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5 2-nessi-stuart campbell


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NESSI perspective on European Digital Enterprise and Business Innovation
Stuart Campbell, TIE CTO
NESSI Steering/Board member

Published in: Technology
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5 2-nessi-stuart campbell

  1. 1. NESSI perspective on EuropeanDigital Enterprise and BusinessInnovationFInES Cluster Meeting12 October 2012Stuart Campbell, TIE CTONESSI Steering/Board member
  2. 2. Outline1 The European ICT sector2 Opportunities for Europe3 NESSI perspective and input4 Summary
  3. 3. Quick recapNESSI – ETP“Networked European Software andServices Initiative”Formulated in 2005489 organisations 15% large enterprises 35% SMEs 50% universities and research centresMost commonly related to what-was O1.2(software and services)
  4. 4. !NO!Is it dead?
  5. 5. NESSI perspective and input3 Mission Objectives Thought leading position Proactively propose actions on future industrial, political and to be undertaken (in R&D&I). technology developments. Take position to current and Representation of the software future debates in policy making, and service IT industry legislation and its implementation. towards Commission and other Liaise with other organizations stakeholders. and activities in the ICT sector Contribution to European while avoiding redundancies for research agenda impact and effectiveness. as well as to objectives of NESSI’s industry and academic organisations. FInES Cluster Meeting 2012
  6. 6. Without swift action, Europe will continue losing its position on the global ICT market1 For Europe’s software industry to regain a leading position, reinforced research support is essential • Currently, only 10% of Global ICT revenues are generated by EU companies • European market is expected to account for only 23% of the global ICT market in 2015, down from 24% in 2011. • Less than 40 EU Companies are amongst the top 500 global Software Companies Source: A.T Kearney, 2012 European ICT Research must better serve the interest of European enterprises … (FInES position paper for FP8, 2011) FInES Cluster Meeting 2012
  7. 7. Opportunities for Europe through future innovation drivers2 Cloud Big Data Public Cloud Market Manufacturing  Up to 50 % decrease in product $160,00 development, assembly costs $140,00  Up to 7 % reduction in working capital $120,00 Europe Public Sector $100,00 BPaaS Administration $80,00 SaaS  €250 billion value per year PaaS  ~0.5 percent annual productivity growth $60,00 IaaS $40,00 Global Personal Location Data $20,00  $100 billion+ revenue for service providers $0,00  Up to $700 billion value to end users Source: Forrester 2011 Source: McKinsey Global Institute Analysis FInES Cluster Meeting 2012
  8. 8. NESSI view on Main Cloud Innovation Areas2 Product & Engineering & Service Innovation Governance Innovation „Innovate with Cloud“ „Agile Design & Operation“ Applications as services Techniques and tools Software & Efficiently assembled from PaaS Exploit cloud opportunities Service services More dynamically and responsivelyCloud (SaaS, Transformational benefits and build, operate and manage BPaaS) capabilities for businesses, public interoperable cloud-scale applications, bodies, citizens, e.g. „the next e.g. „DevOps in the Cloud“ Facebook“ PaaS „Transforming ICT“ „Adaptive Cloud Infrastructures“ Resources as services Application-aware mechanismsInfrastructure Scalable computing, IoT & networking Build resilient, sustainable resources offered as services infrastructures for service deployment (IaaS) Eliminating need for infrastructure and operation (pre-invest by application providers) e.g., adaptation of cloud depending on usage setting of application
  9. 9. Main activities towards H20203 3.Q 12 4.Q.’12 1.Q.’13 2.Q.’13 3.Q.’13 4.Q.’13 Horizon 2020 (ICT 2013 Vilnius) Legislation Process H2020 Technology Content / WP2014 Input required Prep Announcement NESSI input to WP2014 Drafting Big Data Drafting DG RTD ETP 2020 Strategy / Drafting Communication finalisation NetFuture ETP Actions Prep Drafting?? - Motivation / Benefits - What areas - How to merge/build new - Governance 20.11. ? NetFuture ETP meetings Commission NetFuture ETP finalisation 2012 2013 9
  10. 10. NESSI and Horizon 20203 • NESSI is drafting a position paper outlining main technology topics as well as implementation aspects that should be addressed in WP2014 of Horizon 2020 • Objective is to represent the interest and need of the Software and Services community and to help the Commission to define the research areas for our domain to be included in the Work Programme • NESSI has launched a members’ consultation to feed into the NESSI position paper on Work Programme 2014 of Horizon 2020. Focus areas: Industrial Leadership - Activity Lines 1.1.2. Next generation computing: Advanced computing systems and technologies 1.1.3. Future Internet: Infrastructures, technologies and services 1.1.4.Content technologies and information management: ICT for digital content and creativity Un-known organisation yet higly relevant: Societal Challenges e.g. Health, Energy, Transport, Climate, Security Not industrial focus: Excellent Science European Research Council (Frontier Research) Future and Emerging Technologies
  11. 11. ICT in Horizon 2020 for NESSI and FINES Activity Topic NESSI FINES3 Next Generation Computing Processor and System Architecture Next Generation Computing Interconnect and data localization technologies Next Generation Computing Cloud Next Generation Computing Parallel Computing Next Generation Computing Simulation Software Future Internet Networks Future Internet Software and Services Future Internet Cyber Secutiry Future Internet Privacy and Trust Future Internet Wireless Communication Future Internet Optical Networks Future Internet Immersive interactive multimedia Future Internet Connected enterprises Content techn. and information management Language technologies Content techn. and information management Learning technologies Content techn. and information management Interaction technologies Content techn. and information management Digital preservation Content techn. and information management Content access and analytics Content techn. and information management Advanced data mining Content techn. and information management Machine learning Content techn. and information management Statistical analysis Content techn. and information management Visual Computing
  12. 12. Key take aways4 • There is a need to invest in research for opportunities such as Cloud and Big Data • NESSI is active to ensure that Software and Services is addressed adequately in the future EU research landscape • Synergies between NESSI and FInES should be identified and materialised Find the NESSI Members’s consultation for input to Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014 on: Contact: FInES Cluster Meeting 2012
  13. 13. Stuart Campbell TIE CTO Antareslaan 22-24, 2132 JE, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Phone: +31-20-658-9000 Mobile: +44-797-042-9251 Fax: +31-20-658-9001 http://www.tiekinetix.com16/10/2012 13