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Eduworks kick-off presentation: Corvinno


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Dr. Réka Vas's presentation about Corvinno Technology Transfer at the Eduworks project kick-off meeting.

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Eduworks kick-off presentation: Corvinno

  1. 1. Knowledge Management Knowlege Discovery Knowledge Representation • Knowledge mapping • Knowledge acquisition • Knowledge development •… • Formalization of knowledge • Ontologies • Use of knowledge •…
  2. 2. Labor Market Education Individuals Ontologies Occupational data Educational data Personalized Leraning Material
  3. 3. What is an Ontology? An ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualization. Gruber, 1993
  4. 4. Why Ontologies? Ontologies Provide Greater Connectedness
  5. 5. Corvinno Research Agenda
  6. 6. Research Challenges Semantic Business Process Modelling Knowledge Extraction & Ontology Learning Ontology-based Adaptive Testing Knowledge Discovery and Acquistion
  7. 7. Expected Results On-line, self-paced learning Recruitment & selection Organisational learning Career development Team & job selection
  8. 8. Project Overview IPR Projects OntoHR STUDIO software (background) eGreenJobs OntoTECH A Ontology Testbank Content SMART MedAssess Enterprise4All 9
  9. 9. Future Internet – Responsive E-health
  10. 10. Architecture (mapped on the FIWARE)
  11. 11. Project: Ontology based context aware content management (ESR12) • The aim of the research is to develop content management solutions that make use of semantic technologies to provide online content recommendation services for individual learning and/or personalized learning material acquisition. • This project wants to facilitate the acquisition and use of knowledge, by providing an ontology supported content management system that can identify and address users’ (learners’) needs. • Methodology – ontology development – creation of an ontology-based interface for information retrieval that automatically and periodically retrieves learning materials from several open educational content repositories – development of advanced search modalities, taking into account the user profile and learning content granularity. – development of a web interface that allows for the automatic storage of all users’ inputs
  12. 12. Project: Employment Data Management by Matching Job roles to Educational Competencies (ESR 13) • Multidimensional analysis of the labour markets’ demand compared to the supply provided by the formal, informal and non-formal education/training services. • Automated tool for finding, screening and pooling occupational data, outputs of different types of educational data, and lists of matching and/or mismatching of educational categories and job roles, including occupations, competencies and work tasks. • Methodology – Information retreival solutions – Cloud computing (Use of Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud)
  13. 13. Thank you!