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Modes of documentary


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Published in: Education
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Modes of documentary

  1. 1. Modes of Documentary Bill Nichols
  2. 2. The 6 Modes  Bill Nichols studied a variety of different documentaries, specifically looking at their individual styles and construction.  He noticed that several documentaries had similar styles and created 6 different categories, or modes that he felt these documentaries fell into.  These modes are:  Poetic Mode  Expository Mode  Observational Mode  Participatory Mode  Reflexive Mode  Performative Mode
  3. 3. Research!  You need to research your assigned mode and create a blog post on it explaining its:  Background  Key features  Important examples  Two examples of blog posts can be seen here:  05/modes-of-documentary-poetic-mode/  05/modes-of-documentary-expository-mode/
  4. 4. Hints and Tips  You should find a sheet with all the information you’ll need on it on Macshared with some key points about your documentary mode.  You should also be able to use these websites for some more information.   documentary.html  modes-of-documentary-filmmaking/  Be creative with the way you present your information, you can find lots of creative ways to present on