Global Emerging Markets MBA


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Global Emerging Markets MBA

  1. 1. The economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China is such that they could become theWorld’s four most dominant economies by the year 2050. These countries encompass over 25% of the world’s land mass, 40% of theworld’s population, with a combined GDP (PPP) of 18.5 trillion dollars. These four countries are amongst the biggest and fastest growing emerging markets.
  2. 2. THE FOUR FASTEST- CHINA INDIA The People’s Republic of China is the world’s second The Indian economy is the tenth largest in the world largest economy after the United States. It is the world’s by nominal GDP and the fourth largest by purchasing fastest-growing major economy, with average growth power parity (PPP). Following strong economic reforms rates of 10% for the past 30 years. China is also the implemented by the post-independence socialist largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in government, the country’s economic growth progressed at the world. China became the world’s top manufacturer in a rapid pace. 2011, surpassing the United States.
  3. 3. GROWING MARKETS RUSSIA BRAZIL Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of The Brazilian economy is the largest amongst the Latin area (more than 6.6 million square miles) and is one of American nations, and the second largest in the western the world’s leading producers of oil, gas and coal. Also hemisphere. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing major produces iron, bauxite and precious metals as gold. Russia economies in the world, and is forecast to become one of has rich agricultural soil and is a net exporter of grain and the World’s five largest economies in the decades to come. timber. The nation completely encompasses the north of Asia and 40% of the European continent. The Russian economy has undergone massive change since the fall of the Soviet Empire, transitioning from a centrally planned economy to a more market-based and globally integrated economy and has averaged 7% growth since 1998.
  4. 4. BEIJING Beijing is amongst the most developed cities in China, with tertiary industry accounting for 73% of its GDP. Finance is one of Beijing’s most important industries. Beijing is increasingly becoming recognized for its innovative entrepreneurs and high-growth start-ups. This culture is backed by a large community of both Chinese and foreign venture capital firms. The Beijing economy is largely comprised of the numerous large corporations based there, rather than as a centre for Chinese entrepreneurship. SHANGHAI Shanghai is the commercial and financial centre of mainland China. Today it is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. Its cosmopolitan character, sophisticated and affluent consumers, and highly educated and skilled labour force make it highly attractive to overseas investors. Shanghai has recorded double-digit growth for 15 consecutive years since 1992 to become the center of finance and trade in the new China. Shanghai is now aiming to be a global financial hub and international shipping center in the near future. HONG KONG Hong Kong is one of the World’s leading international financial centers. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the seventh largest in the world, and Hong Kong is the world’s eleventh largest trading entity and re-export center.
  5. 5. SIX FASCINATING CITIE BANGALORE Bangalore is the fastest growing major metropolis in India. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India because of the large number of information technology companies located in the city (contributing 33% of India’s IT exports). RIO DE JANEIRO Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the location for the headquarters of many private, national, multinational, and state corporations. The service sector dominates the economy and includes banking (with the second most active stock market in Brazil; the Bolsa da Valores do Brasil). Tourism and entertainment are other key sectors of the city’s economy, and the city is the nation’s top tourist attraction for both Brazilians and foreigners. MOSCOW Moscow is the capital, the most populous city, and the most populous federal region of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural, scientific, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre for Russia and the continent. Moscow is the most northern city on Earth with a population above 10,000,000, the most populous city on the continent of Europe, and the sixth largest city proper in the world.
  6. 6. TWO LEADING ACAD WHY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE CHOOSE ESEUNE MBA Innovative and globally oriented Real world partnerships ESEUNE Business School is an open, plural, diverse and After 20 years delivering business management education, globally oriented academic institution. we have built a strong network across different industries. ESEUNE’s business education and research covers Our teachers and faculty members are accomplished, markets in four continents, with over 20 years’ experience internationally renowned executives, leading practitioners in delivering management training in Europe (Spain), Asia (China), business, who pass on their expertise to students. Visiting North America (Georgetown University, Washington DC) and lecturers include senior managers from top companies South America. including consultancy enterprises, who will provide the Around the world and for over two decades, ESEUNE participant real working experience. The School’s research continues innovating across all its programs in order to is carried out in collaboration with major organizations and provide business leaders with the knowledge and skills to clusters. ESEUNE full-time MBA programs include at least 6 operate anywhere in the World. months internship. Participants from over 30 countries have entrusted their training to us, which shows ESEUNE is one of Europe’s most Exceptional value for money innovative and prestigious business schools. You will find a Our gemMBA stands out as exceptional value for money truly international student body on your MBA. Cosmopolitanism because our network in China allows us to offer students low and cultural diversity are the foundations of ESEUNE creative living costs and competitive scholarship policies for those teaching methods. students who successfully fulfill their internship. As one of Europe’s first graduate business schools running programs in China, ESEUNE brings together people, cultures International profile and ideas from around the world to change lives and transform Five continents are represented among the students at organizations. ESEUNE.
