2 2-manufacture and industry task force jesper thestrup


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The FInES Cluster Taskforce on Manufacture and Industry
Status, activites and plans
Jesper Thestrup
The ebbits project

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2 2-manufacture and industry task force jesper thestrup

  1. 1. The FInES Cluster Taskforce onManufacture and Industry Status, activites and plans FInES Cluster Meeting 12 October 2012 Jesper Thestrup The ebbits project
  2. 2. Items to be presented…  Task for objectives  Achievements  Key issues  Future directions and plans10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  3. 3. Industry Background  There are more than 20 million enterprises in the European Union  but only 0.2 % are large enterprises!!  Two thirds of all jobs are in SMEs  one third is provided by large enterprises  Most of the research undertaken at the European level has an underrepresentation of industrial participation and a noticeable weak representation of SMEs  Only 18% of FP6 funding was attributed to industry10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  4. 4. Some challenges & solutions  Challenges facing European Manufacturing Industry  The Product-Service System – ”Servitization” of products and ”Productization” of services  Life-cycle management  Sustainable production, energy management, EOL  Sustainable business models and value identification  ICT Opportunities for European Manufacturing Industry  FI as a Universal Business Ecosystem  FI technologies for network interoperability  Internet of Thíngs (and Services)  Cloud technologies and service interoperability  Manufacturing enterprise interoperability, the digital enterprise, FoF  Value networks and dynamic value constallations10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  5. 5. Taskforce Objectives  Stakeholder Engagement  Actively seek to engage the stakeholders through interaction with national business communities and European level organisations.  Attract and engage individual performers (opinion leaders, innovation clusters, pilot owners, living labs)  Demonstration and pilot preparation  Align demonstration activities performed by one or jointly by several projects  Dissemination Activities  Publishing of information material in form relevant to industry  Organise conference events, workshops, etc  Co-organise European events with the theme of Future Internet and Enterprise Systems, Internet of People, Things and Services etc.10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  6. 6. Implementation until 10/12  Stakeholder Engagement  Identify business communities in Member States and prepared introduction paper for visits  Alignment with EFFRA / ActionPlanT on the subject of roadmaps  Interaction with Interop-V on the subject of 2020 Vision for Manufacturing Enterprise Interoperability (MEI)  Mobilisation  Support from organisations to liase with the Taskforce (ongoing)  FInES workshop organised in Denmark on 9 May 2012  FIA event to be organised in Denmark on 10 May 2012  General dissemination  Participation at the ActionPlanT stand at CeBIT march 2012 (ebbits)  Establish collaboration tools  Wiki – including transfer to FInES wiki  RSS feeds to project websites10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  7. 7. Visitors at CeBIT March 201210 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  8. 8. Fines workshop FIA May 2012 281 viewshttp://webcast.in-jet.dk/site/player/pl_v6_compact.php?a=80038&t=0&m=wms&l=da_DK#10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  9. 9. FIA sesson 10th May 2012 “IoT applications and business models” Organised by Philippe Cousin (Probe-IT) Man- Sze Li et. al. 1. Presentations of IoT activities and challenges through mainly the IoT forum, 2. Show cases event allowing projects to present IoT application success stories, development and business model 3. Panel session to debate few questions prepared in advance10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  10. 10. Stakeholder engagement10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  11. 11. Contributors to Taskforce10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  12. 12. Key Issues for our Taskforce  Stakeholder engagement  Need more activities at national and regional level  Need to meet industry and SMEs at their playing field  Dissemination  Make our message more explicit and clear to stakeholders  Participate in more events as a cluster  Cluster activities  Better coordination of activities  More visibility as EU/EC activity10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  13. 13. Future activities  Plan messages for industry and SMEs on key topics  Engage stakeholders through European, national and regional events  Focus on Horizon 2020 and Enterprise Systems  Identify larger European events for dissemination of solutions  Further alignment with EFFRA / ActionPlanT / Interop-V roadmaps  Coordination among FInES Cluster members / projects  Fill in the stakeholder identification for your country  Suggest activites and European events10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting
  14. 14. Contact  Manufacture and Industry  Website wiki  http://twiki.in-jet.dk/twiki/bin/view/FInES/WebHome  The ebbits project  www.ebbits-project.eu  Taskforce leader  Jesper Thestrup  In-JeT ApS  jth@in-jet.dk10 October 2012 FInES Cluster Meeting