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Telaura Telco CRM

Create. Sell. Monetize. Now!
Etiya is a leading catalog driven order management solution provider. Our modular solutions are certified with the TM Forum frameworks which means they are industry tested, open, and future proof. Etiya’s implementations have been nominated by TM Forum for the prestigious “Solutions Excellence” awards in 2012, 2013 and in 2014. Etiya has won the Stevie Awards for the Service Solutions Technology Partner of the Year and the Global Telecom Business Awards for the Consumer Service Innovation in 2014!
Etiya provides telco solutions so that you can monetize Customer Experience through Telco 'Lead-to-Service’ and ‘Order-to-Cash’ processes to cross- sell value added products and use insights to create value-added offerings and sell through any channel to personalize services for customers.
Etiya is driven by the leading edge professional minds infused with the human touch for designing customized products, delivering technologies with a multitude of channels, building long-term relationships by providing personalized support.

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Telaura Telco CRM

  1. 1. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Overview and Solutions Telaura Customer Relationship Management Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! January 2015
  2. 2. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! What are your most important company initiatives right now?
  3. 3. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Etiya Expansion
  4. 4. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Proven Delivery Benefits Internationally Recognized Etiya Profile Solution Overview Lifecycle Management Industry Leading Features Catalog Driven Order Management Design Objectives Telaura CRM Modules Telaura CRM Architecture Overview Case Studies Agenda
  5. 5. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Cross / Upselling Issue Customer Orders Track & Manage Order Handling Determine Customer Order Feasibility Authorize Credit Report Customer Order Handling Complete & Close Customer Order ORDER HANDLING SELLING Sales and Order Management Establish & Terminate Customer Relationship Validate Customer Satisfaction Churn Management CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT FULFILLMENT TELAURA SUITE Mediate & Orchestrate Customer Interactions Personalize Customer Profile Build Customer Insight RETENTION & LOYALTY CUSTOMER INTERFACE MANAGEMENT Customer Account Management Manage Contact Manage Request Issue & Distribute Marketing Collaterals MARKETING FULFILLEMENT RESPONSE Campaign Management Track Leads Manage Prospect Qualify Opportunity Develop Sales Proposals Acquire Customer Data Negotiate Sales Contract Lead Management Manage Sales Accounts Partner Relationship Management Analyse & Report on Customer Analyze & Manage Customer Risk TAM Positioning
  6. 6. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! • Telaura Suite delivered in 15 months for 6.3 million subsribers • New service launch time decreased 75% • New complex bundle/Campaigns launch time decreased 83% • Convergent offering sales increased more than 40% • The loyalty campaigns have resulted in a 35% decline in the churn rate • 71.8% decrease in the average customer waiting time for service request • Product Catalog and Order Management • Order Management for Cloud Services delivered in 6 months • Order Management for fixed line for 20 million subscribers delivered in 12 months • After deployment Sales for Cloud Services increased 100% within 1 month • Number of customers increased 127% within 3 months • Order to Cash process improved by 87% • Product Catalog and Order Management installed for 15 million subscribers in 8 months (Phase 1) • Full integration with BSCS and Orga for billing • Estimated decrease in Operations cost is 20% • Estimated time to market improvement is 40% Proven Delivery Benefits
  7. 7. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! STEV ES 20 4 Internationally Recognized
  8. 8. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! The only ISV specializing in Telecom Product Catalog and Order Management solutions Catalog Driven Order Management End to End delivery capability from consultancy through to managed service Pioneering in deployment of Social Customer Care Serving over 50 million subscribers with 400 million products and 1.5 million transactions daily Founded and run by engineers Privately held and cash positive for 10 years since founding Offices: Turkey and Singapore 500 + employees Company Overview
  9. 9. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Achieve competitive advantage through offering a fully customisable product over any channel over any network
  10. 10. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Third-Party Partners Work Centres/ Operations Flows/ Business Logic IT/Business Analysts CRM Billing Other BSS Prov/ Activation Inventory Other BSS Call Centers Customer Care Self-Service Service Networks Omni-channel enabled Order Negotiations Catalog Manager Order Management ORDER CASH PRODUCT SUITE Solution Overview