  7. 7. EMIC INSTITUTIONS “Nowadays anyone thinking about running a company definitely must know about business in China. ESEUNE and North China University of Technology (NCUT) are an World-class and global accreditation excellent option to introduce you to a culture ESEUNE Business School is a Full Member of CLADEA, the that has and will continue to have a global importance as years goes by. The people you’ll Latin American Council of Business Schools (the association meet, the organizations you will be visiting, which brings together the top business schools in Europe and and the whole experience at Beijing amazing Latin America). CLADEA is an association of higher education and undoubtedly: once in a lifetime. And if you think that language is an issue, you’ll be institutions dedicated to teaching and research in the area surprised!” of public and private management. CLADEA reciprocal Manuel Ernesto Martínez membership has links with leading academic networks across (El Salvador), GMBA 2010-2011 the world: • EFMD, European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) • AACSB International, The Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business • VON HUMBOLDT ASSOCIATION The experience in China was simply spectacular. Culture shock is as rich as the classes themselves. Chinese culture, naturally • BALAS collectivist, opens up a whole new perspective in different aspects of • WACRA, World Association for Case Research and yourpersonal life and opens your mind to countless new businesses. Development While at Beijing you immediately realize that the world goes at another speed there. It is almost evident that all poles of growth and new opportunities are on this side of the globe. Experience in Asia is ESEUNE Alumni Network absolutely necessary to understand and internalize these changes and learn to adapt in the best way. One must be there to understand how The Alumni Network includes MBA graduates. This highly culture governs China every day and business are no exception. Their supportive network with executives from over 30 countries organizations, their perspectives, their interests, their weaknesses and who understand your challenges will help you to identify hidden the opportunities of business become evident being there. ESEUNE- NCUT has a large campus with all facilities to the student. There are opportunities and to understand different industries and roles. several dining options, ability to do almost all sports and, especially, Most of ESEUNE alumni are today’s leaders; over 80% of them the people (students, lecturers and staff) are always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it. work as CEOs, or participate at board level and/or senior committee level. Miguel Gallego (Colombia) GMBA 2010-2011
  8. 8. WHY THE NCUT IS THE BEST PLACE TO STUDY YOUR MBA NCUT and Beijing: modern campus, historical City My experience studing in China was amazing. I really enjoy everything, The gemMBA main Campus is located in Beijing (China) since food, the culture, and people to the city. Everything was different; I have never been in a place that each thing causes me intrigue. Chinese at North China University of Technology (NCUT). This modern people are very nice, they are very polite and they are always smiling Campus is situated at the foot of Beijing’s Western Hills, you. The program between ESEUNE and NCUT was very well organized, and we count on a person from China who helped us in covering an area of 247,600 square meters with the total floor everything in there. In my personal opinion, if you had the opportunity space of 170,000 m2, and a sporting space of 38,958 m2. to go there you should do it. It really helps to understand the differences between cultures and to learn about one of the most important markets The gemMBA participants have complete and modern at this time and for the next decades. academic facilities including on campus accommodation, meals, library, sports facilities, etc. The Campus is located Tamara Cerioni (Argentina), GMBA 2010-2011 in the Shijingshan District, 15 minutes walking from The Bajiao Amusement Park Metro Station (5 minutes by bus) that connects the Campus with the City Center, Tian´anmen, Forbidden City, Olympic Center, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Libray, center. NCUT has been involved in 24 projects of the Funds of Hutongs, Shopping Center, etc. National Natural Sciences, Funds of National Social Sciences The North China University of Technology (NCUT) is a and National high-tech Projects, and over 80 ministerial- multi-disciplinary institution, Which, taking industrial automation level projects, among which over 100 projects passed the and modern management as its main fields of study and provincial or ministerial-level technical appraisement. More instruction, combines engineering and science with liberal arts than 70 projects were awarded the national and ministerial- in its teaching and research programs. level prizes, and 27 were given the national patent right for NCUT is comprised of 7 colleges,offering 25 their remarkable achievements. NCUT’s faculty has had 1,150 undergraduate programs,8 experimental centers and 5 academic papers and over 210 monographs published both research institutes, as well as a computer-managed library with at home and abroad. NCUT advocates a close combination of a collection of 46,430 books and periodicals, an art gallery, research activities with teaching and the school-run entities’ a remote audio and visual education center and a sports practice.
