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Opera MediaWorks Mobile Report Q3 2013


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Opera MediaWorks Mobile Report Q3 2013

  1. 1. Q3 2013 The State of Mobile Advertising Insights from Opera Mediaworks the world’s largest mobile ad platform 13,000 60 BILLION sites & applications ad impressions per month Publishers include … 400 MILLION global consumers reached In the third quarter of 2013, we witnessed three main trends: Growth Traditionally, mobile web activity tapers in the middle of the summer, but, this year, we saw steady growth. We attribute this to growth from the international markets in which we operate. Advertisers include … Mobile publisher categories broaden and segment In the past, a handful of site categories clearly dominated in terms of mobile ad revenue; now, a much wider range of site categories are successfully monetizing their inventory. And, within some categories, we’re seeing more segmentation. Within the Sports category, for example, we see significantly different engagement profiles among sports-specific sites. On one hand, the device market has coalesced into two operating systems: iOS and Android. Yet, these two systems are becoming more diversified by the increasing number of releases, each with different capabilities and often with different user demographics. As with past reports, we continue with this edition to share data around mobile ad traffic and monetization by device, geography and publisher category. © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. The State of Mobile Advertising iPhone and Android are neck and neck in race for smartphone dominance OS / device Overall, iOS remains the clear leader in both impressions served and in monetization, capturing 44.4% of all ad requests and nearly 50% of all revenue on our platform. % of revenue Android 27.73% Phone 30.32% 27.27% Tablet 1.00% 0.46% 44.40% 49.53% iPhone 31.00% 36.39% iPad 8.87% 10.33% iPod Touch 4.53% 2.80% RIM 2.84% 4.33% Symbian 4.73% 1.21% Windows 0.36% 0.34% Other However, in the case of impressions served, this lead is based on the success of the iPad. When comparing just the iPhone to Android smartphones, the difference is less than one percentage point (31% vs. 30.3%). 31.32% 16.35% 16.86% iOS It is worth noting that the iPad and other tablet devices continue to become more important to mobile advertising. Together, iPad and Android tablets make up almost 10% of all impressions served. One year ago (Q3 2012), tablets accounted for just 5% of total impressions. iOS Android Other Symbian RIM Windows 44.40% 31.32% 16.35% 4.73% 2.84% 0.36% © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. The State of Mobile Advertising OS Share Toward the end of the quarter, Apple made its latest operating system version available to users, and, in just a few short weeks, iOS 7 became the dominant OS version for Apple devices. Still, more than a third of Apple users continue to use older versions of the OS. OS OS version % users Android 2.99% 26.11% 19.76% The Android OS has more pronounced diversification of its version usage, with over 50% of the Android user base operating without the newest software. 49.77% 1.37% iOS 0.60% 1.96% Tablet 3.33% 33.01% 61.09% 0.01% Android iOS iOS 1.37% 2.99% 26.11% 19.76% 49.77% 0.60% 1.96% 3.33% 33.01% 61.09% .01% Other Froyo Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean OS 3 OS 4 OS 5 OS 6 OS 7 other © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. The State of Mobile Advertising Music, Video & Media slides back to no. 1 for impression volume and revenue generation % of revenue % of impressions The Music, Video & Media category is now the consistent leader in ad impression volume and this month leads in overall monetization. Sports, which rose to #1 in monetization last quarter, has now dropped to third. Business, Finance & Investing is still producing the highest revenue per impression. Mu ,V u r M E a r a r Site category N I f r a Ar E ra Ga Music, Video & Media r Computers & Electronics H a Social u F a Other News & Information Arts & Entertainment Games Sports Health, Fitness & Self Help Business, Finance & Investing 0 7.25 © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 14.5 21.75 29 4
  5. 5. The State of Mobile Advertising Game schedules, seasons impact mobile traffic and engagement Even though it has dropped out of our top spot for monetization, the Sports category has shown impressive growth over the last year. It also shows significant variations in traffic (as measured by ad requests) and engagement (as measured by click-through rates). For instance, we can see that traffic peaks on weekends, but engagement is higher towards the end of the workweek. Why is this? Within the category, there are multiple sub-divisions by type of sport, and each has its own regular season game schedule. American football games mostly take place over the weekend while baseball and hockey games are spread throughout the week, thus creating different traffic patterns. DOW traffic vs engagement “Sports” “In Season” traffic by DOW M T W Th F Sa Su % of ad requests Requests CTR % of ad requests 0.3 0.25 0.2 Football 0.15 Baseball 0.1 Hockey 0.05 0 M T W Th F Sa Su Each sport, too, has its own season, which creates enormous fluctuations throughout the annual cycle. Traffic to sport-specific content can drop in excess of 90% when a sport goes into its “off” season. © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. The State of Mobile Advertising How is a baseball fan different from a hockey fan? Hockey (in season) We also see varying contextual parameters among the different sports. While both baseball and hockey fans seem to prefer iPhone over Android, nearly 6 out of 10 baseball fans use iPhones compared to about half of hockey fans, and they are also more likely to have an iPad (13.2% vs. 5%). The types of ads being served to these two types of users are also different. For the campaigns we analyzed, advertising for automobiles and automotive products seems to be a consistent winner no matter the sport or season, though it monopolizes almost twice the share of impressions on hockey properties as compared with baseball. OS / device Baseball (in season) OS / device Android 30.67% Android 21.96% iOS 62.63% iOS 74.57% iPhone 50.91% iPhone 58.51% iPad 4.97% iPad 13.20% iPod Touch 6.74% iPod Touch 2.86% Other 6.71% Other 3.47% Baseball fans see more ads for personal finance products, insurance and electronics than hockey fans do. Ads for entertainment services and sports content and equipment are targeted more to hockey fans — in fact, about 1 in 4 impressions on hockey sites and apps are for a sports brand, and for the campaigns analyzed, 43% of revenue for hockey publishers comes from Entertainment advertisers. © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. The State of Mobile Advertising Ad requests and impression volume continue to grow worldwide Consistent with previous quarters, the United States is driving the majority of ad requests and revenue on the Opera Mediaworks platform — but this lead continues to shrink as international volume increases. Last quarter the U.S. share of requests was 48.9%, while now it is 47.5% of our total volume. Top 20 countries United States United Kingdom Indonesia India Italy Canada Russian Federation 7.33% 15.25% Mexico 4.56% 2.82% 1.64% 20.90% Africa Middle East South Africa Saudi Arabia Spain Germany Australia France Turkey Asia Pacific 47.50% Brazil Europe Nigeria Americas (non-U.S.) United States Oceania Malaysia Japan Vietnam © Copyright 2013, Opera Mediaworks. All rights reserved. 7