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Networking at major events

08   Monthly news for Network partners April 2010

News in Brief

Power Networking at major events
08     Monthly news for Network partners April 2010

           Success story

08      Monthly news for Network partners April 2010

The Network in the United Kingdom

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La publicación multimedia Conexión Europa de Grupo SODERCAN en NetLife


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La publicación multimedia Conexión Europa de Grupo SODERCAN en NetLife

  1. 1. Networking at major events Bright future for solar mapping l i fe The Network in the United Kingdom 08 Monthly news for Network partners April 2010 In Focus Beating the idea thieves iStock photo The business world can be as cut-throat as Blackbeard's high seas. Through the IPeuropAware initiative, Network partners can educate SMEs about why they should protect their intellectual property (IP) from piracy – and how to do it. To many enTrepreneurs, Ip comes rights (including patents for inventions, emailed answers to all queries within across as an obscure legal concept that trademarks for industrial design and three working days. Luxinnovation has does not concern them. In reality, it is geographical indications) and copyright also organised local trainings on Ip in Fp7 something no sme can afford to ignore (for literary works, photographs and with the participation of Ipr Helpdesk if it is to remain competitive. architectural plans). “Within the network, experts. separately, Luxinnovation has Generally speaking, Ip refers to all as we work mainly with innovative teamed up with the Technology Watch creations of the human mind that smes and research organisations, our Centre and the government intellectual can be legally protected. Ip rights are main concern is industrial property,” property office to create a joint Ip referral usually divided into industrial property says Vaclav Suchy, senior network service. manager with Technology Centre as @EACI Cr in prague. To alert Czech smes about integrating Yassen Todorov Ip into their business strategies, the Reporting, Monitoring centre works with the national patent and Evaluation, Unit 4 office as part of the eu’s Ipeuropaware In 2008, Luxinnovation organised a Yassen's job is all about attention to detail. He project. Launched in 2007, it combines conference on counterfeiting with eIC is responsible for monitoring Network partners two existing initiatives under one Trier and other network partners under in the UK, Ireland and his native Bulgaria, umbrella: a web portal created by Ipeuropaware. The speakers included ensuring they are fulfilling the terms of their work programmes. “I'm looking forward to national patent and trademark offices Ip enforcement experts from the eu- visiting the partners in the coming months with tools and information about their funded China Ipr sme Helpdesk. “most and actually meeting the people behind the services; and Ipr Helpdesk, a free online smes are not aware about the problem contracts,” he says. Yassen did similar work advice service and training mechanism of counterfeiting,” says Luxinnovation at the European Business & Innovation Centre for Ip issues in eu-funded research project manager Frédéric Melchior. (BIC) Network, where he ensured that the BIC projects. “even when you protect an innovation, label was only given to organisations that met In the Czech republic, the Technology you must guard against others making the requirements. Born in Copenhagen, Yassen Centre and the national patent unlawful copies.” grew up in Sofia and studied economics and office have co-hosted seminars on Ip international development in Strasbourg. The enforcement, and visited local textile Get in touch avid skier just spent Easter in Bulgaria with factories to raise their awareness about family, and enjoyed the Orthodox tradition of Ip and assess individual needs. Vaclav Suchy cracking red-painted eggs. “It’s like a game,” meanwhile in Luxembourg, the he explains. “You have to try to break your national agency for Innovation and Frédéric Melchior opponent's eggs.“ The trick is to spot the egg research (Luxinnovation) – among other frederic.melchior@ with the strongest shell – an easy task for network participants in Ipeuropaware – someone with Yassen's eye for detail. regularly refers clients (beneficiaries of For job profiles of all EACI staff see: or applicants to eu funded programmes) i More information Intranet > Who's who > EACI and DG ENTR to the Ipr Helpdesk, which guarantees 1 New!
  2. 2. 