  9. 9. “The experience in China was outstanding. Being able to both study the culture in a classroom and then live it outside in the real world and in the Chinese historic sites can help you understand how culture and history are such an important issues in the Chinese society. The ESEUNE-NCUT Campus has the essential facilities that are a must to enjoy the experience to the maximum. Sport facilities are one of the main attractions on-campus since you get the chance to get in touch and bond with chinese students and professors. Students and staff were very helpful at all times, both in and out of the classroom. You get the opportunity to share knowledge about eastern and western culture”. Raúl Angulo (Venezuela), Most students at NCUT University are Chinese. This is really GMBA 2010-2011important for the gemMBA students to learn the language andthe Chinese way of thinking. You will be submerged into realChinese atmosphere. Meantime,Chinese students will ask you tojoin them for different activities that take place at the campus, Why study in Beijing?like playing football, baseball and basketball. Beijing is the culture, art and traditional architecture central. It has a long history, slower pace of life and beautifulLiving NCUT landscape. If you want to understand the Chinese culture The Shijingshan District where gemMBA’s main campus better, then you definitely you must choose Beijing. By livingis located is a modern area in the Beijing fourth ring. Near here, you will get involved in Chinese culture in your daily life, the Campus students can find Malls and restaurants. The achieving a real important foundation; You will be able to betterfamous Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is a theme park understand Chinese people’s way of thinking and feelings. Thelocated at 15 minutes walking from Campus. Near the Campus world’s top organizations have achieved their success becauseparticipants can enjoy the Beijing’s Western Hills, The Yunju they know how to manage human resources. Therefore, topTemple (7th century), the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery organizations are demanding managers that are able to(Beijing’s main resting place for revolutionary heroes), etc. understand local people in China.
  10. 10. DEAN’S ENRIQUE DE LA RICA DEAN ESEUNE On behalf of the faculty, staff, alumni and students of the ESEUNE Business School, I welcome you to the Global Emerging Markets MBA and invite you to learn about our most innovative and fascinating program. CEOs today face a complex array of challenges. Only a few years ago, most of the competition came from within the local market. Today, competitors may be on the other side of the world; the biggest, fastest-growing markets are China, India, Russia and Brazil. They have attracted the greatest investor attention in recent years and are going to be the drivers of the 21st century economy. Demand for MBAs in emerging markets has never been stronger. Companies in many emerging economies are looking for people trained to assist them in taking advantage of the opportunities for growth in the global economy. Due to these new demands in emerging markets, a change in behavior of international MBA students has inevitably resulted. A few years ago, an international MBA was a bridge to a new life in the USA or Western Europe. Today, an international MBA is all about learning international business practices, and creating a global network which can be a powerful career advantage for seeking to exploit the rapid growth of China, South East Asia, Latin America, and other emerging economies. Multinational corporations require employees who can adapt to different cultures, customs, social practices, values, economic and political systems, and management approaches, working with employees from different backgrounds. For those reasons we designed in collaboration with the North China University of Technology (NCUT) the first global MBA in the world, specialized in emerging markets with courses in cities as fascinating as Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangalore, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Our School has maintained a global reputation for academic excellence, innovative leadership, and global education, for over 20 years. We train exceptional global leaders in a carefully selected learning community, diverse in backgrounds, but sharing an international perspective. Our MBA Programs are vibrant and diverse, with a thriving international community of staff and students. The gemMBA10 itself offers a unique combination of business-orientated skills development, innovative teaching on management tools, models and strategies developed in real work environments. Therefore experience in the main emerging cities of the world, cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity are guaranteed. If you want to make a difference in the world, and you believe in the power of emerging markets; if you are highly inquisitive to know more about other cultures and the world we live in, join us, embark on an exciting and life-changing experience, and find out for yourself why we are so highly regarded amongst our alumni, worldwide. Welcome to the gemMBA.
