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IAML Future of music in public libraries follow up 2012


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Videoconference presentation given at IAML Montréal July 24, 2012.

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IAML Future of music in public libraries follow up 2012

  1. 1. Follow-up on the Future of Music in Public LibrariesThe presentation given will be a follow-up of the session given at the 2011 IAML Conference inDublin, see
  2. 2. •• johanmijs on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn• Team leader internet applications @ Bibnet Photo by Ingmar Johansson
  3. 3. • Bibnet• is a government agency for the digital library• serving 300 public libraries• in Flanders • Dutch speaking part of Belgium • 6 M people
  4. 4. • Our main projects: • Open Vlacc central catalog (Aleph) • library portal search engine for every public library (AquaBrowser) • business modeling and integration of digital collections • getting the projects implemented in local libraries
  5. 5. • Update on digital music in the real world• Update on digital music in the library world• Start thinking and talking
  6. 6. • YouTube still rules• Still lots of pirates around• Spotify is growing• iTunes is still growing
  7. 7. • US* • cd album sales -5.7% (versus -19% in 2010) • digital music sales growing to 50.3%• Belgium** • digital music sales growing to 15.5%* Nielsen Soundscan 2011** Belgian Entertainment Association report 2011
  8. 8. For the library world updatemany thanks to:Mariette De Koning, AnnikaSimms, Xavier Galaup,Priscilla Winling, JosephHafner, Else Refstrup, ...
  9. 9. Alsace libraries in France•MusicMe streaming service • +6 M tracks • web radios • locally brand•Stats • city of Strasbourg (270.000 people) • MusicMe launched in April 2012 • 627 users • maximum 847 streams/day • (users seem +35 years)
  10. 10. Denmark• • redesign in June 2012 • +10 M tracks • Bibzoom shuffle for Android • each Bibzoom section has an editorial • mission statement target groups: • children and young people (music education) • old people (digital divide) • immigrants (world music)
  11. 11. US•Freegal Music • Sony Music and indies • library patron can download a number of DRM-free mp3s a week and keep them forever • lot of American libraries signing up
  12. 12. Centrale DiscotheekRotterdam (CDR) in TheNetherlands•DigiLeen streaming stopped • only Naxos and some indies • numbers went down to less than 500 active users/month • more than 60% of users is 50+•Muziekwebluister • listening streaming to full CDRs collection in all Dutch Libraries (only in the building)•Developing new streaming http://www.muziekweb.nlproduct • deal with Universal Music • launch end 2012
  13. 13. Flanders (Belgium)•Streaming music pilot Bib.fmon hold (Bibnet, Lanaken andAristo Music) • built on old infrastructure • very very few users • hard negotiations•Waiting for opportunities?•Add enrichments • Spotify and iTunes API integrated in library portals • CDR music fragments service launch end 2012 in library portals
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Openbibliotheken (OpenLibraries) in TheNetherlands:•engine searching legal enillegal internet resources forbooks, music, ...•because libraries areprotectors of information, not ofpublishers
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Seattle Public Library andKEXP radio•streaming service•3200 live in-studio recordings•integrated in the library catalog
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Start to ... THINK Start to ... TALK
  20. 20. DO NOT cross the streetuntil you have beenTHINKING and TALKING ...
  21. 21. about your audience ...•who are you doing it for?•what can you do for them?•where are they?•how can you reach them?(ASK THEM)
  22. 22. about your USP ...(unique selling proposition)•what is your strength?•what makes you stand outfrom the rest?
  23. 23. about the numbers ...•how many people should youreach?•how many streams should youplay?•what can it cost per user?
  24. 24. about the application ...•is it well-designed?•is it easy to use?•what are the main usabilityproblems?•can they be solved in the nearfuture?usability is !extremely! important in acontent domain like music
  25. 25. • Lets keep in touch ...• Gather information from around the world ...• Join Google Group Digital music in public libraries!forum/digital-music-in-public-libraries Presentation on: