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Company profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE of 2013
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENT Company Profile ...................................................... Financial Information ............................................. Sample Documents .................................................. Roles of Quantity Surveyor ....................................... Reference .................................................................
  3. 3. VISION Our vision is to become the pre-eminent Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Construction Cost Consultants and Project Managers in the markets we serve. MISSION This company's mission is to provide quality service to the satisfaction of its customers. To provide advice to those of little experience in the building industry. PHILOSOPHY This company relies on strong relationship with its clients and customers. In order to form this relationship between company and customer, we must provide quality service. "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money elsewhere."-Sam Walton. VALUES We believe in keeping our values as much as our customers. Values such as honesty and integrity is of utmost important when dealing with our clients. Here in CSS we try to be as open and as frank as possible to our customers. SERVICES Here in CSS we specialize in several job scopes ranging from -Cost Management -Tender Documentation -Building Valuation -Contractual Assistance -Dispute Resolution -Expert Witness in Construction Cost Issues
  4. 4. COMPANY DETAILS Personal Details Name: Jake Sia Chyi Sern Address: No.49, Jalan Puteri 9/1B, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, 47100, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Telephone:+60 3 4657 7889 Facsimile: +60 3 4657 7889 Mobile:+60 17 294 0655 E-mail: Date of Birth: 17 August 1995 Nationality: Malaysian Academic Qualifications Bachelor of Science (Hons) ( in Quantity Surveying) ( Taylor's University Malaysia) Master of Quantity Surveyor (Harvard University, England) Professional Associations: Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Member of the Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia. (BQSM)
  5. 5. Contact Office Location: Level 2, 123 Monopoly Lane, Derry 12345, Bandar Puteri, Selangor, 47100, Malaysia Phone: +60 3 80668525 E-mail: Website: CSS was founded by JAKE SIA CHYI SERN, the director of the company since 2013. This company gives services in many projects including commercial, residential and industrial.
  7. 7. FINANCIANL INFORMATION COMPANY NAME Chyi Sern Surveyors (CSS) REGISTRATION OF COMPANY NUMBER 1047396-A AUTHORIZED CAPITAL RM 1,000,000 PAID UP CAPITAL RM 200,000 REGISTERED BANK Maybank, Bandar Puteri Puchong Current Acount Number: 112344066918 SIGNING DIRECTOR Jake Sia Chyi Sern PRINCIPAL BUSINESS -Consultancy on building cost and materials -Management construction project finances
  8. 8. Sample Documents FORM OF TENDER To : Name(s) of Tenderer: Address : TENDER NO: WDA.CPSD.14.42.37.C. 1 We, _________________________ (Name(s) in Block Letters) hereby offer and undertake on the acceptance of this tender to supply goods and services as specified in the Requirements Specifications under Part 2 of your Invitation to Tender and under the Instructions to Tenderer and Conditions of Contract in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender. 2 Our Tender is fully consistent with and does not contradict or derogate from anything in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender or downgrade anything in your Requirement Specifications. You are entitled to reject our tender if it is inconsistent with or contradict or derogate from anything in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender or downgrade anything in Part 2 of your Invitation to Tender. 3 We undertake that we shall as and when required by you to execute with you a formal agreement in the appropriate form incorporating the Conditions of Contract set out in this Invitation to Tender together with such further terms and conditions, if any, agreed upon between the Government of Singapore and us. Until the said formal agreement is prepared and executed, this offer together with your written acceptance thereof, shall constitute a binding agreement between us.
  9. 9. 4 OUR OFFER IS VALID FOR 90 CALENDAR DAYS FROM THE CLOSING DATE OF THIS TENDER. 5 We agree that as and when requested by the we shall extend the validity of this offer for one or more periods not exceeding in total _______ calendar months. 6 Our price (herein referred to as "the Contract Price") for the goods and services to be supplied by us is _______________________. 7 A breakdown of the Contract Price for the goods and services is given in the priced schedule attached hereto. 8 We are registered/not registered* with ______________________________(Name of Government Registration Authority) under the following supply category/head(s) as specified in the Invitation to Tender: Supply Category/Head Financial Category Expiry 9 We further undertake to give you any further information which you may require.
