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Internet Librarian 2010, Discovery, Dissemination and Outreach


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Internet Librarian 2010, Discovery, Dissemination and Outreach

  1. 1. Discovery, Dissemination and Outreach Esben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Library, Denmark
  2. 2. What are we doingExperimenting with new forms of digital platforms in the physical space
  3. 3. Why are we doing it• Electronic resources in the physical space• Out where the users are• Taking advantage of the librarians competencies• Exposure of electronic resources in context• Cooperation with external partners and the users• Beta culture and fun
  4. 4. The platformsDigital signage (screens)Music Chair (Sonic)Drawing machineInteractive floor (The Cube)
  5. 5. The platforms - digital signage
  6. 6. The platforms - digital signageNow:• 10 large screens all over the main libraries and all branches• Controlled by a digital signage system accessed via the web (kind of CMS)• Factual information, reviews and recommendations• Events• 10 editors, each responsible for 1 or more screensFuture:• Cooperation in the community and with other Danish libraries• Interactive presentations, data from users, competitions, surveys etc.• Exposure of electronic resources
  7. 7. The platforms - Drawing machine
  8. 8. The platforms - Drawing machineNow:• Children can sketch directly on the interactive drawing machine• Template figures from national library arts based web portal for children• The machine is an eye catcher and magnetFuture:• Use of the machine to support events and shows• New and better version of the software• Better organization and ownership
  9. 9. The platforms - Music Chair
  10. 10. The platforms - Music ChairNow:• Librarians playlist recommendations• The chairs are eye catchers and magnets and the users think they are cool• Content from YouTube and GroovesharkAn older man discovered electronica recommended by a librarian. Hewas agog and borrowed a lot of the reccommended albums : )Future:• User created playlists and recommendations• Special event playlists• Content from national streaming service BibZoom• Better user interfaces• Use other kinds of media (films, computer games)
  11. 11. The platforms - Interactive floor
  12. 12. The platforms - Interactive floor
  13. 13. The platforms - Interactive floor
  14. 14. The platforms - Interactive floorNow:• Play and gaming• Textexpo• Supporting special events• The users think its funny• Good brandingFuture:• Better user interfaces• Develop library specific flash presentations• Expose electronic ressources (newspaper etc.)
  15. 15. The platforms - Interactive floor
  16. 16. The challenges• Technical infrastructure and datamodels (APIs)• Copyright and DRM• Electronic ressources are made for searching, not for communication and dissimination• Backend interfaces• Competences and knowledge• Organization and ownership
  17. 17. About meEsben FjordHead of development, Gladsaxe Public