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Internet Librarian 2010, Taking it with You


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Internet Librarian 2010, Taking it with You

  1. 1. Taking It With YouEsben Fjord, Gladsaxe Public Libraries, Denmark
  2. 2. WhyMobile technology is the future ->Developing a Smartphone app for iPhone and Android
  3. 3. Agenda• Background• The process• Partnership• The app• Feedback from the users• Whats next?
  4. 4. Background o Out where the users are! o Reaching first movers and other atypical library users o Branding the library as a tech-savvy place o Experimenting with smartphone specific technologies
  5. 5. The processBrainstorm
  6. 6. The processBrainstorm conclusion:3 development potentials:• content recognition via image, sound and geotagging• value-added information from staff, users and external sources• traditional catalog functionality (searching, user status etc.)
  7. 7. The processThe proposal - The catalog
  8. 8. PartnershipNext step:We needed a partner who ... o could provide the nessesary technical infrastructure o could co-sponsor the development of the app o would cooperate in future releases
  9. 9. PartnershipThe partners:
  10. 10. The appWhat can You do:• Search for materials• Reserve/renew• My page• Favorites
  11. 11. The appBothiPhone andAndroid
  12. 12. The appStart page:news from websitevia RSS-feed
  13. 13. The appSearching:
  14. 14. The appList of results:with filtering by type ofmaterial
  15. 15. The appShow record:with cover art andbibliographic data
  16. 16. The appPut materials on hold:
  17. 17. The appMy page:LoansHoldsFines
  18. 18. The appFavorites:List of records savedlocally on phone
  19. 19. Marketing - posters
  20. 20. Marketing - mobile
  21. 21. Marketing - web
  22. 22. Feedback from the usersStatistics:iPhone downloaded 677 timesAndroid downloaded 124 timesTotal: 801 downloadsApp. 70% of downloads from Gladsaxe = 560 downloadsSmartphone penetration in Denmark: 14%Active library users in Gladsaxe: 38%Smartphone users in Gladsaxe: 65.000 x 0.14 = app. 9.100Number of active users with Smartphone = 9.100 x 0.38 = 3.458Library app penetration in Gladsaxe = app. 16%
  23. 23. Feedback from the usersby jnie (July 22, 2010)Way to Go :-Dby Emil.BB (June 2, 2010)Its so cool that libraries keep upwith the newest trends, respect toYou!by LD (June 1, 2010)Brilliant :-)Cool layout and so easy, that Ipractically dont want to usecomputer and your ordinaryhomepage again ;-)
  24. 24. Whats next?Phase 1 - may 2010:Search the catalogueMedia icons1-click Media filteringMedia/Book coversAnnotate any titlePut a title on holdChoose Pickup locationMy Loans with renewal facilityMy edited HoldsMy FinesFavourites with my own commentsDynamic Intro Screen (use of feeds etc - HTML based intro page)
  25. 25. Whats next?Phase 2 - estimated to early 2011:            StatusinformationDue date on My loansIntegration toFacebook, Twitter, SMS and email 
  26. 26. Whats next?Future releasesNew books matching previous search (via RSS)Sort order profileCover scanningMusic recognition similar to ShazamQR code facilities (smart phones can use QR codes as is, for example on library leafletsand other library materials - we are considering other useful implementations)Location aware – help with building navigationGeotagging - tag and read other users tags about a location (smart phones can do this -we are considering apps for library related material like “in this place Joanna Doemurdered John Doe" in Mrs N. Smiths novel "The Anonymous”.Support for other mobile platforms (Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and java)
  27. 27. About meEsben FjordHead of development, Gladsaxe Public