08 Monthly news for Network partners April 2010 life News in Brief Power Networking at major events Network Partners and the EACI were working shoulder to shoulder at two significant European events in March, to promote the Network and help SMEs. THe enTerprIse europe network ”This is the greatest combined flexed its muscles at the CEBIT number of colleagues organising any technology fair in Hanover, Germany network event,” says Nancy Smith, last month, with 27 partners bringing business consultant at WTsH GbmH in 377 companies from 46 countries Kiel, which organised the event with together for the Future match 2010 fellow partners Leibniz universität brokerage forum. Hannover. ”some 60 colleagues validated profiles and 531 collaboration Tip of the Month profiles were registered for 1,359 meetings.” The eaCI promoted the Partners joining forces at Future Match Eligibility of costs for company network next to the Future match missions to non-EU countries forum, attracting some 6,000 people to its stand. The network also showed Planning to organise a company mission its green credentials in march, or attend a brokerage event in a non-EU holding a workshop and a stand at country? Claiming travel expenses is a European Sustainable Energy Week cinch – as long as you know the rules and in Brussels. organised by the agency the eligible countries! and the Intelligent energy sector Partners’ travel costs can be claimed for missions Group, the workshop, ”From research to EU-27 countries and the eight “Article 4” to market: how can smes maximise countries associated to the Competitiveness and their opportunities in the field of Innovation Framework Progamme (CIP). energy?”, was attended by more than By contrast, missions to “Article 21.5” countries are only eligible if carried out in 70 participants. Hundreds of companies, 'Going for brokering' collaboration with the local network partner or if sustainable energy week was not stated explicitly in the partner’s Work Programme. only a Brussels affair, though. events In either case, SMEs or any other clients must were held by network partners all always cover their own travel costs. “Organising a across europe, including one on mission outside the EU is easy if you have reliable renewable energy in Kielce, south-east partners there,” says Rimantė Šniuolytė, poland. The seminar was run by partner Network foreign relations manager at the staropolska Chamber of Industry and Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Commerce, and focused on renewable Crafts in Lithuania. Last year, she accompanied energy and sources of financing for three SMEs and represented three others at the such projects. ”This event showed that “Russia-Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers“ renewable energy is not an easy way to matchmaking fair in Moscow. “Our travel costs create the future of power engineering, were eligible because the event was organised but it is important for environmental Hustle and bustle in Brussels by the Russian consortium, Gate2RuBIN,” says and economic reasons,” says network Rimante, “who, by the way, did an excellent job.” Director Dorota Tekieli-Bisińska. “Article 4 countries“: Croatia, fYRoM, Iceland, Get in touch Israel, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Turkey. “Article 21.5 countries“: Armenia, Bosnia and Nancy Smith Herzegovina, Chile, China, Egypt, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Syria, USA. Dorota Tekieli-Bisińska Get in touch Rimantė Šniuolytė i More information rimante.sniuolyte Listening intently at a workshop in Kielce, Poland 2 New!
  3. 3. 08 Monthly news for Network partners April 2010 life Success story Bright future for solar mapping German Researchers have taken to the skies in a bid to find which buildings can be easily powered by the sun. Thanks to the Network, the idea has spread to Austria, where an entrepreneur is using it to carry out solar analyses for new clients. Pointing lasers where the sun does shine THe 'sun-area' researCH project uses adviser Svenja Knüppe helped to computers to detect which buildings write a technology profile for the BBs the initial bill for the solar mapping, local in an area can best take advantage of database. authorities – as well as residents and solar power. Developed by researchers Within only two months, an expression companies – can then decide whether at the university of applied sciences in of interest came from long-time austrian to invest in photovoltaic energy.“ Given osnabrück, Germany, it is supported by network client Günther Gleixner, the potential environmental benefits, eu structural Funds. whose Graz-based sme Grintec GmbH it’s a win-win situation for everybody,” From a plane with an on-board specialises in software solutions for says Gabriele. camera, researchers use special laser power supply and telecommunications. scanners to calculate each roof’s angle, “The BBs technology database is an Get in touch alignment and the shadows cast by its effective multiplier,” says svenja. In Svenja Knüppe chimney. The result is a detailed map, austria, Gleixner received the profile pinpointing the solar potential of all from Gabriele Schmied, network residential, commercial and public project manager with the steirische buildings. “once we finished the project, Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft, also Gabriele Schmied the next step was to find a commercial in Graz. application,” says Dorothea Ludwig, head Following a June 2009 cooperation of the sun-area north research team. agreement, Grintec is now preparing Submit your success stories she contacted the network, which has solar maps for south Tyrol, Italy and a FirstClass > Conferences > Network Daily a branch at the same university. project handful of austrian regions. after footing > Network Forum > Success stories Good practice  Magazine cuts straight to the click Grupo Sodercan, the Network partner in Santander, Spain, uses an interactive electronic magazine to promote the Network to SMEs in the region. The multimedia format includes high-quality photos and videos. current european affairs. The latest issue positive feedback, and Ignacio says includes an article about Ce marking , that several have even become