Friends and Relationship


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Friends and Relationship

  1. 1. Friends And Relationship
  2. 2. Who Are Friends ?
  3. 3. What Is Friendship ?
  4. 4. Friendship • Friendship, is the strange thing, We find ourselves telling our secrets, feelings and the details of our life to the person we met accidentally. • We usually don’t tell these things to our family members but we share something's with our friends • But sometimes we make friendship with our (Parents or siblings) and share all the details of life with him or her.
  5. 5. What is Relationship?
  6. 6. Relationship The easiest way of explaining this is; • Friendship is a relationship • Relationship between two people • Communication, sharing details of life and talking informally • All these things creates a relationship • Which is called Friendship
  7. 7. Pillars Of Friendship
  8. 8. Pillars Of Friendship Pillars Of Friendship Mutual Caring Shared Activity
  9. 9. Pillars Of Friendship • Mutual Caring: is that the friends each care about the other, and do so for her sake; in effect, this is to say that the friends must each love the other. • Shared Activity Or Feelings: When you engage in certain kind of activity with the person you call your friend.
  10. 10. Nature of Friendship
  11. 11. Nature of Friendship Friendship essentially involves a distinctive kind of concern for your friend. What kind of Concern that be ?
  12. 12. Nature of Friendship • Kindness • Care • Have someone to share details of life. • Love (Could be the love which we possess for our parents as a friend) • To have a Fulfilled, Same attitude and caring attitude person for yourself What o you want to add in it ?
  13. 13. Stages Of Development
  14. 14. Nature of Friendship • Friendships grow in time from one stage to another, until two people become closer and closer. There are 6 Stages Of Development Acquaintance Mentor Online Friend Friend Good Friend Best Friends
  15. 15. Stages Of Development Acquaintance: An acquaintance is often called someone you "know in passing" and means that you may see and interact with the individual on an occasional or even regular basis Mentor: Mentors are people who share their knowledge and experience with us. They could be our friends or our teachers who are often friendly.
  16. 16. Stages Of Development Online Friend: Online friends, or people that you know solely through the Internet in some way (forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can enhance your life in many ways. Online friends can feel as if they are "always there" because you interact with them through the Internet Friend: Someone who you have a personal relationship with (you've spend time together and bonded) can be considered a friend.
  17. 17. Stages Of Development Good Friend: A good friend is someone you would consider part of your inner circle. These are people who know the most about your life. Best Friend: Best friends can be referred to as BFFs, buddies, or even "besties." These are people who you are very close to, and who you spend a great deal of time with. They are the first person you call when you're excited, hurt, or just want to chat.
  18. 18. Culture and friendship
  19. 19. Culture and friendship Does Culture really effects your friendship and relationship ? If Yes How? If No How?
  20. 20. Culture and friendship Multiculturalism “Different people from different cultures.”
  21. 21. Culture and friendship •The main advantage of having friends from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures is that it promotes multiculturalism within individuals. •It teaches one to accept differences and to build an understanding that no religion or culture is better than the other but that each has its unique features. •We grow up learning about our culture and the practices that are specific to that culture and make friends.
  22. 22. Culture and friendship •It is only when we make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds that we learn about the other cultures and the specific practices. And lastly, It builds up our Interpersonal skills.
  23. 23. Gender And Friendship
  24. 24. Gender And Friendship Is really genders matter while making friends ? Yes! It differs culture to culture.
  25. 25. Gender And Friendship There are three types of friends Boys (Same Gender) Girls (Same Gender) Boys and Girls (Opposite Gender)
  26. 26. Gender And Friendship In our culture Females are rarely make some Male friends. Why ?
  27. 27. Gender And Friendship Why European Females are more likely to have a Male friends ? Why ?
  28. 28. Gender And Friendship “It’s just because of Culture differences.” And we have to overcome this obstacle
  29. 29. Gender And Friendship What do you think how we can overcome this obstacle ? By introducing Multiculturalism.
  30. 30. Gender And Friendship Multiculturalism is not about adopting different cultures its also about the rules and regulations between opposite gender.• Defines the space between two people (i.e. No touching with opposite gender etc) • Defines how to behave with someone, specially with opposite gender. • Circle differences • And being an extrovert (Actually, Extroversion is a rule of interpersonal skills) to communicate with people and tell them how you think about them.
  31. 31. Questions & Comments
  32. 32. Thank You