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Com score mobilemetrix


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Com score mobilemetrix

  1. 1. PRODUCTS & SERVICESMobile Metrix ®Gain Insights into Mobile Trendsand Consumer BehaviorMany marketers are flying blind, with little or no insight into the behaviorand characteristics of mobile users.comScore Mobile Metrix® provides direct and continuous monitoringof actual consumer behavior on mobile devices, giving unprecedentedinsight into mobile web browsing.Highlights Mobile Metrix helps you answer keyDetailed. Reports results by operator, questions, such as:platform, gender, age and household incometo accurately reveal your mobile audience. Who is my mobile audience, and how engaged are they?Accurate. Monitors the behavior of real How do the size and demographicpeople for dependable measurement of the composition of my site’s visitorssize and composition of your mobile-device compare to my competitors’?browser audience. Am I attracting the most valuableAdvanced. Utilizes comScore’s industry- audience for my advertisers?leading classification dictionary for clearinsight into which properties attract mobileweb audiences, lining up with the onlinedigital dictionary.Proven. Employs technology developed andimproved over more than a ten-year periodof industry leadership.“ Mobile Metrix is the best in the measurement business.Their data is rock-solid, and their methodology is impeccable.”—Becky Gill, Research Analyst, Microsoft
  2. 2. | MOBILE METRIXBenefitsFor Advertisers• Optimize your mobile ad spending, and reach your desired target audience, by site, operators and platforms• Evaluate your brand reach versus the competition• Drive your business using accurate metrics on brand reach, audience demographics and user behaviorFor Publishers• Improve your understanding of the mobile web audience• Analyze the size and characteristics of your mobile audience compared to your competitors• Gain access to trusted audience measurement data for sales and site developmentLEARN MORETo discover how comScore can help you compete and succeed in the digital world,please contact us today at or visit Measuring the digital world.™ MOBMX 032210 © 2010 comScore, Inc.