  11. 11. WELCOME XIONG JIAQUAN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Center of International Cooperation and Exchanges North China University of Technology Firstly, I would like to warmly welcome you to visit and study at North University of Technology (NCUT) in Beijing, China. NCUT is a publicly-funded technology university offering graduate and undergraduate programs in science, technology, the arts, business management, law and economics, as well as foreign languages. Located at the foot of Beijing’s scenic Western Hills, NCUT is one of China’s leading universities, and has built cooperative relationships with dozens overseas schools in the U.S, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and so on. It provides higher education to enhance professional practice, to serve the fast economic development of China at large and enable students to reach their full personal and career potential. And we have long partnership with business and industry leaders to ensure our program adapt to new technologies and workforce demands. Beijing is the capital of China with 3000 years history. It is also the center of politics, culture, and international exchange center of China. It becomes a more and more global city. I believe your study in Beijing will help you know about culture in Beijing and global market development in China and extend your global vision. Sincerely welcome to NCUT and Beijing, China. With best regards 11
  12. 12. The Global Emerging Markets MBA (gemMBA) brings the excellence of ESEUNE European Business School and North China University of Technology (NCUT) to six international locations in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong), Russia (Moscow), India (Bangalore) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). THE FIRST The gemMBA is the first MBA business program designed to develop successful entrepreneurial and business skills for emerging markets. The gemMBA offers a GLOBAL comprehensive view of emerging markets, especially the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China), as they integrate with the global economy and provide context for understanding the EMERGING unique social, political, environmental, and ethical questions associated with doing business in emerging markets. The program also covers innovative strategies to enter and MARKETS expand operations in emerging markets. The gemMBA will analyze issues related to the globalization of emerging markets: MBA • What is unique about the business context of emerging markets? • What framework should one use to identify unique opportunities and challenges when operating in emerging markets? I believe that everyone that wishes to have a global • What is the impact of globalization on these markets? education must go to China. There are a lot of things you can learn throughbooks and media, but in order to • How should businesses from developed markets thoroughly understand this Country there is no better way approach and exploit opportunities created by the than to experience it. I loved studying at ESEUNE-NCUT. globalization of emerging markets?1 Accommodation on campus was comfortable and the staff was kind and helpful. Having the opportunity to live inside • What are the lessons from companies operating in these the campus allows you to experience the life of a Chinese markets? student, and after having a little interaction with them, they are happy to help you and make your life easier at • How should businesses in the advanced world deal with campus as well as in the city. challenges from emerging market multinationals? Regina Villa (México), GMBA 2010-2011 This Full-time program is an intensive, international, one-year MBA and consists of 16 courses that are all taught in English.
  13. 13. The careful integration of classes, live business casesThe gemMBA internships and projects allows participants to apply what theyteaching and learning techniques have learned in the classroom to real business situations. Through a pioneering new “active learning” approach, Practice-based learning the gemMBA program not only enables you to tackle Group-work complex business challenges in emerging markets, but also Case-studies to lead yourself (andothers) in implementing a sustainable Small class size, with a maximum lecture class of 35, management system to achieve extraordinary results. By the and work groups normally composed of 5 participants end of this transformational year, you will be able to manage International Faculty: professors come from renowned through uncertainty, developing creative solutions to emerging US, European and Asian business schools business issues and driving innovation through entrepreneurial Guest speakers: entrepreneurs and senior executives practices: All the skills necessary to be a competitive from global and local firms in China, Russia, India and Brazil CEO. Internships: working for chinese and multinational companies located in China Students represent different nationalities, and areencouraged to work in groups, learning how to work with Highly intensivepeople from different cultures and businesses, greatlyenriching the entire educational experience. Well connected, Participants are young international business professionals Stimulating forming part of a strong globalwith excellent interpersonal skills, a global mindset, and strong networkleadership potential, who fulfill the requirement of having acomprehensive understanding of BRIC markets, with specialemphasis on China, its business culture, and its place as an Creative, International, offering unique 1economic powerhouse for the 21st century. to develop global opportunities to build business leaders the capability The gemMBA includes internships in China. Through to innovateour close partnerships and network in China, you will be able Practical, so you can applyto enhance your understanding, skills and capabilities while your learning to real-worldcontributing real commercial value to employers and sponsors situationsinterested in the giant economy.