  11. 11. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Mobile Cloud Fixed Data VAS 3rd party Products Reservation Change Upsell Suspend Transfer Deactivation Business Individuals Resellers Partners From Prospect To Retirement From Concept To Retirement From Quote To Cash Telaura Suite, for the End to End Process Excellence CUSTOMER INTERFACE MANAGEMENT PRODUCT MANAGEMENT SALES AND ORDER MANAGEMENT Solution Overview
  12. 12. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! • Product catalog driven order management • Centralized product catalog • Unified order capture – Single Point Contact (SPOC) • Capability to serve all lines of business: Retail, Wholesale, and Enterprise • Configure price quote Time to Market • Exception Handling • Order fall-out management • Roll backs • Jeopardy management Operational Excellence • Future Proven: Certified (eTOM & SID) techniques • Tested with Siebel • Proven Implementations Best Practices Industry Leading Features
  13. 13. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! PSTN Cloud DSL Mobile DATA MVNO Social Networks Dealers Call Center Self Care Mobile CRM Network Fullfilment VAS Orchestration OSS Order Analytics BS S Provisioning CENTRALIZED PRODUCT CATALOG UNIFIED ORDER CAPTURE FOR ALL CHANNELS ORDER MANAGEMENT 3rd Party Product s for End to End Process Excellence Catalog Driven Order Management
  14. 14. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Low Integration & Implementation Cost SID Based Interfaces Tested with Siebel, BSCS, Orga Open API Proven Implementations Objective: Modularity
  15. 15. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! END-TO-END CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Manage Requests Analyze & Report on Customer Manage Contact 360 view of the customer Single click contact access See all account history with a single click Social Profiling of a customer Social Media integration Mediate & Orchestrate Customer Interactions Customer Account Management
  16. 16. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! VENDOR SOLUTION PARTNER YOUR COMPANY Customer Account ManagementCustomer Account Management Define individuals/organizations once, then manage roles See relations between parent company and the party in a single click Store contact medium information for the most effective communication Manage customer credits, risks, and customer value Manage customer segment, group, community Keep and manage party relations Demographic profiling
  17. 17. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! END-TO-END PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Manage Product Lifecycle Enabled Industry Best Practice Definitions Limitless and hierarchical structured product definitions Centralized catalog for all services Simultaneous Technical and Commercial catalog management Develop Proposals Assess Performance Develop Product Strategy Develop Specifications Product & Catalog Management
  18. 18. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! OMNI-CHANNEL PRODUCT & CONFIGURATION PRICING, PROMOTION & COMMITMENTS ORDER FULFILLMENT Third Party Dealer Call Center Visible Editable FIXED LINE PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Call Direction (GSM) ON OFF CLIP Access Type Sales Product move Tariff Change Order Completion Provision / Activation Product Configuration TELAURA SUITE Service Number Network Identifier Update Product Characteristic Product Definition ON OFF
  19. 19. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! 300 SMS First 3 month 100% First 3 month 100% Discount DiscountHandset 100% Discount 300 GB Data 4$ Discount 300 Minutes 5 VMS 400# Music Songs 2 Year Commitment Standard Mobile Line 10% Discount GSM WELCOME BUNDLE RANGE PRICE Stepless Up to Static DateTo Product Up to Static Date Fixed 20% Stepped Variable X MonthsTo Account Variable X Months Percentage 20% Up to Static Date Variable X Months • Define catalog according to channels • Create new single or bundle offers • Unify sales channels around a consistent set of offerings • Up-sell and cross-sell based offer relation • Define optional offers within the bundle Discount/promotions Taxation Pricing Commitments DISCOUNT ENTITY UNDISCOUNTED TIME DISCOUNT TIME Offer Management
  20. 20. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Unified Order Capture with ‘shopping cart’ concept Decompose customer order into order line items Jeopardy & exception handling Fall-out management High performance transactional engine Order Capture Decompose Order Orchestrate Order Compose Order SALES AND ORDER LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Sales and Order Management
  21. 21. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! PSTN Cloud DSL Mobile DATA MVNO Social Networks Dealers Call Center Self Care Mobile CRM Receive Order Receive new orders submitted Handle Main Steps Decompose Order BS S Integrate with CENTRALIZED PRODUCT CATALOG UNIFIED ORDER CAPTURE FOR ALL CHANNELS ORDER MANAGEMENT 3rd Party Products Order Orchestration & Fulfillment Order Capture Tranform to CDM Invoke fulfillment process Handle order-wide processes Invoke decompose process Complete Order Decompose order into groups Invoke activation Invoke billing Transform CDM to application model Invoke backend system Enrich order Back End System
  22. 22. Create. Sell. Monetize. Now! Thank you for your time. For a demo or case studies, please contact us at!