Celebrity culture


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Celebrity culture

  1. 1. Present Day Celebrity Culture Joseph Quevedo
  2. 2. Thesis/Introductionelebrity culture is a huge part of American Society, it doesn’t matterwho you are, you can’t deny that you are not interested in whatcelebrities are up to.
  3. 3. Why are Celebrities Highly sought after in Today’s Society?n today’s time, everyone is interested about celebrities’ latest breakups, what clothingthey wear, where they go out on the weekends, and the products they are using. The listcan go on forever.hy do we idolize these “gods”? Why do we care about people we never have metbefore?ell, it is pretty easy. One of the reasons is that celebrities are so wealthy. Many people inour society idolize the worth of a celebrity. As a whole, we are so interested in thelavish life these celebrities lead (mansions, foreign cars, shopping sprees, yachts, etc). Ifone goes on the website, www.celebritynetworth.com, one can see any celebrity’s networth.
  4. 4. continuednother reason why society is attracted to celebrities is that their life is moreinteresting than the average person’s life. Some people tend to escape from theirreality to see what their favorite celebrity is doing, hence why celebrity blogs likeTMZ are viewed thousands and thousands of times a day and even have theirown TV show dedicated to just celebrity gossip.
  5. 5. continuedeeing drama in other people’s lives, especially celebrities’, is a form of entertainment.People in society like to watch the downward spiral of celebrities. Whenever a celebritydivorces, uses drugs or alcohol, cheats, or has economic problems in their life, this newsspreads like wildfire, more so than even real news. For example, there was even aMaury-like TV show, the Trisha Goddard show that dedicated a whole episode on thefather of Lindsey Lohan, Mike Lohan, getting a paternity test to see if his mistress’sdaughter was his. Everyone loves to see this type of drama.
  6. 6. technology is essential in celebrity culture.ow more than ever, society gets to gossip and find news about celebrities viasocial networking sites like Twitter and Instagram with just a click of a button.ith Twitter, people get to see what certain celebrities are doing; with Instagram,a photo-like version of twitter, people can get to see pictures of what acelebrity is doing.From these sites, celebrities can stay connected with their fans. On rareoccasions, some celebrities tweet back to their fans like on twitter.
  7. 7. continuedTechnology can be also be a curse, since there are so many websites,people can create rumors which can ultimately ruin a celebrity’sreputation.here is such a thing where celebrities get into fights with othercelebrities on twitter. Society obsesses over this to the max, peoplelove to see how crazy celebrities really are. One of this year’s culpritof twitter fights is Donald Trump.
  8. 8. The Paparazzi is obsessed with getting that one picturehe paparazzi is completely obsessed with getting that one picture, they will doanything, even if it causes danger.or example, back in January, a twenty nine year old paparazzi was killed aftertrying to photograph Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari, an on coming car killed him.nother example is the death of Princess Diana. In essence, the reason for herdeath was because of a car crash that the paparazzi caused. The harsh flash fromthe paparazzis camera blinded the driver.
  9. 9. Continuedhe paparazzi can wait for hours outside of stores, celebrities’ homes, etc., waitingfor a celebrity.he paparazzi could make thousands of dollars on one picture if its scandalousenough, which they then will sell to magazines to publish a story.hen people hear about these scandals, the magazines make so much profit fromit because many people want to be updated on celebrities and their misfortunes.
  10. 10. News Channels and Newspapershows like the Today Show and Good Morning America harbormany gossip stories of today’s celebrities. These shows were madeto talk about worldly events but now this has changed.Major newspapers like the New York Times and the NY Postprint cover stories of not just huge current events anymore, butthe misfortunes of Celebrities. Page 6 in the New York Post is the“bible” of celebrity gossip.
  11. 11. Celebrity Worship Syndromees, there is such a thing…elebrity worship syndrome is when a person becomes overly obsessedwith a celebrity; their life is affected whenever a celebrity doessomething.
  12. 12. Continuedome indicators of Celebrity Worship Syndrome:A person may feel a special bond with a celebrity or believe that their life isaffected by whatever happens to their favorite celebrity” (thenational.ae).“A person may experience uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies regardingtheir favorite celebrity. They feel angry and frustrated if the star does notrespond to messages or calls” (thenational.ae).
  13. 13. Another psychological aspect that celebrity culture has on Society ome people even go to the extent of looking like their favorite celebrity. This can cause psychological problems because these people aren’t comfortable with the way they look so they get surgery. They aren’t fixing their low self-esteem problem, just burying it. lso, if one types celebrity makeover, or celebrity tutorials on YouTube, one can find thousands upon thousands of videos.
  14. 14. TV Channels & New “Celebrities”V channels like TLC, E! Network and Bravo capitalize off of random crazypeople who they manufacture into celebrities to gain ratings. These peoplebecome instant stars.or example, on TLC, one of the most popular name in 2012/2013 is “HoneyBoo Boo”. Overnight she rose to stardom for being no one, just a crazyoutspoken child. The list can go on and on for many up and coming“celebrities” just like her. She is a testament to the fact that people enjoywatching other people’s misfortunes and the craziness in other people’s lives.
  15. 15. Conclusiont is safe to say that our Society has a unhealthy relationship with obsessingwith Celebrities. Many people believe that America’s obsession withcelebrities and fame gives our country a bad reputation versus others.Anywhere you go nowadays, one will hear the latest drama of thesecelebrities. Celebrity Culture and societies obsession with it is verydamaging to our society.
  16. 16. he movie trailer for Sellebrity:ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_qcOuE50Ioaparazzi Video:risha Goddard show on Michael Lohan:oney Boo Boo:ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9nbhzKaqvA