  10. 10. 10 We warrant, represent and declare that we are duly authorised to submit, sign this tender, receive instruction, give any information, accept any contract and act for and on behalf of _________________ (Insert Name of company). Dated this ______________ day of _________________, 200_____ Tenderer's (as *Principal/Agent) Company or Business Registration No: Tenderer's official Stamp: Authorized Signature Name : Designation : (*Delete whichever is not applicable) NOTICE: This Form duly completed MUST accompany every Tender Proposal. Any change to its wordings may render the Tender liable to DISQUALIFICATION
  11. 11. BILL OF QUANTITIES Bill No. 1: General Items Item no. Description Unit Quantity Rate Amount 101 Performance Bond/Guarantee sum item - 102 Insurance of the Works sum item - 103 Insurance of Contractor's Equipment sum item - 104 Third-Party Insurance sum item - 105 Allow for maintenance of Works for 12 months after completion month 12 106 -etc.- 112 Provide and equip Engineer's offices nr 2 113 Maintain Engineer's offices for 24 months, including services month 24 114 -etc.- 121 Provide diversion road sum item - 122 Provide for traffic control and maintenance of diversion road month 24 - 123 -etc.- 132 Provide for cleaning up the Site on completion -etc.- sum item -
  12. 12. Total for Bill No. 1 (carried forward to Summary, p. ) Bill of Quantities Grand Summary Contract Name: Contract No.: General Summary Page Amount Bill No. 1: Preliminary Items Bill No. 2: Earthworks Bill No. 3: Drainage Structures ¬タヤ etc.¬タヤ Total for Daywork (Provisional Sum) Subtotal of Bills (A) Specified Provisional Sums included in subtotal of bills (B) 4,750,000b
  13. 13. Total of Bills Less Specified Provisional Sums (A - B) (C) Add Provisional Suma for Contingency Allowance (D) [sum]b Bid Price (A + D) (Carried forward to Form of Bid) (E) a. All Provisional Sums are to be expended in whole or in part at the direction and discretion of the Engineer in accordance with Sub-Clause 52.4 and Clause 58 of Part I of the Conditions of Contract. b. To be entered by the Employer.
  14. 14. ROLE OF QUANTITY SURVEYOR The term quantity surveyor derives from the role taken in quantifying the various resources that it takes to construct a given project, such as labour, supervision, plant and materials. A Quantity Surveyor is a construction industry professional who specialises in estimating the value of construction works and can also be referred to as a “Cost Engineer” or “Cost Planner”. Quantity Surveyors are involved at different stages of the construction process, typically prior to construction, during construction and following completion of the works. Quantity Surveyors work with accountants, architects, engineers, builders, clients, developers, financiers, government, insurance underwriters, loss adjusters, solicitors and subcontractors. The Quantity Surveyor’s detailed knowledge of construction costs allows them to perform the following tasks independently of whether they are working for the Client or the Contractor: Prior to Construction: Estimating project budgets Analysis of the effect of design changes on the project budget Cost planning to refine the budget as the design documents develop Preparation of Bills of Quantities to assist in the tender process Preparation of Feasibility Studies During Construction: Assessment of the contractor’s progress claims Assessment of variation and delay claims Provision of cost control services Procurement of subcontractors and labour to carry out specialist trade works Negotiation and settlement of accounts Monthly forecasting and cost reporting Monthly negotiation and agreement of payments for works carried out Post Construction: Calculation of the final project cost Preparation of tax depreciation reports for investors and property owners
  15. 15. Expert witness reports to assist in the settlement of building disputes PROCEDURE Pre Contract/ 1st Stage During this first stage, when design is still being decided, the QS will have to prepare cost estimate and also advice the developer on the cost for the proposed project. If the cost is too much for the employer, the QS will have come in and see which areas that can be 'cut'. Then the QS needs to inform the architect about what changes must be done. However, if the cost meets the employer's budget, the QS would start preparing the tender documents. That includes, the contract documents. Post Contract/ 2nd Stage In this stage, the employer have already agreed to all the contracts and construction can start to take place. The QS will have to give recommendations of the payment based on monthly evaluations. This stage also requires the QS to make site visits to verify what the contractor has done. Final Accounts/ 3rd Stage During this stage, the QS will have to settle the bills, form the final value of the constructed building and sign off. That is where the QS's work ends.
  16. 16. REFERENCE lecturer.html ww - -
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