through simple, thoughtful ads. It positioned itself around the tagline, Explore Your World of Possibilities, and targeted youth across multiple segments.Prateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  4. 4. Aircel was also associated with the Indian Premier league (IPL), as the official sponsor of the Chennai Super Kings team. It had initially roped in Indian Cricket Captain M.S. Dhoni for advertisements and branding. M.S Dhoni is a youth icon and that’s how Aircel tried to capture the youth through its brand ambassador. The Aircel wi fi TVCs recently aired were trendy, exciting, creates excitement regarding the product which is the ‘need of the hour – Internet on the go’. Aircel also came up with an ad campaign called ‘Save our Tigers’. This was a drive to increase the awareness about the decreasing population of the Indian national animal and thus make its contribution towards social responsibility or CSR.This also gives the image of being sensitive and concernedto the brand.Prateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  5. 5. Aircel has been developing a lot of innovative and trendy products based on the positioning of the brand. The ads campaign targeted towards the youth created a lot of buzz among the youth.Brand personality:Brand personality is the way a brand communicates and behaves. It means personifying thebrand, giving it human traits and characteristics to achieve differentiation and create a –connect or a bond with the customers, something that a customer can identify themselveswith.These traits are observed in the audio-visual communication of the brand to the targetaudience. Let us see a few illustrations of how the brand personality is seen in the TVCommercials of the brand: Youthful M.S. Dhoni, who is considered a youth icon, was chosen as the brand ambassador to portray the youthfulness in the brand. It shows that the brand is targeted towards the youth and the products offered are what the young really want and crave for. Exciting Again, M.S. Dhoni being the brand ambassador was a strategic move. Dhoni’s batting is exciting, innovative and consistent and that’s what the brand stands for. The TV ads clearly portray that the brand stands for innovation and provides exciting products and provides a consistent and stable network. Trendy The products like 3G, internet wi fi are trendy. Internet and connectivity on the go are the need of the hour. What the trend among the youth is to stay connected to the Internet 24x7 and that’s what Aircel provides to the customers. Sensitive The ‘Save our Tiger’ campaign shows that the brand is sensitive towards the environment and grave issues in front of us and makes efforts to improve on the existing conditions. Brand Identity: The visible elements of a brand such: The Logo Brand name Tag line are a few elements that together identify and distinguish the brand in consumer’s mind form brand identity.Prateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  6. 6. The Logo The stripes in the Logo stand for Simplicity, Creativity and Trustworthiness whereas the colours stand for vibrancy and youthfulness. The Name – Aircel The name means Air – Cellular which signifies sturdy network and connectivity. Aircel was the second Telecom provider to have their presence in all the 23 Telecom circles in India to live up to what their name stands. Tagline The tagline for the company is ‘Explore your world of possibilities’ signifies innovation and creativity which go well with the logo as well as the principles the company is based on.Brand AwarenessBrand awareness means the familiarity of the customers towards the products offered by thebrand and its availability. Brand awareness includes both brand recognition and recall. A brand ambassador as popular and iconic as M.S. Dhoni was chosen to have an impact on customers mind. He was the T20 world cup winning captain then and now his image as the most successful captain is also helping the brand after the successful World cup Campaign in 2011. TVCs were aired strategically on various TV channels like sports channels when there were cricket tournaments were being played and other channels during prime time to improve on brand awareness and recognition. Ad campaigns on internet websites like and other ads were used along with ads on radio channels and print media like newspapers, magazines The company also invested heavily on POP marketing such glow sign boards and danglers and hoardings during the initial ad campaigns to improve brand visibility.Prateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C
  7. 7. SWOT:Strengths: Weakness: 1. 5th largest GSM service provider in 1. Profitability is decreasing India 2. Lack of advertising 2. Network presence in all 23 telecom 3. Low brand visibility circles in India 3. Subscriber base of over 50 million 4. Market share of 12%Opportunity: Threats: 1. Fast expanding cellular market 1. A large number of competitors 2. Untapped rural market 2. Saturation point in basic Telephony 3. Latest technology service 4. Value added services 3. Mobile number portabilityPrateek Sikka 2011140 Section – C