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Regional Dialogue on Hunger Eradication in the Caribbean


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Regional Dialogue on Hunger Eradication in the Caribbean

  1. 1. Regional Dialogue on HungerRegional Dialogue on Hunger Eradication in the CaribbeanEradication in the Caribbean Jamaica’s Experience in Developing FNS Policy August 1st 2013
  2. 2. Hallmarks of a Successful FNSHallmarks of a Successful FNS PolicyPolicy FNSP must be multi-sector in nature in order to address complex food security issues that cut across several ministries. There must be complementary inputs from and coordination among various sectors (e.g., agriculture, health, markets, trade, education, social assistance) and at several levels (e.g., household, community, national and regional)
  3. 3. Multi-Sectoral ApproachMulti-Sectoral Approach The major stakeholders in the process included the following: ◦ The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries ◦ The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce ◦ The Ministry of Health ◦ The Ministry of Labour and Social Security ◦ The Ministry of Education; and ◦ The Planning Institute of Jamaica
  4. 4. Steps in Developing Jamaica’s FNSSteps in Developing Jamaica’s FNS PolicyPolicy  Policy Preparation and Analysis : The MOAF prepared a draft Policy document which was circulated widely to all stakeholders for their comments. Comments were summarized and incorporated. • Public Consultation/Validation: A validation workshop was held with key stakeholders inside and external to the ministry for feedback. This process was participatory in nature with breakout groups reviewing the four pillars. Presentations were done by each group and relevant comments noted and incorporated.
  5. 5. Steps in Developing Jamaica’s FNSSteps in Developing Jamaica’s FNS PolicyPolicy  Point of Readiness : The second draft was presented to a sub-committee of cabinet, comments were received and included, and recommendation made for it to be submitted to the Cabinet. • Approval: The Policy was approved as a White Paper on 1st May 2013 by the Cabinet ; Then it was Tabled in the Houses of Parliament on 8th May 2013 as a White Paper.
  6. 6. Next StepsNext Steps Currently, the Ministry with support by FAO is now preparing the action plan to accompany this Policy. Once completed the Action Plan will follow the same process for Tabling in the Parliament
  7. 7. Thank You