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A World Away: How One HBCU Faced Down Cost, Curriculum, and Culture and Made it to China


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Despite barriers of cost, curriculum, and culture, 13 Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) students spent 10 days in Shanghai, China, in summer 2013. WSSU students are of varied ages, and racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and many didn’t have a passport before this trip. Craig Richardson, a WSSU professor of economics, worked with CIEE’s Faculty and Custom Programs department and Steve Chao, center director for the CIEE Study Center in Shanghai, to design a program for his MBA students. We'll explore how WSSU was able to overcome barriers and give these students a life-changing experience, and how other institutions may be able to replicate its model to increase access to study abroad for traditionally underrepresented students.

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A World Away: How One HBCU Faced Down Cost, Curriculum, and Culture and Made it to China

  1. 1. Winston-Salem State University CIEE Shanghai Center 2013 Summer Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Academic Focus: Global Economic Development in China
  2. 2. Your Presenters Today • Erin Santana, Senior Coordinator of Faculty-led and Custom Programs at CIEE • Dr. Steve Chao, Center Director of CIEE Shanghai • Dr. Craig Richardson, MBA Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Economics 1
  3. 3. CIEE Faculty-Led and Custom Programs • Began officially in 2012 • Have run over 100 programs all over the world • Can run a program in any city where we have a CIEE study center • Programs are completely customizable to meet your institution’s needs regarding COST, CURRICULUM, and CULTURE
  4. 4. Customized Summer Study Abroad for Winston-Salem State University 3 A historically black public research university located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A non-profit, non-governmental organization, the world leader in international education and exchange.
  5. 5. June 8-17, 2013 •2 excursions in Yangtze River delta economic zone •2 company visits in Shanghai •4 guest lectures and discussions •10 Chinese cultural immersion activities 4
  6. 6. Program Orientation 5
  7. 7. Welcome Dinner with Center Director 6
  8. 8. Communicative Chinese Language Class 7 To equip the students with survival Chinese language skill in living & traveling in China.
  9. 9. Guest Lecture and Discussion I China's Model Of Communism Today by Dr. Greg Mahoney 8
  10. 10. Guest Lecture and Discussion II Demographic Shifts by Professor Charles Mo 9
  11. 11. Guest Lecture and Discussion III Americans in China by Professor Ken Nearly 10
  12. 12. Guest Lecture and Discussion IV China's Economic Growth by Dr. Minqi Xu 11
  13. 13. Company Visit I AGY Shanghai Technology Ltd. 12 AGY is a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcements used in a variety of composites applications.
  14. 14. Company Visit II Shanghai Volkswagen Company 13
  15. 15. Community Engagement Activity Visit Migrant Worker Village in Suzhou 14
  16. 16. Culture Field Trip Visit Shanghai Urban Planning Museum 15
  17. 17. Culture Field Trip Visit Chinese Traditional Gardens 16 Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou Old City God Temple, Shanghai
  18. 18. Cultural Immersion Activity Suzhou Silk Mill 17
  19. 19. Cultural Immersion Activity Visit Digitization Park in Shanghai 18
  20. 20. Cultural Immersion Activity Home Visit to Host Family 19
  21. 21. Cultural Immersion Activity Huangpu River Cruise & Farewell Dinner 20
  22. 22. On the Way to Continue Cooperation 21 CIEE change lives; Our alumni change the world.
  23. 23. IFDS Seminar: The Inspiration for Student Travel • First time to China- so much to digest! • Exposure to experts in field, meetings with government officials • China was more open than I imagined. • Professors shared ideas of important themes of China.
  24. 24. How to make it happen? • Marketing class 6 months in advance • Finding “pots” of money BB and T grant; Koch Foundation grant dropped total cost to students from $3500 to $2000 (all expenses) • Working with CIEE in November of 2012. • Shared vision.
  25. 25. Meeting with CIEE: What do we want for our students on an overseas experience? World of ideas: World of experience: Reflection time:
  26. 26. Achieving Balance Achieving Balance = Ideas + Experience + Reflection Is there an ideal for a travel abroad program?
  27. 27. How will I apply this to my business? I would love to take Mandarin Chinese! Our students’ brains are different- so there is no “perfect balance” for each student: a happy medium must be Balance is more like a moving target…
  28. 28. Create a rhythm for the day: Morning walk (reflection) + morning class (ideas) + afternoon site visit (experience) Seeking Balance
  29. 29. Ideas
  30. 30. Experiences
  31. 31. Marriage market: Shanghai
  32. 32. Preparing students of color for interactions with Chinese • People of African descent are an unusual sight in China, and students must be prepared for some Chinese who greet them like visitors from another planet.
  33. 33. Our students handled it with grace, good humor and aplomb.
  34. 34. Next stop: Shanghai, Summer 2015!