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Simba Fashions Limited Factory Profile

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Simba Fashions Limited Factory Profile

  1. 1. SIMBA FASHIONS LTD “Integrated Global Supply Chain Solutions”
  2. 2. Since its inception in 2011, Simba has grown to be one of the leading apparel solution providers in Bangladesh. Engaged in marketing, development and manufacturing of apparel. Simba employs 3,000 people across the company and has an annual turnover of over $25 million. Through a wide range of products & services, Simba has earned the goodwill of reputed brands from across the globe. We possess the skills, experience, infrastructure and financial strength necessary to attain customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness. The company is always exploring new markets across the world with an experienced perspective, contemporary professionalism and high-end technology. Simba welcomes all our prospective customers to visit and evaluate our factories firsthand.
  3. 3. Industrial Engineering Simba has a strong industrial engineering department committed to implementing the latest lean manufacturing practices. The team is responsible for overall capacity planning and work balancing for the different production units . By using Standard Minute Values (SMVs) for each process used in assembling a product, the team is able to accurately estimate the cost and time for manufacturing a particular style, which helps to reduce uncertainties and downtime. At the factory floor, the Industrial Engineering team tracks productivity for individual workers and line units, which enables Simba to implement an innovative performance based incentive system for the production staff. The team also tracks all inputs and work-in-progress through the production lines, ensuring a steady process flow and improving efficiency of the production organization.
  4. 4. Quality Assurance Simba is committed to providing the highest quality products. We have an experienced and highly skilled Quality Assurance Team which reports directly to senior management, working along-side but independently from the Production and Merchandizing teams. All garments pass through strict quality control checkpoints at every stage of production allowing us to achieve an inline Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 1.5. Simba is officially certified to perform final inspection on behalf of its major buyers. This allows our clients to reduce their overhead as required, without compromising high standards for the quality of the products.
  5. 5. Compliance normally consists of ensuring that activities undertaken agree with both the letter and the spirit of the standards, local laws and Buyers Code Of Conduct. In the legal system, compliance usually refers to behavior in accordance with legislation. Enforcing compliance means ensuring that the businesses adheres to the regulations stated. Simba is complied with all new systems of Building, Electrical and Fire Safety standards imposed by Accord and Alliance. COMPLIANCE Simba Fashions is an approved facility with all major customers of Europe ,USA and Australia
  6. 6. Social Compliance Audit Status Factory Name: Simba Fashions Ltd & Extension Plot. Audit Status Report As on 31/May/2016 SL BUYER DETAIL AUDIT STATUS Buyer Name /Certification Type Audit No. Status Audit Date Validity Date 1 WRAP Certification Initial Gold 02-Aug-15 26-Jan-17 2 BSCI Certification Initial Improvement needed. (Pass) 07-Jun-15 6-Jun-16 3 C-TPAT Security Initial 95% 06-Jan-16 5-Jan-17 4 Sedex Certification Initial Approved 11-Sep-14 11-Sep-15 5 Wal-mart ES Follow up Yellow 11-Nov-15 27-Nov-16 6 C&A COC Initial C (Approved) 29-Mar-16 25-Sep-16 7 GAP COC Initial Approved 10-Apr-15 8 K-mart Australia COC Initial Yellow 09-Aug-15 8-Aug-16 9 Primark COC Initial Amber/Yellow 19-Apr-16 16-Oct-16 10 Indetex COC Follow up 41 out of 44 20-Apr-16 19-Apr-16 11 Sears holdings COC Initial Acceptable with Issues 11-May-16 10-May-17 12 One Jeanswear Group COC Initial Waiting for result 11-May-16 13 Quiksilver COC Initial Approved Score 85.7 (Pass) 05-May-15
  8. 8. MACHINE LIST contd…
  9. 9. Activewer, 20% Denim, 35% Non Denim, 45% Category Distribution
  10. 10. Country USA 60 EUROPE 15 AUSTRALIA 25 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Percentage Country Wise Distribution
  11. 11. Expansion Plans We at Simba have robust expansion in the near future. To support the vision, we have carved out an aggressive strategy to verticalize our current operations by setting up garmenting facilities and washing plant. Our new factory of 650 machines is operational from March 2015, increasing our monthly capacity to 700,000 pcs. Next in the pipeline is our project to set up a state of the art laundry to provide better services and product to our valued customers. The project is slated for completion by early 2016.
  12. 12. Material development & sourcing In order to further enhance our service levels to our customers, we have set up our own Marketing & Sourcing office in Hong Kong. The office is our Window to the world of sourcing. A one-stop shop service, to our customers. The focus of the team in Hong Kong is to continuously provide market intelligence & design support to our customers. They also source new materials and accessories from the Far East to offer best overall value to our customers.
  13. 13. Simba Fashions
  14. 14. Simba Fashions
  15. 15. Simba Fashions
  16. 16. Our Products - Activewear
  19. 19. Our Valued Customers
  20. 20. Corporate Office House 546/2 , Road 13 (West) Baridhara Dohs ,Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh Factory Location Simba Fashions Limited SSF#3, Adamzee EPZ, Siddirgonj Narayangonj, Dhaka ,Bangladesh Phone: +880-1677885577 E-mail:

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