network sme Week and a profile of staff member clients after reading the publication. raquel manzanares. Ignacio believes the newsletter, which all articles are planned and written was nominated for the network's Best by Ignacio and mar martin in sodercan’s practice awards last year, can easily be Brussels office, who adapt and translate adapted across the network: “anyone material published on the european who wants to know more about our Commission website and elsewhere, experience is welcome to contact us.” Blowing away the paperwork while Juan Carlos ruiz coordinates ConexIón europa Goes out to 300 multimedia content. articles on Get in touch organisations – including 250 smes ‘hot topics,’ roughly one in three, are Ignacio Abaitua – every three months. “Companies accompanied by a video, produced by Fernández-Escárzaga are flooded with paperwork, so we an external communications agency. decided to create a different, user- each text also contains a web link. friendly format,” explains Ignacio While the electronic newsletter is i More information Abaitua Fernández-Escárzaga, more expensive to produce than a sodercan’s network coordinator. The print version, Ignacio notes that the online magazine is full of short, snappy investment is worth it. “We are online, Submit your good practices articles, about everything from new so we can reach a lot of people beyond FirstClass > Conferences > Network Daily legislation to project calls to events and our subscribers.” readers have given > Network Forum > Good practice 3 New!
  4. 4. 08 Monthly news for Network partners April 2010 life The Network in the United Kingdom Speaking with one voice The Enterprise Europe Network in the United Kingdom puts a strong emphasis on cooperation between its 11 regional consortia representing 30 business development organisations. Partners share best practices and ideas, and often co-sponsor events. “earLy on We recognised the need to says Louise Fisher, a Liverpool-based work together at national level despite network advisor with Business Link our regional differences to provide northwest. “similarly, we are always smes with the best services possible,” willing to offer assistance to colleagues explains Caroline Gray-Stephens, head when required.” iStock photo of enterprise europe network scotland For example, a network staff and the uK country coordinator. member monika matyastikova, a priority sme sectors vary by region, network business advice expert at the Whatever the accent, the UK Network's voice is heard from financial services in London to London Chamber of Commerce and new media in yorkshire and Humber to Industry, will soon give Business Link join forces to co-organise brokerage and biotech in the midlands. at national level, northwest West information officers a other events, drawing on each partner’s information technology, life sciences refresher course on import and export strengths and expertise. and energy are equally important. “The procedures. British partners also often Besides the intra-uK cooperation, challenge for uK consortia is to operate the network works closely with its and collaborate at a national level Get in touch counterpart in Ireland, driven by the fact while retaining their strong regional Caroline Gray-Stephens that many companies take advantage focus,” says Caroline. In practice, this Caroline.Gray-Stephens of easy transport routes and a common means each consortium concentrates language to expand across the border. on its priority sectors, while working This cooperation is reflected in Louise Fisher with colleagues in other regions when Louise.Fisher a working group of uK and Ireland needed. network managers and a joint marketing “I know that if my region is lacking in and communication group, explains a particular skill or area of knowledge, i More information Caroline. “We can only be strong if we I can call upon colleagues across the uK UK and Ireland Network portal: speak with one voice, both nationally for almost instant advice and support,” and cross-border.” Pick of the programmes Communication Tools Eco-Innovation: New call for green projects Mapping our success Learn about the new 2010 call for eco-innovation Want to show potential clients how powerful the Network really is? Then products, services and technologies at the display a new poster illustrating a European network with a global reach! European Info Day 13 April in Brussels. The morning session will explain the contents of THe posTer, avaILaBLe in different the call, offer tips on applying for funding and sizes, shows a map of europe present successful examples, followed by an highlighting localities with a network afternoon training session on helping SMEs and presence. It is accompanied by a list other applicants prepare their proposals. of branch locations in all 45 member More information about the event and the call: countries. you can print the full map right now and soon you will be able to print individual country maps for your own promo materials. Intranet > Network Management > Communication > Templates NetLife is published by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI). Neither the European Commission nor the EACI nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use to which information in this newsletter may be put, or for any errors which, despite careful preparation and checking, may appear. European Commission Enterprise and Industry 4 New!