  14. 14. Emerging economies like China, Russia, Brazil and India are going to be the drivers of the 21st century economy. They represent an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs, multinationals, and investors, but also pose a threat to existing products, jobs, and resources. They have the potential to redefine the way business is done in many industries. Many organisations operate in a fully globalised business environment. To be effective, managers must be able to critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities of WHY STUDY EMERGING MARKETS globalization, as well as compare and contrast strategic INDIA options. Growing of the employer demand for the MBA degree Multinational corporations require employees who 43% can adapt to different cultures, customs, social practices, values, economic and political systems, and management approaches, to work with other employees from differing backgrounds. RUSSIA CHINA Demand for MBAs in emerging markets has never been1 stronger. Companies in many emerging economies are 22% 19% embracing MBAs as a route to global competitiveness. The USA MBA is becoming more and more relevant in emerging EUROPE 9% markets, where companies are looking to business educated graduates to assist them in capturing opportunities for growth 3% in the global economy.
  15. 15. PROGRAM Global Business Management 1 International Economics 2 International Accounting 3 International Finance, Banking and Business Law 4 Strategy in Emerging Economies The MBA experience in China was very enlightening and rewarding both from the standpoint of business and staff management. We were able to grasp how to establish a relationship with the Chinese to obtain Global Markets Operations positive results in any negotiation. In addition, we learned about the 5 Global Supply Chain Management country’s history, lifestyle and beliefs, which is very important in China, as professional relations go hand in hand with these issues. It opens 6 Export/Import Management your mind to new business opportunities. It gives a new approach to the 7 Global Marketing Strategy global trend that businesses are now focusing on China, an economic 8 Strategic Human Resources powerhouse that has taken the reins worldwide. It permits to get a real insight into Chinese culture. It creates a Paradigm shift in the way of doing business. Finally, one may obtain the necessary tools to come up Global Leadership for the New Economy with new business ideas. The ESEUNE-NCUT facilities offer all the amenities necessary to provide a satisfying stay. We had the opportunity 9 Global Business Negotiation to receive knowledge from multicultural trainers with excellent 10 Innovation and Disruptive Change professional and human qualities. The Staff was very organized, responsible and professional which made our stay a pleasant experience. 11 Global Action Project (GAP) The students were very friendly, willing to teach and eager to learn about everything they needed all with a smile on their face. Emerging Global Markets Ibelsy Rondón (Venezuela), GMBA 2010-2011 12 China I: culture, buyer behavior and marketing 13 China II: chine market and import operations 14 China III: chinese language 15 India Market Approaching Beijing [34 weeks] 1 16 Russia Market Approaching CHINA 40 weeks [36 weeks] and/or Brazil Market Approaching Shanghai [1 week] Hong Kong [1 week] INDIA [2 weeks] Bangalore [1 week] RUSSIA OR BRAZIL [2 weeks] Moscow or Rio de Janeiro [1 week]
  16. 16. ADMISSIONS “Both ESEUNE-NCUTs facilities and staff are highly recommended. The kindness of the people helps you to adapt better and faster to the change of lifestyle you’ll have for a few weeks. The facilities are very comfortable. Inside NCUT you’ll be able to relax, eat, exercise and study” • At least one language in addition to English Patricia González (El Salvador), GMBA 2010-2011 • Strong academic ability • Excellent interpersonal skills • Solid career progression • International outlook • Responsible decision-making • Demonstrated leadership potential • Strong values and integrity • Curiosity • Desire to learn and contribute • Adaptability to multicultural environments Post-study working experience is not required but recommended. Your application must demonstrate: To be accepted on the ESEUNE gemMBA program, your application must demonstrate: Application process 1. Complete the application form online at • A Bachelor´s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution 2. You will be required to send documents (degree, • Strong command of written and spoken English. All transcripts, proof of English ability, recommendation applicants who are not native English language speakers letters, resume, essays, etc.) via email. The documents are required to provide proof of proficiency in English for you provide will allow us to form a preliminary judgment academic purposes (see for about your suitability. 1 scores): 3. Personal interview with a member of the admissions - IELTS test of English committee (allows us to assess your emotional - Paper-based TOEFL intelligence, integrity, etc.) - Computer-based TOEFL 4. Your results are compared to an average attained - Internet-based TOEFL by individuals from a similar professional management - Cambridge (CAE or CPE) background, and feedback is provided to all candidates.
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  18. 18. +34 94 491 40 10 WORLDWIDE PROGRAM COORDINATORSWestern Europe: México: Russia: russia@eseune.eduNorth America: Venezuela: China: china@eseune.eduCentral America: Colombia: Spain: Perú: